Epilogue: Adoption to Hakuba's Delight

A/N: Since this story was meant to be Hakuba's changing story to start with I figured I'd start the story with his changing, and end the story with his adoption of the child he wanted. Isn't that sweet? The second arc will be coming later, probably next month or so…but first things first, our four boys (and conan with a special guest….this came to me last night had to change the story completely because this person's in it) Reapers of whoaness….that's all you're getting! P.S. I'm not much of a religious person but I couldn't say "Oh is my mom going to reincarnate into a dung beetle or something?"

"Kaito get that woman out of the street, there's a ca…." I held the 6 year old girl in my arms because I held her back because the light turned green. Whatever happened to holding hands when crossing the street and whatnot?

"Get out of the street ma'am you started crossing too late!" Kaito yelled. I sure as hell wasn't going to jump out in front of a car not after what had happened a good 15 years ago. I mean I just got used to using handcuffs in bed again, since you know we both have pairs now. The car that plowed into the woman just kept going, it would have been an accident if the car didn't decide to plow on through.

Kaito ran out into the street to get the woman but was too late, the honks and everything that Kaito was accumulating and the people who were complaining didn't seem to notice that someone was hit by a car. Kaito almost seemed professional when he went over to check if the woman was dead or not. We were cops sure but there was more than just the two of us needed. I called an ambulance after the woman was hit. "Miss, what's your name?" I asked the little girl that I held on to so that she wouldn't meet the same fate as her mother.

"Yoshida Ayumi! Mom!" she yelled as she went to go to her mother.

"Ayumi-chan you can't go to her, not until we get her to the hospital okay? I'm a cop, we're going to make sure that she gets the best care we can." I had to lie to the poor girl, I've never been good at lying, keeping secrets sure, but never lying.

"What's your name keiji?"

"Hakuba Saguru." This poor girl is probably soon to be parentless and I don't know what to do for her.

"Hakuba-keiji, that car hit my mom, the same thing happened to my dad and he ended up in heaven with the angels, that's what mom told me, is that where my mom's going to go too?"

This little girl was heartbreaking to me. "Saguru, call Takagi, it's not looking so good for her." The ambulance came and took her away. Takagi and Sato ended up showing up not long later.

"This would have been an accident if the car didn't speed off after hitting her." I said the crying girl still in my arms.

"Who's this Hakuba-kun?" Takagi asked.

"This is the daughter of the victim, I held her back, for some reason her mother didn't seem to notice that her daughter wasn't with her as she was crossing when the light turned green, Ayumi-chan, this is Takagi and Sato-keiji, they are going to help us find who ran over your mom."

It wasn't 20 minutes before Kaito got a call on his phone, "This hit and run was just upgraded to murder. She died on the table."

"Hakuba-keiji…does that mean that my mom is happy with my dad again?" Ayumi said still gripping onto me for dear life.

I couldn't cry, I had to hold back, last thing I need is a child crying and cowering in fear because the one person that saved her from her demise is someone who's been dead for over forty years. "I'm sorry, I really am, but yes, your mom and dad are happy together in Heaven."

"Are you going to take care of me then?" she asked me. "You did save my life and everything."

"She may be what you've been wishing for for fifteen years Saguru, I mean if you think you're ready to take in someone, I don't see why you can't fill out the proper paperwork and stuff, unless you know Kaito's still against it, and is willing to do another comical sputtery moment like he did when you asked in your almost death experience sort of way." Takagi said.

Kaito looked at me, "I don't see why not, it's been fifteen years, and you've gotten better."

"I've been meaning to ask." Ayumi started, "why do you wear a patch?"

"I don't have an eye, I had a fight with someone a couple years back and he almost killed me in the process."

"Oooo can I see?"

Inquisitive! I like her, she's going to grow up like you if you decide to take her in.

I showed her the hole that was under the patch. "Well I hope that person who did that to you has paid for his crime!"

In fact, he did, not long after he was arrested Yuusaku Kudo was put to death for attempted murder on three persons, rape, torture, imprisonment, and too many other things that I'm not willing to say. "Don't worry about it, he was put in jail for a long time and I don't see him coming out anytime soon. You want to come with us to investigate who did this horrible thing to your mom?" I asked her.

"Can I? Is that allowed?"

"Considering Kuroba-keiji's on the force doing the same thing, I don't see a problem with it."

"That's right, I'm trying to find who killed my dad too." He said softly. "I like this kid Saguru, if you want to, we can adopt her."

My eyes lit up. "Thank you Kaito!" I exclaimed "Looks like you have new guardians kiddo."

"Let's go find who killed mom." She said as the five of us went in search of the car that killed her mom and the driver who murdered her.