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Chapter 1: Apologies

Harry walked down the hall towards the potion's classroom. He didn't know if this was going to work or not. He didn't know if Snape would hear him out or just throw him out. Harry felt that he had to tell Snape he was sorry. After all, he knew how it felt to be humiliated. Harry came to the potion's classroom and knocked on the door.

"Come." Snape snarled.

Harry opened the door and closed it behind him. Snape had his back to Harry. He was leaning down in front of his desk looking at something.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, sir, but I want to talk to you." Harry said.

Snape turned around and looked at Harry. He glared at him for daring to disturb him.

"What do you want, Potter?" Snape sneered.

"I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for invading your privacy last year. It was a very stupid thing to do and I wish I never did it. I wanted to tell you that after, I hated my father for what he did. I've been humiliated most of my life. I think you remember about that, having seen it last year." Harry said.

Snape stood there looking at Harry in front of him. He did know that Harry knew how it felt to be humiliated. Severus remembered what his summer had been like. Instead of his usual nightmares, memories from Harry's childhood had haunted him most. Now as Harry stood in his potion's classroom, standing up to him and telling him that he was sorry for what he did, Severus finally saw that Harry Potter wasn't James Potter. Harry was his own man, but he was also more like his mother then his father.

Neither really registered that fact that they moved closer together. They still didn't really register the fact that they started to touch each other. Harry leaned into the warmth of Severus' hand on his face. Both looked at each other as they felt a warm tingling of magic as their skin touched. Neither had any thought of what they were doing as they moved closer together. Then the feeling that surged threw them both as their lips met, made both deepen the kiss and move even closer together.

Draco walked down the hall to the potion's classroom where Professor Snape's office was. Draco was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't feel the magic coming from the room. Draco opened the door and stood there in shock before anger came over him.

"What in the name of Salazar is going on here?" Draco asked.

Snape pulled away from Harry. Harry glanced at Draco, but kept his head down. Draco noticed the blush creeping up Harry's face. Snape looked as if he was forced to eat a hand full of Dumbledore's lemon drops, but then he actually started to look embarrassed too.

"Draco, I – " Snape started.

"You what, Sev? Can explain? Somehow I doubt that. Why would you … why… him?"

Draco asked starting to sound as if he was trying not to start crying.

Draco was actually trying not to cry. Severus was the only one that new the truth about how Draco felt for Harry.

Then Draco decided to turn his anger onto Severus. "What did he do, Sev? Give up a sob sorry? He's just trying to use you. But you don't see that do you? How could he care?"

Harry got mad at what Draco was saying very fast. He moved to stand in front of Severus.

"No. He's the only person in my life that never changed. That never tried to manipulate me. Even if most of his opinions of me were very wrong, he still treated me like I was no one special, which is what I have always liked. I hate fame. I hate the attention. I won't take you getting mad at him. It's better if you leave, Draco. You're upset. It will be easier to talk when you're not so angry." Harry said.

Severus put his hands on Harry's shoulders, amazed at how much he grew over the summer. Harry was only a few inches shorter then him and half an inch shorter then Draco.

"Harry." Severus started.

Harry turned and looked at Severus. "I'm tired, Severus. I'm tired of hiding. I wasn't going to tell you this tonight, but everything happened differently. I'm tired of playing the stupid Golden Gryffindor. I'm tired of playing stupid in my classes. One thing I really hate doing is messing up potions. Potions and Defence are my favourite classes. I am tired of hiding who I am. If you took my apology well, I would have ended up telling you in the next day or so, but it doesn't matter anymore."

"What are you saying, Harry?" Severus asked.

"I'm going to Dumbledore to do a resorting. I have never been in my right house." Harry said.

"Is this what you want Harry?" Severus asked placing his hands on Harry's face.

"Yes, it is. I'm being myself this year. I've had enough of being what everyone wants me to be. They want the ideal Saviour, the Golden Gryffindor. I've had enough of it all. I am stopping my games this year." Harry said.

"Games?" Draco said.

Harry looked at Draco. "I've never hated you, Draco. I disliked things you said and you being such a spoiled child. I turned down your offer of friendship for a reason."

"To hide who you really are." Severus said.

"Yes, exactly. No one knows, but after I met that blonde boy in Madam Malkin's I wondered about Hogwarts and the houses, so I snuck away from Hagrid and went to get a few books to read. In one it had a list of teacher's and a little bit about them. When I first read your name and the little they had on you, I was curious. Then when I found out who you were during the feast my first year, I knew that I wanted to get closer and find out more.

"The part that made it all worth the effort was that you won't let anyone to get close. I will tell you, Severus, that a few times I did things just so you would get mad at me and give me a detention. You have no idea how sexy you are when you are mad." Harry said with a slight smirk on his face.

At first all Severus did was raise his eyebrows. Then he smirked a little.

"That was a very Slytherin thing to do."

Harry laughed. "You have no idea."

"Did I just hear that right? That you're gay, Potter?" Draco asked.

Harry looked at Draco. "No, Draco. I'm not interested in other males. Just this dark, snarky and sexy man behind me. Have been even before I saw him."

"How could that be?"

"Easy. In Hogwarts: A History, it had a little bit about the current Professors. Just from what I read about the Potion Master, Severus Snape, I was intrigued and couldn't wait to find out what the man was like in person. I found out very quickly that he is even more intriguing in person." Harry said.

"I never thought I would hear anyone say that about me." Severus said from behind Harry.

Harry turned and looked at Severus. "And certainly not coming from me."

"I never thought I would hear Harry Potter say that about Severus Snape. I thought you two hated each other." Draco said.

Harry laughed. "I don't know about Severus, but I never hated him. He annoyed me countless times and treated me like shit, but then that is what I always wanted. I have always hated my fame."

"Seriously?" Severus said.

"Of course. How would you feel about finding out that you are famous when you have been ignored and pretending you did not exist all your life?" Harry asked.

"I see your point." Severus said.

"Actually, now that makes a lot more sense." Draco said. "Whenever you could you melted into the background."

"Unfortunately, I couldn't stay there. Trouble had a way of finding me. Most of the time I never went looking for it." Harry said.

"Oh, really." Severus said.

Harry smiled. "Yes. I'm not going on about that. I think I will leave you two and go talk to the Headmaster about being resorted into my right house."

Just before Harry could move away, Severus pulled Harry to him and kissed him.

"This is going to be a very interesting year." Severus said after the kiss.