"Don't touch me."

The hand retracted, fingers closing in on themselves; an endless cycle.

It made him feel no better to glimpse the splotches of blood dotting the white shirt.

"Leave me." His jaw clenched tightly to avoid the chattering of teeth in the frigid mountain air. The suit jacket lay heavy, unwanted over his shoulders, draped there in a moment of compassion. It bore the scent of that other, the lowly dog glaring at his master with burning defiance.

Idly, he wondered when it would happen again-?

The breaking.

The shattering of the fragile circle.

It had happened many times and would.

Again and again.

He met the pale lavender.

The faint smoky scent of cigarettes surrounded him.

The hand was an extension of hope.

"Kagetora...sama." No inflection.

He measured the man with his eyes, coldly. "Naoe." With just a hint of warning.

Don't overstep your bounds, dog.

The hand fell, clenching. "As you wish."

He watched the other walk away, his chest clenched as the hand had.

No forgiveness.

Shoulders hunched, his dark head bowed, inhaling that pervasive scent of the man.

Mine or yours.

This time it would be no different.


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