Lea felt like the hands on the clock hanging in the Turtles living room had stopped moving. She wasn't certain which had been worst, waiting while all three guys had been gone; or now just for Leonardo. She'd attempted to watch television, trying to hide the fact from herself that she was genuinely worried about the safety of all the bothers. She knew they were doing all of this for more then just her but she felt like if one of them got hurt, the blame for this mission would fall heavily on her shoulders.

She had been overjoyed when Michelangelo and Donatello had walked in the door. Trying not to leap to her feet and look like an emotional fool, yet her heart had fallen when she had seen that Leo was not with his brothers. Both Turtles had explained to her that Leonardo had went after the guy they had both seen outside her place and she tried to set her expression to stone so as not to appear weak and worried.

She had made Don and Mike sandwiches and was now attending to their wounds. It was thankfully nothing more dangerous then a couple of deep gashes from knives, Mike had quickly devoured the food Lea had brought him and was currently playing with Dean in his lap as Lea looked after the bicep on his right arm, cleaning a larger gash. Don, she had already attended to and he was just now starting to eat.

Mikey watched her eyes, the way they kept drifting to the door and then the clock amidst her work and felt a soft smile grace his face. "You don't have to worry about Leo you know. Even in the most insane situations he always gets home in the end." Lea's eyes flipped up to Mike's a surprised look on her face, before she let out a forced laugh.

"Wow am I that obviously the worried girlfriend?" Mike exchanged a look with Don at Lea choice of the word igirlfriend/i, but didn't point it out to Lea.

"Don't knock yourself for caring about our brother, Squirt. The poor guy needs someone to look after him, or else he will drown in a sea of tea and books." Mike winked at the woman next to him and watched as she rolled her eyes playfully at him.

"Did you just call me Squirt Michelangelo?" She was bandaging up his cut now, looking at her work, but her tone had a touch of sass to it.

'Hey, you're one of the few humans I've met that is actually shorter then I am. Did you and Mairead take like shrinking pills or something?" Lea whacked him in the shoulder above his injury but they were both laughing. The concerned look was no longer forefront on Lea's face; Mike smiled having achieved his goal.

Finished attending to both Turtles wounds Lea curled up on the couch as Mike and Don filled her in on all of their exploits for the evening. She couldn't help but marvel at both the ease and precision with which they had carried out taking down the cell of the Humanitarian Union. Was she not sitting and staring at them as they told the tale she wouldn't believe it possible for three men to walk out of a fight with 30 odd armed thugs, yet the Turtles seemed to easily have. Her level of respect for all of them grew daily.

She was watching Dean sleepily snuggle with Mike as the door to the lair clicked open. Lea once again fought the urge to jump up as Leo stepped in; he looked tired, yet still carried himself with a proud grace. Her chest ached with emotion for him and she wondered if any other man had ever made her feel the depth of passion this Turtle easily drew out of her daily.

"It's done." Leonardo looked at both his brothers, his words serious, final. After a moment his gaze fell to her and Lea felt a shiver run down her spine. She fought the urge to just go to him, touch him and hold him.

"So I can head out without bodyguards now?" Lea tried to keep her tone light and teasing, but seeing Leo, the realization of the length he had went for her that night; her affection for him was almost strangling at the moment.

"I would still give it a few days for the dust to settle. To make certain nothing larger or more dangerous is waiting in the wings, and then you will have to decide what you want your next step to be." Leonardo's eyes fell away as he finished his proclamation. A small part of him wasn't completely certain what she would want, and he hated that a tiny drop of self doubt ebbed. Informing him that if she wanted out of his insanity this was her perfect opportunity.

"So is Justin with the Police?" Don was looking at his brother with both curiosity and caution and Leo realized that Donatello was trying to tactfully ask Leo just how he had eliminated the issue.

"Yes I called Reed, they have NYPD crawling all over his apartment currently from the way I could see cars arriving as I left. He was the bomb maker." Leo's tone was flat but that just told Don how much fury was seething underneath that all of this had transpired. Don sighed thoughtful for a moment.

"Hey at least we stopped them, from the plans you left for us to find on the table they were going to do some really terrible things Leo that would have killed a lot of people. We can't repair what happened, but at least Lea is alright and here with us in the end." Lea smiled over at Donatello as Mike playfully whacked her in the shoulder. Leonardo couldn't stop the smile that crept onto his face watching how easily Lea fit in with his family now.

