Hey guys its scorpionking12 here with chapter three of ninja street sharks now on with the show

It had been three hours since the clean up of Danzo and his root they had also found the reason his root anbu had large numbers is because there were missing nin as well as experiments in the mix that were most likely under mind control or promised something once Danzo had become Hokage.

Sarutobi had talked with the ninja council and was in a meeting right now.

"So what rank should we give them" Sarutboi asked

"Well I think we should give them Jounin rank" said Shikaku nara leader of the ninja council along with Hiashi Hyugga who nodded his agreement to that.

"well I think a new rank is in order we should make this rank only given to the family of the sharks and by family I mean their kids since they told me it is passable most likely since the genes were altered in some way we should make them shadow shark they will be like the sanin only they will be under Tsunade and Jiraiya when they are here they will have say above others in the battle field only answering to the Hokage". said Hiruzen getting a bout of Hais until the Civilian council came in uninvited that is.

"Why were we not told of this meeting it says in the village charter that the whole council is needed to make decisions and you only have the shinobi council" said the village slut Tera Haruno.

"I don't think you are a ninja none of the civilians are and this is to give ranks to MY NINJA not up for the council to decide."

"You fool we are the rulers of this village you are just a figure head" said civilian councilor who is about to die number 1 yeah said number 2.

"anbu take them to Ibiki and Anko tell them Christmas is early and they don't have to hold back" after they were gone and Hiruzen had Anbu escort the rest of the Civilians out of the chambers with force and them kicking and screaming that they should not let them advance for killing loyal leaf nins (Yeah Danzo and his root are loyal to the hokage and the village pffft just kidding).

The council and Hokage waited for about five minutes until they heard a very happy squeal and heard a womans voice say I love you Hokage-sama now you little bastard lets see if you like the rubber chicken treatment" everyone who heard that shuddered at what she and Ibiki could do wit has rubber chicken.

Its decided then they will receive the rank of Shadow shark that will go to their families when they have children since they will most likely have the same abilities from what Orochimaru was trying to do.

the hokage dismissed them and they went to their homes plans set in motion to anounce the ranks in the evening at a hokage event which was sort of like a festival with music dancing karaoke and eating and drinking.

Kurenai was walking around the streets when she came across the sight of the dubbed street sharks eating inhuman amounts of food at inhuman speeds she started to walk over and tapped Naruto on the shoulder he turned around and Kurenai said "HI I am Kurenai Yuhi and I just wanted to ask a few questions" Naruto got up and walked over to her standing a few feet taller than her his chest was in her face she blushed at the closeness of this and said "Are you coming on to me with how close you are" Naruto bent down a little so his face was in front of hers and said "did your toes curl" "Yes" "Then no if I came onto you your whole body would curl" Kurenai blushed at that and said "Yes well I was going to ask if you would like to

be friends along with your friends over there" "Sure but I would like to ask you out to the festival tonight you could be my Sexy date and I could sure use the company" She blushed and said "yeah that would be fine". he then leaned down and to Kurenai's immense shock and others as well kissed her on the lips after getting over her shock she for some reason responded by kissing back he licked her bottom lip and she opened her mouth they engaged in a tongue war but of course with Naruto having a stronger tongue do to his shark like abilities he won and was rewarded with being able to explore her mouth and throat with his tongue Kurenai was surprised with herself she normally would of blasted the guy with an anti pervert genjutsu which was very disturbing I don't want talk about it but she was actually enjoying the kiss and moaned when she felt his tongue go into her mouth she then whimpered when he pulled away missing the feeling of his lips but she soon found out why.

Uchiha Sasuke was standing behind them and finally spoke saying "I suggest you teach me all your jutsu I need them to kill my brother if you don't I will have the council force you to teach me"

"May I suggest the footing of your ass or that you read the book my foot wrote called on the road to in your ass or should I simply" he dissapeared only to reappear behind sasuke his fist in his gut knocking the wind out of him or what he thought was him it turned into a log as did Naruto who had appeared behind the real sasuke and kicked him so hard he hit a tree and left and indent on the other side as well as on the side he hit "Knock you the fuck out" was what he finished after knocking Uchiha for a loop.

"Alright guys time to head to the house and get ready for tonight he looked at Kurenai and gave her one last quick peck on the lips before turning into a shadow diving into the shadow of the building they were in and disappearing.

the others doing different modes to get home all knowing that the next few weeks were going to be Jawsome.

Alright end of chapter three hope you like it but I also know its not as good as it could be mainly cause I am getting tired and sleepy there fore getting sloppy with my writing anyway hope you enjoy it and I will fix it in the morning ja for now