My rabbit king

By Princess Thil Galel


Thank you

Furry morning

He'd gotten up before the sun had even risen, he'd been training for several hours, honing his skills to stay in peak form. Now as he attacked the punching bag with all his might his endurance began to falter, his breathing became labored and a sheen of sweat formed on his furry brow. Swinging his leg around for one last kick that sent the bag flying Kazma headed for the bathroom.

As the tub filled up he stripped out of his workout clothes, with a sigh he sank into the warm water up to his chin, and closed his eyes for a relaxing soak. His ears stayed alert even as his body rested, listening to the sounds of the birds singing outside the window as the breeze whispered in the trees and the soft murmur of the people down in the court yard below. He sat up with a grunt and grabbed the soap, he scrubbed his fur thoroughly, working out the knots and tangles before dunking under the water to rinse. Wiping the water from his eyes he reached for a towel to dry himself with, he stood as he rubbed his fur with the thick towel and stepped out of the tub.

He dressed quickly, straightening his goggles he went to his room to have breakfast, he quietly opened the door and slipped inside. He walked up to his bed and gazed down at the vision of beauty that lay there, a gorgeous black haired, fair skinned woman. Just as every morning after he got up, she clutched his pillow in her sleep while her legs lay tangled in the sheets, and her hair was tossed about wildly like ebony silk.

With a smile he slowly lifted the edge of the sheet to reveal her lily white feet, carefully lifting one he tickled the soul with a feathery light touch, when all she did was twitch slightly he ran his tongue slowly up from heel to toes and she squealed awake. He held on tightly as he continued to lick her skin while she tried desperately to pull herself free, but he was relentless with his attention to the tender flesh of her arches and she laughed until there were tears in her eyes. Thinking quickly she grabbed a pillow and threw it at his head, he stumbled back a step and she pulled her foot free.

Lifting the pillow off his head Kazma grinned with a chuckle, she'd tucked her feet back into the safety of the sheets while burying her face in the remaining pillow and let a smile peek out at him. He rounded the bed and sat beside her on the edge, the mattress bowed under his weight, causing her to slide until her bottom was pressed firmly against his hip, and, with a devilish smile, Kazma slid his hand up her side to tickle her ribs. She grabbed at his hands to defend herself from his close-range attack, but he kept squirming free to continue his torture, finally she gasped "Pl-Pl-Please! I-I-I ca-can't ta-hahahaha-take it!" she begged. Laughing nearly as hard as she was Kazma collapsed on her and buried his face in her hair "Good morning, did you enjoy your wake up call?" he asked as he nuzzled her neck with his nose, she smiled and kissed his forehead "Couldn't you just say 'good morning'?" she giggled, he rubbed her cheek with his "Where's the fun in that?" he teased and they both laughed.

He sat up, pulling her up with him then dragged her into his lap "Did you sleep well?" he asked and kissed each cheek then rubbed his nose to her's. She giggled and rubbed back "I slept wonderfully, how about you?" she replied and twirled the thick, soft fur of his chest with her finger, causing him to chuckle "Like a dream." he said. She stretched with a yawn and slipped off his lap "Is breakfast here yet?" she asked while rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Kazma stood and wrapped his arms around her waist "Out on the terrace." he said "Care to join me?" she covered his arms with her's "Of course." she said.

She grabbed her robe off the bedpost and slipped it on before allowing Kazma to lead her onto the terrace, he pulled out a chair for her then took his own across the table. Breakfast was pancakes, fresh fruits with yogurt, and sunflower seeds with milk and orange juice. Kazma poured a glass of OJ for himself then turned to her "Milk or juice?" he asked, she didn't answer but stared off into the city below "Danica, darling what is it?" She pointed out to the court yard "Isn't that Koyky?" she asked, he looked down into the parting mass of people and frowned. Lord Koyky was early, he wasn't supposed to be here for two days, this could only mean trouble "Looks like I'll be skipping breakfast Danica." he said "Someone decided to drop in a little too early."

Her face fell, Kazma lifted her chin "Don't look like that," he cooed and rubbed his nose on her's "I'll take care of this quickly, then be right back. Alright?" with a smile Danica kissed him gently and dragged her fingers through his fur "I understand, be careful." she said. He hurried down the halls, his long legs carrying him far and fast towards the throne room. He skid to a halt, his shoes squealing on the tiled floor as he stopped just outside to prepare himself "King Kazma, King Kazma!" called Chipper, he spotted the rabbit and rushed to his side "Oh there you are. My king, Lord Koyky is here to see you-I know he's a bit early but maybe you might still see him? After all he did come a long way to-" "I know he's here Chipper, Danica saw him from the terrace. I otta send him back without a word for disturbing me first thing in the morning, and I would if I didn't need that information he's got on the rebel leader." he cut in, the yellow squirrel looked close to panic but remained silent.

He threw the doors open, everyone inside became silent as he strolled up to his throne and sat down with an emotioless face "Lord Koyky, what is the meaning of you disrupting me at this hour, especially since you aren't due to have my audience until two days from now?" he demanded "If we weren't such good friends I would have tossed you out in the street myself!" Koyky bowed low before his feet "My sincerest apologies, my king. But I felt as if this newest information I recently acquired should be reported to you immediately." he replied humbly. Narrowing his eyes Kazma leaned forward slightly "What do you mean, what new information?" he demanded, Koyky glanced around nervously "May I approach the throne, my king?" he asked, Kazma nodded "You may."

He leaned forward as Koyky whispered quietly in his ear, as he listened his eyes widened with horror, and the last statement made his blood run cold. As it all began to sink in a sound came to his ears, like his worst fears had been brought it to life, his wife's scream.