"Are you hungry?" Lea didn't allow Leonardo to dwell on what could have been anymore and instead tried to pull him back to the present. Leo stretched popping his shoulder, pausing before replying.

"Right now I just want to place my katana in my room and relax a little to be honest." He bowed his head slightly at everyone else in the room, looking to walk past and into the rear of the lair. Lea rose, pushing her hair back before picking up all the medical supplies on table in front of her and shoving them back into the guy's first aid kit.

"Let me come with you, I can take a look at any wounds you have." Mike and Don watched Leo pause and then he and Lea walked away side by side, back into Leo's room the door gently closing behind them.

"Think we will see them again tonight?" Don couldn't stop the smirk on his face.

"If Leo's smart, I sure hope not." Michelangelo was rubbing the belly of the small dog sitting with him and broke out into a huge grin. "Want to see what April and Casey are up to?"

Lea watched Leonardo carefully place his katana in there stand and shed all of his gear. He was actually in better shape then either of his brothers had been but she did see one slash on his lower left arm that she could at the very least clean for him. Pacing across the room, Leo flopped down on the bed next to her, his eyes locking on hers.

"Let me take care of that." Lea pointed down toward Leo's cut and his eye ridges knit together.

"That's barely a scratch." His voice held a playful tone, but he obediently extended his arm to her. Lea set about disinfecting the cut, finishing quickly she starting placing the few medical items she had gotten out away. As she worked she became aware that Leonardo was leaning closer to her. She felt a smile cross her face.

Placing the first aid kit on the floor next to them Lea turned her attention fully on the Turtle. Sliding closer to Leo, nuzzling her nose against his neck, breathing in his tart masculine scent, "your brother's told me what you did this evening, you're incredible."

The Turtle fell back and she moved with him, he shifted around so that she was looking up and into his eyes. "I just did what I had to, to protect what's important to me." Leo lowered his face and his beak met her lips. The kiss was soft, gentle. Lea felt her heart ache just being near Leonardo, she snuggled closer to him desiring to feel the hardness of his body pressed against her.

The Turtle broke away, groaning loudly flopping back on his shell. "You smell amazing. You're making it hard for me to breath." His dark eyes turned back to her and for the first time Lea saw a naked lust contained within them.

"Do you mean you can actually scent the fact you're turning me on?" Curiosity and desire laced Lea's tone. Leonardo's hand drifted up and into her hair, twisting the curls in-between his fingers.

"Yes, a turtle's sense of smell is much better then a humans. I can't really describe what it makes me feel. My control is holding on by such a slim margin. My body can tell how much yours wants mine and it gets furious at me for holding back." Lea's gaze was drawn to the incessant twitching of Leo's tail and she looked back up at him still a little confused.

"Leonardo we've known one another for quiet a long period of time now." She paused a moment biting her lip, suddenly a little shy. "I have very deep, genuine emotions for you. I find everything about you attractive. I want you, but if you're not…" She was cut off by the Turtle pressing one of his thick fingers against her lips.

"Perhaps it's only fair for me to start out with an apology." Leonardo's expression was earnest. Lea's brow knit in confusion.

"What would you ever have to apologize for?" Lea watched the almost rueful smile cross the face of the Turtle lying with her.

"I know I can be difficult to understand and interpret. I have a tendency to become too narrowly focused at times and to even shut out the people I care the most about. I try to burden everything on my own and mistakes make me furious with myself." His eyes were looking away and Lea found herself studying his face until suddenly his gaze flicked back up and fell on her.

"I've been able to block everything else out when I need too, except two things. One is my family, whom has been the most important thing to me from the moment I took my first step, or threw my first punch. The second addition is recent. Regardless of what I'm currently doing at the time, a little piece of you is always there." Leo reached up touching her cheek with his finger tips.

"You're like this small warm feeling that reminds me what is good about life and why I am pushing myself so hard. I'm a man who has tried very hard to never depend on anyone and now without even realizing it, I need you." Lea felt a pressure in her chest, her heart was pounding. Leaning forward she pressed her mouth back against his beak again. For still moments they kissed and touched, before finally Leo pulled away again, apparently not finished with his speech.

"To answer your unasked question, it's not that I'm not ready. I just wanted it to be a time when I was completely and solely yours. Not when I'm partially focused on a mission, or a problem with the Utroms. You deserve every part of me." Leonardo was studying her, what Lea's expression was, trying to decide what she was thinking.

