Full Summary:

Zelaya has always known that she was different from the rest of her community. But what she didn't know was that she was the only one that could not only save her planet from destruction, but also that of her whole universe. So what happens when she runs into Ronon and takes him hostage? Will the Atlantis team be able to figure out what happened? And are Ronon and Zelaya's destiny's entwined now that they have met? What will the outcome be of this capture? And will it be good for Zelaya and her people?


Hello, my name is Zelaya. I don't have a last name, people just call me Zelaya. I knew that I was different the moment I turned two years old. People looked at me differently then how normal people are looked at. My own people thought I was some sort of plague. We all dressed the same, but for some reason I was always the outcast. My jacket which everyone wore, not only hid my skin from the likes of any outsider, but also hid the markings that seemed to appear on my skin as I grew older.

My black hair was streaked not only with gold, silver and white streaks but also with blue, purple, red, pink and green. I figured that it had to do with something with my mood or something. I never have quite figured out the whole hair thing. Once I was old enough to fend for myself, I started traveling all over my planet. I found over fifty locations to keep hidden from watchful eyes and I put spells on some of the places so that if I ever wanted to be alone, all I had to do was go to one of those spots and say a few words and my village or anyone else that was looking for me wouldn't be able to find me.

In one of the caves, which I would later call History Cave, I found dozens of artifacts that had been long since forgotten by my people and the people of my galaxy. Life in the Sianim dimension was hard but I had it all worked out. I would spend my days collecting what no one else wanted and taking it to History Cave. I found adjoining passages that had more of the artifacts that I had found in the main cave. I made myself very comfortable in the cave and began working on figuring out my planet's history with the artifacts on the ground.

I had fixed up a bunch of artifacts and had managed to get some of them working again. One was some kind of electrical weapon that when fired sent an electrical current through whatever was around it. Using that weapon, I hunted my own game and fed myself without having to return to the village. I knew that if I was ever caught, I would be killed, but for some reason no one ever ventured out to figure out what I was up to. They left me alone and I loved it because whatever my people threw out, I collected and took to History Cave. They never figured out what I was doing and I wouldn't let them follow me.

I was sixteen when the visitors arrived from Atlantis. I didn't know what they wanted but I knew I had to get one of them alone so that I could grab him or her. But I didn't know that I would be grabbing such a strong member. They were welcomed into the village more then I ever was. I had a pack of firewood that I was carrying when they walked into the village. The minute I saw them, I stopped. I said nothing, yelled nothing, did nothing. My mother ran out of the house and tried to pull me in the door, but I wouldn't budge.

They came up to us and I could tell that they only wanted to be friendly. My mother didn't see it that way. She thought they were here to take me away from them. If they took me away, I would be happy because that meant that I could live and not die for the people that didn't want me in the first place. All they wanted me for was so that I could some day save their lives and risk dying in the process. I wasn't about to let them take my freedom just so they could survive.

I hoped that I could get one of the members back to History Cave and make sure that they would make room for me at their Atlantis base. I did not want to die just to save a race of people that didn't love me or want me.