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To say everything went back to normal would be for once the truth. Everything went back to how it was before high school took the light put of Isabel's eyes. When Mr. Anderson found Isabel and Blaine flinging batter at each other in the kitchen, he just shook his head and let them be. When Isabel and Jeff broke up, even though it was mutual, Blaine was there to help Isabel through the break up. Kurt and Blaine later went to New York together, with Kurt getting a degree in fashion and Blaine in business. They had their ups and downs and eventually got married. They had problems then too, at one point, inching towards divorce. But they made it through and adopted two kids, one boy and one girl.
Isabel went to University of Michigan and studied psychology. She later became a licenced psychologist. She worked at a school district and became so liked by the students that ever student wanted to talk to her. If any suicidal students told her how she didn't understand what they were going through, she'd just lift up her sleeves and show them the scars. She later married and had one child. She taught her son as well as she could. And everything was all right in the end, all was well.