Hey guys this is Scorpionking12 here with a new story tell me what you think and if Naruto should have to kick Sasukes ass six ways to monday anyway on with the story

Its been fourteen years since the birth of one Naruto Uzumaki and fourteen years since the Kyubbi attacked and was sealed into him by the fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze its also been fifteen years since the second most Powerful nuke nin to come from Konoha left and vowed his vengeance on the village for not making him the fourth Hokage instead of Minato.

"I need the Jinchuriki from this village and I think I will take the youngest Nara Akimichi and that orphaned Rock lee they will be perfect for my experiment hhahahhahaha"

Orochimaru had snuck into the village to abduct four teenagers for his newest bloodline experiment and was hoping it worked.

Orochimaru had gotten all the teens he wanted he got Naruto uzumaki , Shikamaru Nara , Choji Akimichi , and Rock lee for his newest experiment.

"With this experiment if it is a success I will be able to create stronger cursed seal warriors and destroy the leaf and get the Sharingan hahahahahahah" he laughed maniacally.

2 days later in Orochimarus lab

"Almost done now to just inject them with this Shark DNA"

on the screen was a picture of four different types of sharks one extinct shark the others still living.

Orochimaru went and picked up the DNA of a Megaladon shark the shark that started it all and put it in Naruto.

He then put the DNA of the Dino Shark which was still alive today but extremely rare to find and put it into Shikamaru.

Orochimaru then picked up some DNA with bull shark DNA and inserted it into Choji.

Finally he came to the last of the Shark DNA and it was a Hammer head shark into Lee after that he waited for about one hour hoping for a reaction and when none came he grew extremely pissed off and had some of his Curse seal warriors take them and dump them off into a place where he would not have to see the failures of his experiment.

four hours later

"AHHH my head anyone get the number of that wagon that hit me" Naruto said just as the others started waking up as well.

"AHH Naruto can you keep it down my head is killing me troublesome"

"Anyone got some chips or BBQ to eat I'm starving"

"YOSH we should start training my youthful friends"

"SHUT UP LEE" the other three yelled at the boy who they think trains non stop they had heard that he actually sleep trained yeah thats right he trains in his sleep kinda like sleep walking.

"Anyway Choji is right I'm hungry we should go find somewhere to eat" said Naruto the others agreed with him only to look around and find out they were not in the village anymore and were just now realizing that they had fallen asleep in their own houses and were somehow outside with each other not in the village but somewhere else.

"Ugh guys anyone know where we are and how to get back to the village to get some food" Naruto asked thats when it happened they all started screaming and transforming they all grew to what they would look like in their prime of twenty one years old and then started the shark human hybrid transformation.

Naruto grew to be about eight feet tall with a big ass fin on his back and he turned a dark bluish color with a white underbelly and rows upon rows of razor sharp fang like teeth he also had some purple on his body and he grew claws the only peice of clothing he had left was a pair of jeans that he had stolen from a clothing store one day since he hated his orange jump suits

Shikamaru grew to about six foot seven and had the same stuff as Naruto only he was green with scaly like skin and he also had yellow eyes with a red pupil.

Choji grew to be a little smaller than Naruto he was the second biggest of the four he turned orange and had muscles he was litterally ripped like a brick and proved it once his transformation was over by punching the ground and causing an earthquake that was felt for hundreds of miles

the last was Rock lee who was the shortest of the group coming to about six two and growing muscle like choji his eyes grew further apart until his head looked like a hammer head sharks and he grew teeth lots of teeth.

When they were done transforming they looked at each other and found out they were all gaping at each other they went to the river that was just over the hill they were on and looked at their reflections and yelled in anger that someone had turned them into something like this until Naruto said something that made them think about their problem.

"Hey guys we should think of this as some sort of bloodline and show Sasuke-teme up at the academy."

"Uh Naruto if you haven't noticed we are twenty one years old under this shark like bloodline and we don't even know if we can" he stopped short when he saw Naruto turn into the Yondaime only with red highlights in his hair and bigger muscles and still had sharp shark like teeth as well as the eyes he had that changed from blue with a black pupil to Gold with a silver pupil.

"See we can turn back its easy but right now we should stay in this form I want to try something" Naruto said turning back into his street shark form "Shark dive and with that Naruto dove into the earth and was swimming in it like a shark would water fin above the ground and going through it like butter. the others looked at him and did the same and soon found themselves back in the forest that led to Konoha they knew this because lee had been outside the vilage with his Uncle Maito Gai for training.

"Well we better go see the Hokage and tell him what happened to us and that we don't know who took us or where that we just woke up and felt weird then turned into this but- at that moment their stomachs decided to tell them to eat or else.

"We will eat first" Shikamaru said they went to the ramen stand and Ayame freaked out until the huge shark man that was Naruto said "Ayame neechan its me Naruto can we have

fifty large bowls of the everything goes ramen and then ten bowls of the chicken thirty bowls of the beef and this is each so that will be a lot of ramen the thing that happened to us madee us extremely hungry like super fast metabolisms and stuff." Ayame just nodded dumbly writing the order down and Tuechi had dollar signs in his eyes even though he gave them a discount he would make enough money to keep his shop running for ten years while making it a restaurant and not a stand.

Ayame brought the food out and watched as the sharks devoured even the bowls that the ramen was brought in and they finished in two minutes flat that was a lot of food and they just beat a world record she was pretty damn sure.

just after they paid for the food they headed to the hokage office and explained everything that happened along with showing that they could turn human again with some shark like differences Hiruzen asked if they would stay in their human forms until they could find a suitable level for them since the teams had already been decided he told them that they had been gone for two years when they thought it was just two weeks and the teams were already made so he was going to have them be tested and given the title of genin or higher depending on their performance.

The sharks agreed and left they would find out tomorrow after their tests what level they would be but they would also find love a woman with long curly black hair wearing a dress that looked to be made of bandages and red sleeve and red eyes was looking at the blonde one with a huge blush on her face.

Another woman with Purple hair tied in a pinapple knot was also looking at Naruto with a blush.

Several women were looking at the Adonises with blushes on their faces and without the sharks in their human form knowing they felt a shiver and that shiver meant one thing fan girl alert. They would soon find out that this was the dreaded fan girl alert the next morning after their test to see what level they would be at but for now they went to Shikamaru's house to explain to his dad what had happened and stay the night.

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