Title: La Cazone della Luna (Song of the Moon)

Genre: Drama

Main Characters: Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, OC

Secondary: Sirius Black, Severus Snape, various, OCs

Summary: After the end of the war, Harry disappears. When he returns to the magical world, the changes will be fast and shocking. SLASH, het, non-descriptive Mpreg, mild violence and language.

Pairings: Remus/Harry, Sirius/Severus, Dramione! Neville/Luna

Warnings: Read the summary for the major things. Don't like Slash or mpreg? Don't read! And did you see that thing flying out the window? Yep, that's canon saying goodbye!

The night was cold, a bone-deep chill that felt oddly foreboding. It was a night like this that had taken James and Lily Potter from the magical world. Even the date was the same, October 31st. All Hallow's Eve, the only difference was the fact that this night was 21 years later. Tonight the chill wasn't that of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, as most of the wizarding world still called him. HE had been dead for 3 years and would never again cause a night of terror.

On this night most of the wizarding world slept peacefully, oblivious to the fear that swept through the minorities. Most would remain in that state of peace for the rest of their lives, unaware of the way the Fates had changed for so many tonight along with the bloodshed from a vicious battle that had threatened to erupt into a full war.

Gwen stood outside her simple home, furred ears pricked toward the distant howls. The sounds sent shivers down her spine; she'd already seen one survivor of the massive battle that still raged under a pure full moon. No doubt she would see a few more this night as members of the largest feral pack escaped the massacre. It didn't matter, the worst news had already been delivered by the raspy breath of her guest, who had used his dying breath on the words, Cadeyrn is dead. The gentle, powerful man who had led the largest of the free werewolf packs was gone.

The tawny-coloured wolf lowered her head in respect to the dead Alpha. Though she was not formally of any pack, Gwen had met and respected the man. Cadeyrn was of Welsh origins, his name was old Celtic for 'battle king'. A contradictory term for a male who had above all treasured and fiercely guarded the peace of his pack. He'd paid for that peace with his life now and there was no one to protect the survivors.

It was tragic, to lose such a powerful Alpha. The tragedy had been well-voiced with mournful howls that had caused tears to spill down Gwen's cheeks nearly two hours ago. It was only made worse by what the survivor had told her. Gwen had been part of the pack's happiness when two years ago Cadeyrn had found his mate in London. There had been a huge celebration throughout the pack.

According to her now-deceased guest, the pack had been awaiting an even greater joy. The mate of their Alpha was with child, according to were-healers it was a healthy male child. For a male submissive to conceive so early into a new bond had been considered a blessing. And now, now it was unknown whether or not Cadeyrn's mate had even survived.

Gwen snarled in anger, furry ears pressing to her skull as lips lifted from her canines. Fenrir Greyback was a menace. He gave the whole of lycan society a bad name to the wizards. He was no lycan, not to the People. To them he was curet, feral. To be called curet was an insult, a lycan who acted more like an animal. He was little more than a corpse to the People and after tonight he would have a death sentence over his head.

Cocking one ear toward the northeast she listened. When no other noises reached sensitive ears besides the rustle of the leaves in the breeze and the footsteps of a small animal she sighed. No more would come to her tonight, either they had escaped elsewhere or the massacre had been total. She had one last thing to do before she could go in for the night.

Taking a deep breath she tilted her fine head back and howled. The sound was melancholy and haunting, echoing through the trees. It was one long, steady howl that lasted for as long as she could draw breath; the only fitting way to grieve for Cadeyrn of the lycans and his legacy.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had changed. The regal old castle had sustained incredible damage during the war; its climatic final battle had all but destroyed half the structure. At the moment, Remus was unsure of what he thought about the decision to change the appearance of the school. He could tell what some thought of it right off. Take Pomona Sprout for example, the woman had set her bags down and was staring up at the school in outrage.

Severus Snape's complete lack of expression revealed nothing, as usual. The ex-spy still had the habit of guarding his emotions, though his near-black eyes were far more expressive then they used to be. According to Sirius, the man himself was much more expressive than he had been during the war and his snarky behaviour was improving steadily. Remus took his friends' word on that one; Severus was his choice for a fiancé after all.

Remus' lifelong best friend was looking up at the school with a noncommittal expression, grey eyes taking in the mixture of the old stone building and the new upper wing made of steel and glass. Pomona was warming up to the difference slowly; it helped to improve her mood when she saw the expanded greenhouses. Plus she was only acting as an advisor this year, having decided that 50-plus years of teaching was enough.

Madam Pince and Pomfrey had retired as well. Remus would not miss the snapping witch who had guarded the Library for who knows how long, but he was fond of Poppy and would miss her idle conversations after the full moons. The staff had undergone massive changes, most of the teachers from Remus' days had died or retired. He was glad about the ones who remained, however. They were his friends and fellow Order survivors; some were still former teachers from his days as a student.

