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Little Lily

Chapter One: Beginnings

A dark figure walked along the dusty dirt lane in the hot evening air. His face could not be seen, for the hood of a long, billowing cloak shrouded it. In his arms, he held a small human sized bundle, wrapped up in a similar cloak, only this one's was red and sparkling velvet, rather than the plain old black of the tall figure's.

In the distance lay the figure of a building, large and a bit lopsided, built on what looked to be the stone fencing of an old pig's sty. It was towards this building, that the figure made its way, stopping only when it arrived. The hood angled down towards the little one, and a hand came up to sweep back bangs darker than the summer night's sky. A single, glistening tear fell upon the small figure's cloak as the large one set it down on the doorstep of the odd building. With a kiss and whispered words of love, the large figure rose and withdrew a long piece of wood from his pocket. He pressed the tip of it against the smaller figure's temple and, fighting back a choking sob, whispered, "Obliviate." The spell shone blue, bouncing out of the wand over the small figure. The larger one let his sob go and then ran, knowing of he did not leave now, he would never be able to.

August 22nd was one of the most interesting mornings Mr. Weasley had ever had since the end of the war fourteen years ago. He had woken up as usual, before his wife, so he could do a little tinkering, er cleaning, of the shed where he kept all his Muggle toys. Rain was pounding down on the roof though, so he decided he should probably stay inside. The shed typically got a bit drafty and sodden during rain showers. Ok, so the thunder and lightning hinted that it was a storm, rather than a shower, but hey, he was all nice and safe in the Burrow. But the chickens weren't! They'd been left outside last night! He'd forgotten to shut them up in the hen house. Now he had to go out and get them out of the rain, otherwise Molly would be furious.

Mr. Weasley donned his coat, hat, and shoes and opened the kitchen door. He just happened to look down to see if he should be careful of mud, and, instead of wood, was greeted with sodden red velvet and scattered golden sparkles. Stopping down, he pulled back the hood, revealing the face of a small ebony haired girl. She was pale and shivering. Father instincts kicking in, Mr. Weasley did the first thing he could think of: he scooped her up and brought her inside, slamming the door shut behind himself with his foot.

"Molly!" Mr. Weasley called for his wife as, now soaking wet, he made his way into the parlor where he set the child on the couch and took off his hat. "Molly!"

"I'm coming Arthur, for Merlin's sake, hold your hippogriffs." Molly Weasley, still clad in her pajamas and a bathrobe, came down the stairs, pausing to get her foot back in a slipper she had lost on her way down. "Now what's the problem?"

Mr. Weasley gestured spastically at the couch. How could she not see what the problem was, it was laying right there! Mrs. Weasley blinked. "Oh dear, well then, don't just stand there. Put on the tea kettle." The graying red haired woman stated this as if tea would help the entire matter. She bent over the couch and picked the child up.

"Where are you going?"

"Ginny's room. She needs a bed, and I changed Ginny's sheets last week, so they're freshest. It's not as if anyone's been sleeping in them otherwise." Mrs. Weasley brought the child up to the first floor landing and in through the door to the left. After laying the girl down on the bed, Mrs. Weasley went about ridding the child of her cloak. The rain had soaked through it and made the little red dress, stockings, shoes, and under things the girl was wearing look as if she'd been swimming. Well, Mrs. Weasley got them off her right quick and hurried to find some of Ginny's old things in the trunk at the foot of the bed. Underwear and soft white linen nightdress later, the child was tucked up under the flowered covers of the bed, her shivering ceased by warmth. Mr. Weasley arrived with a tray of tea and toast which he set upon the bedside table before taking a seat in the rocking chair in the corner.

"Well, what's the verdict?"

"She's not shivering, but her breathing is a bit wheezy, so I daresay she's caught a cold. Nothing dire though. Oh Arthur, what kind of person leaves a child on the doorstep of a stranger?"

"Either a positively horrible one, or someone seriously desperate. Were there any signs of abuse?"

"None what's so ever. She's been fed up fine and there isn't so much as a scratch on her. I thought at first, but it's only a birthmark…"


"Yes, and it's the oddest thing Arthur, it's shaped exactly like a bolt of lightening, right there on the outside of her right ankle." Mr. Weasley was quiet for a moment, obviously thinking. "I'll go through her pockets once her clothes have had a chance to dry. Hang them on the line before you leave, would you?"

"Of course… Molly… what if it wasn't a str-"

"Arthur, no, I know what you're thinking. Don't break open old wounds. He's long been dead so there's no possible way she could be."

"But what if…"

"No. And not another word about it. Now, you'd best be getting ready for work. I'll keep an eye on her." With an air of authority, Mrs. Weasley ushered Arthur out of the room with the child's clothes and took his place in the old rocking chair. It was a strange old thing, covered in the painty fingerprints and marker drawings of her seven children from when they were younger. But she'd rocked every single one of them to sleep in it just fine, despite it's rather creative paint job.