"I… I don't even know what to say." Lea's face was crinkled up, her thoughts and feelings racing inside her like a freight train. "You apologize to me like you think somehow your personality is faulting. Leonardo that couldn't be farther from the truth; has a lot happened to me since we met… yes. But lying here with you, talking to you; watching you actually open up to me." She playfully nudged her body up against his. "I don't think another person exists that is as perfectly suited for me as you are. Neither of us is ideal, but together I honestly feel we are unstoppable."

The wide smile on Lea's face brought one to Leonardo's also. Emotions heavy between them, their mouths joining again, only this time the kiss becoming deeper, more intense. For the first time neither of them trying to reign in how they both feel. Lea pulling away from Leo's mouth, her lips trailing down his neck and shoulder, kissing and nibbling on his skin.

"I hate to admit this," Leonardo was panting between his words. "But I really don't have much hands on experience." Lea glanced up and she could see the embarrassment in the Turtles face at having to confess this to her, it just made her emotions for him flare even more.

"Well I've never been with a giant mutated humanoid Turtle either, so I think we're going to have a lot of things to teach one another." Leonardo let out a deep laugh, his hand drifting up again to her hair; only she turned her face kissing his palm and licking up one finger, sucked on the tip. She enjoyed listening to him groan, watching his eyes watching her.

The twitching of his tail against the bed grew louder and more forceful. Curious now, Lea kissed his hand one last time before moving down by the sound. She pushed her way playfully between Leonardo's legs, kissing and biting his inner thighs, he gasped loudly this time. Still there was something about the movement of his tail that seemed important.

She glanced back up at the Turtle; he was looking down at her with an expression somewhere between longing and amusement. Leonardo seemed to be considering what her next action was about be and frankly she hated to disappoint him. Dipping her face she ran her tongue flatly along his tail. She could feel his leg muscles tense around her and was surprised by what happened next.

Out of a thin slit at the base of his tail something emerged an item Lea quickly realized was the head of Leonardo's cock. She made a mixture of what could only be described as a surprised, yet delighted sound at her realization and it caused the Turtle watching her to chuckle. "So that's why your tail keeps doing that!"

"I was getting hard, do you blame me really?" One eye ridge raised and with a cocky expression on his face Leo grinned down at her. Lea lowered her mouth again and swirled her tongue around the emerging head. Leonardo's tail suddenly swung up smacking her in the chin as he gasped, swearing loudly.

Lea blinked up at the Turtle realizing that was the first time she had heard him use foul language. His expression was embarrassed but his eyes were filled with a burning lust. Lea couldn't stop a giggle, falling sideways against his thigh. "That felt really good." Leonardo's tone was flat and Lea tried to get control of her teasing knowing Leo could easily shut down on her if he felt too silly about himself.

"It's supposed to." She grinned back up at him. "It's my job to make you feel so good that you can't focus on or think about anything but me." She smiled cutely up at him. She watched his expression as he considered her for a moment.

"You're very good at what you do then." His praise just made her grin wider.

"I haven't even gotten started yet!" She dropped her face, swallowing the head of Leo's cock, seeing that a portion of his shaft was also exposed now. She teased him, rolling her tongue around his head, suddenly curious about his actual size. As more of his cock slid out of his sheath she also reached one of her hands up to stroke his length in time with the attention she was giving him orally.

Leonardo had been pleasuring himself since his teens. Especially during the late spring when his mating urges started, a release was at times just necessary to keep him focused and in control. Yet no manipulation he had preformed on his own body had prepared him for just how incredible it felt with Lea's mouth wrapped around his cock at this moment.

Every movement she made sent jolts of pleasure through his frame, and the warmth. If her mouth felt this tight and wet and deliciously hot compared to the usual temperature of his body, he was having trouble picturing what it was going to feel like being inside her. He grasped his pillows to either side of his head, breathing hard losing all thought as Lea's mouth and hands continued to tease his flesh. He didn't even try to hold back and he called out hoarsely as thrusting up he felt his hot cum shoot down the throat of the woman pleasuring him. He looked down, panting, surprised as she swallowed every drop of it.

Lea licked her lips, sitting up to make eye contact with the Turtle laying below her. She couldn't even describe how attractive he looked at this moment. His frame completely relaxed at his release, his breathing still coming in hard puffs; he looked up at her through half closed eyes. She wasn't certain she had ever seen Leo look this undisturbed, and she loved it; even more so because she knew she had made him feel this way. She tickled her fingers along his inner thigh liking the grunt it made him make.