Hogwarts had added a few classes and teachers as well. The school was offering apprenticeships this year for a few subjects, so former students had been applying for their selected Masteries. Each professor offering a Mastery apprenticeship was allowed to take only two apprentices, so the competitive nature of the applications and the vaunted position was considered a point to gloat about.

Just the other day the Daily Prophet had published a list of classes and teachers. It was interesting to see his name on the list as a permanent member of the staff.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will re-open January 1st, 2001 with the following instructors and classes:

Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress

Bathsheba Babbling, Ancient Runes

Aurora Sinistra, Astronomy

Septima Vector, Arithmancy

Filius Flitwick, Charms & Head of House (Ravenclaw) Mastery Apprenticeship(s) available

Firenze, Divination

Egon Carse, Defense Against the Dark Arts

Neville Longbottom, Herbology & Head of House (Hufflepuff)

Remus Lupin, History of Magic

Hermione Granger-Malfoy, Librarian

Draco Malfoy, Muggle Studies

Luna Lovegood, School Nurse

Severus Snape, Potions & Head of House (Slytherin) Mastery Apprenticeship(s) available, Deputy Headmaster

Sirius Black, Transfiguration & Head of House (Gryffindor), Mastery Apprenticeship(s) available

Solon Sparr, Dueling & Weapons

Unlisted was Argus Filch, who had somehow survived the war and still stalked the school with his seemingly immortal cat, Mrs. Norris. The most noticeable change in the courses offered was the removal of Care of Magical Creatures and the addition of Dueling and Weapons, which promised to be an interesting class.

Minerva was walking in their direction as quickly as her old bones allowed, smiling brightly. Thank Merlin the twinkle was absent; Remus had started to wonder if that went along with the position as head of the school. Stopping next to Remus she looked back at the school and said, "So what do you think of the modern addition?"

"Umm," Remus mumbled, he'd never been quick to think of a reply.

"That's the way I feel as well, it will take some time getting used to. Your new classroom is bright and airy, in any case. The blasts took out the old History of Magic room; I think that's the reason for old Cuthbert's disappearance. I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that his spirit was somehow attached to that dratted classroom."

Turning to him with another smile she said, "What do you think about the staff?"

He grinned. "I'm honestly delighted at that, Minerva. All the youngsters deserve their positions. I think Lucius Malfoy probably would be throwing a fit if he knew his son was teaching Muggle Studies and married to a Muggleborn witch though!"

"That was an entertaining position to fill," she agreed, smiling. "We'll see how long Egon lasts in the Defense position; maybe we can finally break the one-year curse." Her face fell for a moment. "Of course," she whispered, "you know who I really wanted for that position, don't you?"

Remus' throat tightened and he nodded. "He would be great for it; after all he taught a bunch of students while he was still attending school."

"I wonder where he is?" she murmured.

"Harry will show when he's ready," Sirius said brightly, making Minerva jump. The new Head of Gryffindor house stood just behind her shoulder and didn't look at all contrite about eavesdropping on their conversation.

Sirius remained firmly optimistic that Harry would come back, though Remus had seen him in his less convinced moments when he worried for the godson who had left without a word, note or warning two days after killing the Dark Lord once and for all.

The papers had a field day when they discovered he'd disappeared, printing all sorts of wild theories about what he was doing and where he was currently located. Remus privately understood why Harry had gone; the young man was obviously done putting up with reporters following his every step.

What had been so startling and worrisome for the survivors was exactly how thoroughly he'd covered his disappearance. There had been no hint of his presence anywhere in the magical world for the past 3 years. They could only hope that wherever he'd gone, he was safe and happy. It was the least he deserved after the war. Some didn't feel the same way, however.

Hermione had reported with disgust how both Ron and his sister Ginny had been prying into every lead about Harry's location. Ginerva in particular had been avidly pursuing him, to the disgust of the surviving adults. They all knew about her and her aspirations. She wanted Harry's status and family inheritance, not him. If disappearing hadn't given her a clue, they would be more than happy to help her along.

Remus' sensitive ears caught a faint rustling and he turned his head. A familiar owl was flying in his direction. Grinning, he set his bag down and offered an arm to the elegant great horned owl. This particular owl belonged to a werewolf friend of his named Rhys. The name was Welsh for 'enthusiasm' and it described his personality to perfection.

Opening the parchment his amber eyes scanned the letter. His face paled and his eyes widened in shock. Toward the end of the note his fingers tightened on the parchment until his knuckles turned white. He looked up, stunned, to see Sirius and Minerva watching him with worried eyes.

"Is that from Rhys?" Sirius asked, curious. He'd met the hyper werewolf once and found that he liked the bubbly personality and cheerful sense of humor.

Remus nodded, still unable to speak past the shock of what he'd just read. Minerva looked at him and said briskly, "What's going on? You look like you've just walked through a ghost."