It was about noon before the little girl in Ginny's old bed began to stir. Mrs. Weasley had taken to her knitting, working on the sweaters she made for each of her children and grand children every Christmas. Ron had begged of her for something other than maroon this year, though she wasn't about to change the colors around. Every single one of her children had a set color, the one she thought they looked best in as their mother, and if they complained, so be it. Ron would get his maroon sweater, and he would wear it, only because it would not do to hurt her feelings.

Mrs. Weasley looked up from her knitting as the child's head lifted from the pillow and she sat up fully, rubbing at one eye. She looked around, her flushed face covered in confusion before her eyes landed upon Mrs. Weasley who rose from the chair.

"How are you feeling dear?"

"Ow." The girl gripped her head and fell back down on her pillows with a whimper. Mrs. Weasley stroked her forehead gently and lifted a cool cloth from a bowl of ice water on the bedside table. She laid it across the girl's forehead and then reached for a potion bottle that sat beside the bowl.

"Shush now. This will help." Mrs. Weasley poured a bit of gooey green potion into a spoon and lifted the girl's head, tilting the spoon to her mouth. The child down the medicine properly and then laid flat again, her eyes closing, exaughsted. Mrs. Weasley sighed and ran her fingers along the girl's bangs, flicking them out of the way.

"Mum?" Mrs. Weasley looked up to find her own daughter standing in the doorway, her long red hair pulled back in a pony tail. "Dad sent me an owl…" Ginny's brown eyes looked down upon the sleeping child and she stepped into the room. "Who is she?"

"I haven't the slightest. Her clothes should be dry by now though…" Mrs. Weasley looked out the window. Last night's rain had long since passed, leaving the hot sun beating down upon the burrow. "Would you go check the pockets, dear?"

"Sure." Ginny nodded and left the room. She returned a few minutes later, her hands clasping two things, eyes wide. She set an envelope and a large money bag down on the bed beside her mother. "There's almost a hundred Galleons in here… and a key to a vault at Gringotts by the looks of it. And a note." Mrs. Weasley took up the note, unfolded the lined Muggle paper, and read:

Dear Weasleys,

This is Lily Willow Carpenter. She's ten years old, but will be eleven come August 30. I have enclosed enough gold for her school things this year, as well as the key to her vault, into which I have placed all of my savings under her name. It should cover everything she will need in the years to come. It is my deepest regret to leave her, but I cannot take her where I am going and I know she will be safe and happy with you. We are both in terrible danger and I will not allow them to torture her to find me. I have preformed a Memory Charm upon her, so that she will not remember me until the time comes for me to perform the counter charm. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but there is no one else I can trust. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

There was no signature and Mrs. Weasley frowned as she set the letter down upon the bed. She reached up and stroked the child's hair away from her face again. She was cooler now than she had been before… that was good.

"Her name is Lily, Mum. With one l, not two… just like-"

"Ginny, dear. Don't be ridiculous. We can all hope as much as we want, but it's not possible. We all his body. He's dead in his tomb next to Dumbledore's! We're just lucky that that Neville boy was able to slice Voldemort through with the sword after he killed the snake."

"I know, Mum. It was just a silly hope… she… resembles him." Ginny sighed, taking over stroking the girl's hair as her mother pocketed the note and placed the money bag in the bedside table drawer. "I suppose it's just the hair. Jet-black… unruly."

"Yes. But she has strange eyes…"

"What do you mean by strange?"

"They're different colors. The left one's green, the right one's brown."


"Yes, she was awake for a couple minutes. Long enough for me to give her a Pepper-Up potion, though that hasn't seemed to of started working just yet. Oh, there it goes." Mrs. Weasley smiled as Lily's ears started emmiting smoke and the girl rolled over, her strange eyes opening. They weren't glassy anymore and she seemed to actually be taking in her surroundings as opposed to the last time she'd been awake. Upon sighting Mrs. Weasley and Ginny, she began hyperventilating and tugged the covers up over her head, hiding.

"Woah, calm down there!" Ginny tugged the blankets back and placed a hand on top of Lily's head. "You're safe. It's alright. We're not going to hurt you."

"Wh-where… am I?" Lily asked, her voice small and sweet, accented with something that was not exactly English.

"You're at the Burrow, sweetheart." Mrs. Weasley explained, pouring a cup of tea and offering it to Lily who eyed it very curiously. "I'm Molly Weasley and this is my daughter, Ginny. You're going to be staying with us for a while."


"Well, um… because…"

"Because we're your relatives." Ginny opted, not really knowing what else to tell her. "Don't you remember?"

"No… I don't remember anything."

"Well, that's alright. You've been sick. But we're going to get you up and about in no time. Here, have some tea." Mrs. Weasley offered her the cup again and Lily took it, eyeing the liquid warily. She took a sip, gagged, and choked it down before shaking her head and offering it back to Mrs. Weasley.

"I don't think I've ever had tea before."

"Well, maybe it's a bit grown up for you. I'll make some soup." Mrs. Weasley took the cup and the tray, heading back down stairs with it. Lily turned her attention to Ginny.