"You know I'm a little intimidated now." She bit her lip, watching his flaccid cock slowly drawing itself back inside him.

"Why?" The deep purr in his tone, everything about him was turning her on at such insane degrees at the moment. She kissed where her fingers had just been playing.

"Leo, you're easily eleven inches long, you're gigantic. I'm small, I'm a little scared right now in a very good way." She flashed him a saucy grin and was surprised when he suddenly sat up. She very quickly realized just how flexible ninjutsu made Leonardo as he quiet literally folded his body in half upon itself, grasping her with his strong arms and pulling her up and on top of him. She squealed out starting to giggle but was quickly cut off by him kissing her roughly.

"So I'm impressive then?" He pulled away just enough to speak his warm breath on her face.

"Leo, sweetie everything about you impresses me. You are the most amazing man I've ever met." He grinned at her, his hands sliding down her back and to the bottom of the shirt she was wearing. Ticking her lower back now, Leo was studying her face.

"You'll tell me what feels good as I do it right." Once again Lea could see a nagging doubt creeping into his expression. He was such a constant perfectionist it was ridiculously adorable.

"Trust me; I'll let you know one way or another." She shifted around as he pulled her shirt up and over her head. She was in her pajamas so she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Leonardo moved around so that Lea was now on her back on the bed. She felt a shiver at the intensity of his gaze as he looked at her. He appeared to be trying to memorize her appearance with his eyes. She started to feel a little self conscious and she could feel a blush rising to her cheeks.

"Am I alright?" It felt like a stupid question to ask, but with Leo not doing anything, Lea feared maybe she was disappointing to him after all the waiting he'd done for this moment. The Turtle's dark eyes looked back up at her confused for a second.

"Alright, you're perfect Kumquat; why would you ask?" He realized what he was doing as he posed the question and she watched a sheepish grin spread across his face. "Sorry. I…" He cleared is throat. "I feel so fortunate at this moment I wanted to savior it. I guess that isn't usual." She could see his expression tighten again and knew he would quickly get embarrassed.

"Why do you call me Kumquat?" She tried to shift the conversation swiftly before Leo could dwell on his inner conflict. She watched his frown become a smile at her inquiry.

"My Grandfather for lack of a better term, well really the Master of my Sensei's Master; he took me and I trained with him for a while, when I was young. Believe it or not I had what could be considered a little unruly teen behavior for me." The Turtle smirked at her, and Lea raised her brow knowing there had to be more to this story as Leonardo didn't seem the type have normal teenage angst.

"The Ancient One always used to call me Kumquat. I hated it at first and he wouldn't tell me why. After a time I grew to love the nickname and I realized it was a true sign of familial affection. It meant I was special to him, as you are to me just in a very different way." He touched her face with one of his fingers. "And frankly I think the name fits you better, because you are smaller, sillier and very, terribly sweet." As he said the last part Leo dipped his face so just as the last words left his mouth his tongue found her right nipple swirling around it.

Her body instantly reacted to his touch. Pressing more tightly to him, he could see out of the corner of his eye the slight rise in her hips. He squeezed and rolled her left nipple with his left hand. Lea's panting and mewling causing the blood to once again start to pool to his groin. He would be hard again soon and when he was, he already knew he desired all of her. He decided he wanted Lea to be his first, and hopefully maybe his only. He was ready to share this part of himself with her, which he hadn't with anyone before. He was going to try his best to let go as much as was possible to him and just live for this moment.

He could feel the deep growl leaving his chest. Her scent was becoming stronger from his manipulations and his need to taste her was getting too difficult to resist. Pulling back and sliding down her body, Leo grasped both sides of the small shorts she was wearing proceeding to pull off both them and her undergarments at the same time tossing them aside on the floor. Leo paused for a moment, he had seen both pictures and videos of naked women before but this was the first time he had actually seen one in the flesh. He glanced back up at the woman above him to see her watching his reactions intently. Lea spread her legs farther apart as if inviting him to try her.

Leonardo didn't need any further encouraging; he kissed and nipped along her thighs as his beak drifted closer to the intoxicating scent of arousal between her legs. He buried his face in her warmth, his long tongue plunging inside of her. Immediately her legs clamped around his shoulders, as she cried out, her hips rising again. He held her ass, licking and teasing and enjoying the flavor of her essence.