"I've described the structure of the werewolf society to you, haven't I?" he asked.

Hermione looked curious, as did her husband Draco. The blonde looked at him with silvery-grey eyes and said, "Even if you have, would you mind doing so again?"

Remus nodded. "There are essentially three factions of the werewolf hierarchy. One is wolves like me, who choose to live amongst Muggles and wizards, trying to blend in as much as possible with those around us. The second is the group Fenrir belongs to. They fight our restrictions with every fiber of their bodies, trying to upset the magical government."

"There's a third as well?" Hermione asked, surprised. "The only ones I've heard of are the two you've described."

"The third is called by the majority of wizarding society the feral packs. They remain outside of wizarding borders and away from the Muggle world, building small sanctuaries and cities that magical members of their group can make Unplottable to all but a werewolf. They're very friendly people, but fiercely protective of their family packs and lifestyle."

He waved the letter, continuing. "The friend of mine who wrote this letter is from a feral pack in North England. He acted as a guide during the war when I was doing reconnaissance amongst the packs, trying to gain allies."

"To the Ministry of Magic the three groups are lumped all together in the category of werewolves, but they are highly incompatible with each other. If you were to put it in terms of wizards, it's like the Ministry is trying to group light and neutral wizards in with Death Eaters."

Draco grimaced, as did Severus. "That doesn't sound possible."

"It's not, but any attempt by lycan negotiation group to change or modify the Edicts has fallen through. Wizarding society is highly prejudiced about my kind and refuses to believe we have different groups. That may not be a luxury they can afford now."

"Why?" Neville spoke up for the first time, looking immensely interested.

"Because according to this letter I received, the werewolves may be looking at a civil war," he said grimly.

"What could cause that?" Sirius asked, shocked.

Remus' eyes darkened. "In my travels through the feral packs, I met one Alpha in particular who struck a chord. He led the largest feral pack in Wales. He was what the werewolves call a 'pureblood' werewolf, meaning that he was born to lycan parents. His name was Cadeyrn."

Minerva's eyes narrowed. "You are talking about him in past tense."

"Cadeyrn led the largest feral pack in one country, but he was the leader of the feral representation. Until Halloween of this year, that is. Fenrir challenge him to an Alpha combat, a battle of honor," Remus spat the last word.

"Fenrir doesn't know the meaning of the word honor," he continued bitterly. "It is supposed to be one-on-one combat. Fenrir was losing and he knew it. He signaled one of his lieutenants who circled around behind Cadeyrn and ambushed him. With a broken spine there was no way he could fight back and Fenrir played around with him before killing him."

Sirius winced. "I'll bet his pack wasn't happy about that."

"They attacked the moment Fenrir's helper split the line. According to Rhys it was a massacre. Both Cadeyrn's Betas were killed, along with countless others. The survivors have regrouped in one of their shielded emergency camps, but they've decided to leave Wales. At the moment one of the lieutenants is in charge."

"You said Cadeyrn was the leader of the feral group?" Severus asked.

Remus nodded grimly. "And with him dead, the feral packs are furious. They're almost ready to declare war against Fenrir's group. Fenrir is now officially curet."


"Curet is Italian for feral, but when the werewolves use it it's an insult. It means they are more animal than human and the werewolves are a proud society. They call themselves the People and to be curet is to lose your status as a human being. In short, Fenrir just signed his death warrant with the feral faction."

"I used to have an open invitation to visit Cadeyrn's pack," he finished heavily. "Rhys last sentence is a warning to stay away unless otherwise notified. Fenrir has subdued a large group of Cadeyrn's pack and they're trying to ferret out the traitors amongst the packs. He says that with the situation right now he might not be able to guarantee my safety with the feral packs."

"I had no idea their society was that complex," Hermione murmured.

"Most don't," Remus replied. "If they did it would break their pretty perception that we aren't animals like they've classified us as."

"If the lycans start a civil war there's no way the wizarding world will be able to stay out of it. Especially if Fenrir attempts to push blame of attacks onto the feral packs," Sirius sighed. He stared at the tiny piece of parchment and said, "That's a lot of worry to pack into such a small piece of paper."

"Indeed," Remus sighed. "Well, it won't be happening immediately. The feral pack has to replace Cadeyrn first, then they have to unite the other feral packs. That takes a great deal of time, especially since the feral packs are going to be even more wary of outsiders after this mess."

He stared up at the school and thought, I am glad I chose to be a teacher over getting involved with the packs. This is going to be a mess one way or the other.

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Cadeyrn: Welsh for 'battle king'

Gwen: Welsh for 'fair/blessed'

Egon: German for 'edge of a sword' fitting for a DADA teacher Carse: change one letter and you get curse. Not too original but he won't be around long.

Solon: Ancient Greek for 'wise' Sparr: obvious. Weapons and sparring

Rhys: Welsh for 'enthusiasm'