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Peace, Daeyd reflected, was a beautiful if unusual thing. He certainly wasn't used to it, nor was much of their pack. Even with more than 7 months since the death of Fenrir Greyback, true peace hadn't settled onto the High Alpha's pack for another three months. First, they had to deal with the remnants of the curet pack Fenrir had led, along with those packs that had been his allies.

Still, they had finally dealt with the last of the curet and had brought their pack home after a careful perusal and patrol through their territory. They were home. 14 years after fleeing their territory in northern Wales, they were back. A night of terror and loss that had resulted in a long upheaval and sense of homelessness. It had been the first time Cadfael set foot on the territory that his father had guarded with his life.

Rhys and his pack had been there to welcome them home, a meeting with many tears and a few laughs along the way. Cadfael, with his striking resemblance to his dead father, was a precious and longed-for symbol of normalcy.

They had settled into routine again, making their home territory comfortable and familiar. Their lives were peaceful and prosperous; full moons were a cheerful cacophony of barks, yips, howls and the social life of a very large wolf pack. At least, normally it was. Tonight was special.

The change had already come about a half-hour before; Daeyd stood very still, muscles quivering under his sleek grey fur. He gained a few appreciative looks from Submissives in their pack, but the Beta dominant ignored them. He was content to be alone and cheerfully resisted his Alpha's humorous and good-natured attempts to find him a mate.

Next to him Gwen shivered in anticipation and nerves, her slightly wiry brown fur standing on end along her spine. He gave an amused huff and said: Calm down, Gwen. You've done this before.:

She glared back at him and hissed: It doesn't matter if I've done it before, Daeyd! This is a monumental occasion; the last thing I want to do is mess up.:

He would have argued back, but movement from the caverns in front of them stopped both their conversation and most of the pack as well.

First to stride out was their High Alpha, Remus. The colour of highly burnished steel, their Alpha was proud and formidable sight. Daeyd inwardly grinned, remembering the mousy-haired, hunched figure that he had helped forge into his current shape along with Rhys all those years ago. There was nothing left of that man, a proud, dangerous and beautiful creature of the moon stood there instead.

He stopped muscles quivering and tense. The lean head turned to watch the approach of the others, pride and love visible in his frame.

The glowing white and dark grey form of Harry moved slowly into the light, keeping a careful eye on two tiny, tumbling dark forms. One of the two pups came to a stop sitting at their father's feet, tilting the tiny head back to look at their proud father. The other remained next to Harry, tiredly cuddling up on top of the Submissive's folded front legs.

Daeyd would have beamed in joy if possible. For the first time in over a hundred years, twins had been gifted to the luna liberi. A son and daughter for their Alpha and submissive, who loved the two babies as much as they did the proud older brother. Cadfael trotted over and lay on his blood-father's other side, huffing softly at his tiny brother, who gave a tiny yip and batted one small paw at his brother's face.

Their new son was a dark grey laced with softer whitish-grey fur on his legs and a slight mask on his little face. The tiny daughter, on the other hand, was a deep reddish-brown with a dark grey belly and paws and a tiny dot of white on the tip of her little nose. They were both adorable and much-loved by the pack and their parents.

Nervously Gwen moved forward, dropping onto her belly and tilting her head, waiting for acknowledgement from her Alpha. Remus gave it after a long moment, overcoming the inherent protectiveness of his wolf. Gwen shifted forward, watching the Alpha submissive carefully. Harry was a very gentle wolf normally, but with two tiny babies he was a little more protective than usual.

:What are their names?: she asked softly.

:Our son is Akakios Remus, this little girl is Cassandra Lily,: Harry replied warmly.

:Welcome Akakios and Cassandra of the ferals. May the Goddess be gentle and your lives full of joy.:

She backed away, clearly relieved at having performed the simple ritual correctly. Daeyd moved forward and said the same to the tiny babies, backing off a few feet afterwards. He settled in to watch as the rest of the pack greeted the tiny twins, heart happy and full of peace.

We live, love and die under la cazone de la luna, the Song of the Moon. Thank you Goddess for this life.

Akakios: (Greek) Innocent.

Cassandra: (Greek) Shining Upon Man. Greek myth has Cassandra of Troy being given gift of prophecy by Apollo. After spurning his advances he made it so that no one would believe her prophecies. Ties in with Remus' mythological background and in this story that was the name of his mother.