"I know you. You're on one of my posters."

"I'm the Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies."

"They're my favorite team!" Lily bounced excitedly in the bed, her eyes wide. "Oh can I have your autograph, please please puh-llleeeease!"

"Sure ya can." Ginny laughed, digging into her pocket and pulling out a scrap of parchment. She gave it a sign and handed it to Lily who hugged it. "Hey, listen, Lily. Do you remember who dropped you off here?"

"…No. I don't remember anything… I remember my poster. And my bedroom, but… not much else. No people, just things."

"Well then, that's ok. Well, I guess you could say I'm sort of like… your aunt. And then my mum's your grandma ok? Does that make sense?"

"Oh yes! Wow, my aunt's the Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies! Wowie!"

"Well, you've got a lot more aunts and uncles to meet. And cousins too." Ginny explained. She turned her head and called down. "Hey Mum? Could you bring up the family portrait for Lily? I want to show her to rest of the family."

Mrs. Weasley returned carrying another tray and a framed picture. She set the tray down on Lily's lap and then lifted the picture up for her to see. "Now, this is my husband…"

"Your granddad." Ginny offered, reaching over and taking the picture from her mum. "Your Uncle Bill, his wife Fleur, and their children Caprice and Dominique. Uncle Charlie, he isn't married. Uncle Percy, his wife Wisteria, and their children, Molly and Arthur. Uncle George, Auntie Angelina, and your cousins Fred and Marcus. Then lastly, there's Uncle Ron and Auntie Hermione with their children, Harry, Luna, and tiny Nevvy."

"That's a lot of family." Lily stated, wide eyed. She spooned some soup into her mouth and then beamed up at Mrs. Weasley. "Gramma, you make the best soup I've ever had!"

"Why, thank you, dear." Mrs. Weasley smiled back at her, her face a tad red.

"Hey… even though I'm staying here, I still get to go to Hogwarts right? I…" Lily concentrated really hard for a second but then shook her head. "I can't remember who told me, but someone said I'd get a letter and that I would get to go when I was eleven. Instead of going to Muggle school again."

"So, you know about Hogwarts?"

"Oh yes! I know everything about Hogwarts! Or at least, everything I was told. Are there really big horse things that you can't see unless you've seen someone die?"

"Er… yeah. There are."

"Cool!" Lily beamed brightly and continued slurping up her soup. Once she'd had her fill, she looked up at Mrs. Wealsey, jutting out her lower lip and widening her eyes. "Gramma, can I please get out of bed?"


"Oh, come on Mum." Ginny mimicked Lily's begging face. "She seems much better. I think there are still some old toys in the closet from when I was younger that we could play with." Ginny rose from the bed and wandered over to her old closet, digging in side of it until she reached the very back. She pulled out an old toy chest covered in dust and dragged it over to the bed. "I used to have a ton of fun with these." She propped open the lid of the chest and pulled out a superbly beat up old Quaffle. "Of course, they were all hand me downs from the boys. Well… except for this old thing. Used to cart it everywhere." Ginny offered Lily a worn ragdoll with red yarn hair and black button eyes wearing a green gingham dress.

"I made that for you for Christmas when you were four years old." Mrs. Weasley smiled. "You were so excited to have something new for a change. Can't remember how many times I had to sew on a new eye or repair a tear. You called her Baby Weasley."

"I love her." Lily stated, hugging the doll close.

"You can have her. She helps keep nightmares away." Ginny smiled and dug deeper into the toy chest. "She has a couple other dresses here somewhere… Mum, didn't you make her her own set of Hogwarts robes once?"

"I believe I did. You were so jealous about the boys getting to go… I think that was the year the twins started. You gave her up for a diary when you started school though."

"Oh…" Lily frowned, looking down at the doll. "I guess I might be too old to…"

"Nah, Lily. Just because I grew out of her, doesn't mean you don't have to like her. You can still play with toys all you want. We all grow up in our own time. You can even change her name if you'd like."

"Ok!" Lily beamed and hugged the doll. She gave a big yawn, appearently all the excitement had worn her out due to her cold and having not had much energy in the first place.

"Why don't you settle back down, dear?" Mrs. Weasley suggest as Lily snuggled against the pillows, hugging the doll. "I bet you'll feel loads better in the morning, and then you can get up and probably meet some of the rest of the family, alright?"

"Ok Gramma." Lily nodded and yawned again, closing her eyes. It wasn't long before she was back to snoozing, her breathing still a little wheezy.

"You go ahead and make dinner, Mum. I think I'll stay here a while." Ginny said, taking to stroking Lily's hair again. The child gave a sigh and nuzzled up against her hand. Mrs. Weasley smiled.

"Ginny, I think it's about time you thought about dating some more. What about that nice Thomas boy?"

"Mum, no."

"It's been years. It's time to move on, have children of your own."

"Please, leave it be, Mum. I don't want to talk about it." Mrs. Weasley sighed and then nodded, leaving her daughter and Lily to go make dinner and owl the rest of the family about their visitor.

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