Other then having seen oral sex being preformed in films he would never admit to anyone he had watched on Don's computer, Leo didn't actually know what he was doing. So instead he just listened to the sounds Lea made and paid attention to what caused her scent to intensify and before he knew it her thighs were clamping hard around him as Lea screamed out his name. Licking his lips, Leo pulled himself up to her face, undeniably proud of the fact he had gotten the woman he adored so much to orgasm on his first try. Lea was panting and shaking slightly looking up at him through half closed lids with a smile on her face.

"Like hell you don't know what you're doing." She pulled the Turtle down into a kiss and he accepted. His ego swelling like his cock was doing inside him at that moment.

"What can I say you're wonderful inspiration for me to learn." Leo spoke between their mouths meeting again and again. He rolled to his side and the two of them just laid there for a few moments, there emotions both flaring to levels that didn't seem possible to either for them to experience. Leonardo's eye closed as one of Lea's hands drifted down to stroke his cock that was already half extended from his body again.

"I want you." Leo's eyes drifted back open at Lea's words, there was a pleading tone to her voice; but by this junction he was so drowned in her scent he couldn't read her urgency in that way anymore. She was using her lower body to push against his, turning him onto his back straddling his waist, her hand continued to tease his cock and he realized to his surprise she was waiting for his permission to make the next move.

"I need you." He pulled himself up to a sitting position, touching her cheek and then pulling her face to his in a kiss. She shifted her hips, moving the head of his cock to the entrance of her sheath. She was very wet, but still she had to move her hips back and forth a few times, trying to work his bulk inside of her in a way that didn't strain her small frame.

Leonardo had always considered himself very articulate, it was a faucet of his life he prided himself on and something his Sensei had always encouraged. Still no words he could think of could properly express the feeling the first time he plunged inside of Lea. Her body was so tiny and tight, pleasure shot through him like bolts of lightening; but it was the warmth; it was comfortable and frenzied at the same time. He found himself churring in his throat, just staring into the eyes of the woman across from him. Savoring every second of this moment, of her and realizing he wasn't certain he had ever wanted to freeze time as much as he did right now.

He was buried to his hilt inside her now. Lea still straddling his lap, as she moved around a little, feeling her frame adjusting to his girth, both of them moaning and making small pleased noises. Both almost drunk on the other, "I love you." Leonardo said the words to Lea without hesitation. He knew he had never felt quiet this way about someone before. A part of him felt like he shouldn't enjoy being bared so open to someone he had only known for a few months' times, but there was suddenly no fear between them. All Leonardo felt was pleasure and joy.

Lea smiled at his words and moving her hips thrust him in and out of her slowly, deliberately, they were still face to face and she was enjoying watching his every reaction. "Leo, I love you more then any other man I've ever known. I've wanted to tell you since the fire, but I guess I'm a chicken." She closed her eyes for a moment, just living within the steady, natural motion of their bodies moving together. "The luckiest day of my life was when you walked into my tea shop. "

Leonardo was far stronger then Lea and easily flipped her, changing their positions, she squeaked out surprised by the sudden change until he thrust into her roughly, his hips moving in a steady motion. "A part of me died the day I buried my Father, and I really though I was never going to be whole again. You've proven me wrong. I'm forever in your debt." There was no way for Lea to reply, at the end of his proclamation Leonardo's pace doubled and Lea was lost to the world of pleasure he was providing her.

Leo was so strong, the pace he set, was incredible and his size, Lea felt like portions of her being she didn't even know existed were being reached. And still Leonardo never paused, or slowed. He was like a force of nature, her force of nature. When she came the first time and her form clamped down on his she felt his entire body shutter. Still he didn't slow and she came two more times, before finally with a loud yell Leonardo thrust roughly into her one last time as he filled her with his seed.

He was panting now, he moved against her weakly a few last times before falling to the side and collapsing next to her. It took them both a few minutes to regain there breaths, there bodies tingling from the pleasure coursing through them. "I love you." Leonardo repeated himself, pulling her against his plastron, nuzzling her hair.

"I love you too Ninja." She kissed the side of his beak, not certain her heart had ever felt as full of adoration and affection for another being as it did at this one moment. They talked then, shared stories. Leo told Lea about Splinter for the first time and she felt tears well in her eyes as she realized just how deeply losing his Master had affected the man that meant so much to her. It had been a long night and in reality a very difficult week for both up until this perfect point in time. Both feeling a security they have never experienced they held one another and after a time both slept, the most peaceful and beautiful rest they had ever had.

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