Danica licked the milk from her glass off her lips, a sigh escaped her as she chewed a sunflower seed, Kazma's favorite, and she wished he didn't always have to rush off like he did. She knew he was up and gone before morning every day, even if he didn't know she knew and he'd been so careful to hide it, she could still feel his body suddenly disappear from her side in the hours just before dawn. Even during the daylight hours someone would come to call on him and drag him away, leaving her alone, but she tried not mind for it was his job and she couldn't always keep him at her side. She just wished to spend more time with her husband, more personal time, to be the wife he needed and deserved.

With another sigh she stacked up her dishes and went to clean up. Crossing to the basin and pitcher she poured the warm water into the bowl, for a moment she stared at her reflection and wondered why someone as handsome and beautiful as Kazma had chosen someone so average and plain like her, then splashed her face clean and dried off with a towel. She picked up her brush and began brushing her hair in front of the bathroom mirror, she mused how different her brush was from Kazma's comb and laughed when she remember the time he'd let her comb his fur.

After making sure she'd gotten all the knots out she clipped on her gold hoop, a crescent ring that clipped onto her bangs and hung over her forehead with a sapphire drop that hung just above her brows. She dressed in a pale sky blue dress with white sandles. She went to her jewelry box, opening it with a loving smile she took out a gold chain bracelet with sapphire beads and remembered how Kazma had given it to her when he asked her to marry him.

It had been one late summer night, he had been hosting a ball and invited her to come as his date. He'd waited until he had her alone then spirited her off into the garden for a moment of privacy. He lead her to an ivory gazebo at the heart of the garden, far from prying eyes and the ears of the gossipers, the second they stopped he'd crushed her to him in a kiss of fierce passion that left her gasping for air, and for him. Setting her on the bench he'd lifted her foot and slowly blazed a trail of kisses up her leg to mid-thigh, drawing up her skirt as he went and exposed her entire leg. He'd given her flesh a soft lick that dragged a moan up from deep within her, she'd been afraid he was going to seduce her right there in the open air of the garden, and he'd been doing a marvelous job of it when she suddenly felt something cool drape across her thigh. When she'd looked down as she touched it Kazma took her hand and gazed into her eyes while he asked for her hand.

She could remember every detail of that night, right down to the color of his carvet and the smell of his cologne. She clipped the bracelet on her wrist and kissed the beads out of habit, a little thing she did to always remember his kisses and sighed as she rubbed them against her cheek. Movement in the mirror on the box made her smile "That was fast Kazma," she said as she turned to face him "What exactly did he-" a knife gleamed in the morning sunlight, a scream ripped itself from her throat.


Kazma had never run so fast in his life, fear gave his feet wings and he flew up the stairs and down the hall, he slammed the door open "DANICA!" he yelled, but no answer came. His heart beat so fast and hard in his chest each breath hurt, his eyes darted around the room searching for his wife and he spotted her white sandals behind the bed. He rushed to her, relief flooding him at the thought of her being safe and only having misplaced his fears. And as he rounded the bedpost, his heart stopped.

Blood, the blood was everywhere. She was laying in a pool of her own blood, a knife lay on the floor beside her, the saw-edged blade was splattered with red. He couldn't breathe as he knelt beside her "Da...Danica?" he whispered and carefully cradled her head with his hand "Danica?" he said firmer, but she didn't respond "Danica!" he shouted. Chipper ran inside unnoticed by Kazma "King Kazma! King Kazma, whats happe-" he fell silent at the sight of his king kneeling in blood holding his wife, Kazma looked up at the sound Chipper gasping "Get a medic, now!" he ordered, the frightened squirrel disappeared as the first tears began to form in the great king's eyes.

Kazma sat at Danica's bedside for hours, it was late into the night and his eyelids were begining to droop, but he dare not close his eyes in fear of waking to find her gone. Again he jumped awake when his chin touched his chest, he looked up frantically to see his wife, she lay there unmoving, just as she had been since he'd brought her down to the clinic. He rested his forehead against her's, knowing that even now he could be moments away from losing her, it was only that morning he'd awoken her by tickling her with laughter in his arms, and yet it felt like a lifetime ago.

His tears dripped onto her eyelids then ran down her cheeks, he gently wiped them away only to shed even more "Danica, please wake up." he whispered "You can't leave me like this, you just can't, please you can't..." he broke down, sobbing silently with his cheek pressed to her's. He was coming apart at the seams, if she died he would forever blame himself. This had been what the rebel leader was planning to do, kill Danica to get to him. It was all HIS fault, he'd put the woman he loved in danger and now because of him she might be dying right in front of him.

"Ahem." Kazma looked up to see the medic Koten standing in the doorway, the monkey adjusted his glasses "Um, pardon me my king, but uh...I would like to check my lady's condition again before I retire for the night. If, that is, you're okay with that." he said. Kazma wiped his eyes quickly and nodded "Yes, of course." he said "Please do." Kazma paid the monkey little attention as he went about his work, he checked the computer and the IV, he checked Danica's pulse and wrote his findings down on a clipboard "Pardon me my king," said Koten "I have some good news." Kazma's ears perked straight up "What is it?" he asked, hardly daring to breathe. Koten adjusted his glasses again "If Lady Danica can make it though the night she'll survive, but the bad news is that right now she only has a fifty/fifty chance though the percent in her favor increases as the hours pass."

Kazma nodded grimmly, his was only half certain Danica would survive but half was better than nothing "I understand, thank you Koten." he said, then turned back to his wife. "One more thing, my king?" Koten asked, Kazma looked at the medic again "I understand how all this makes you feel, but you really should get some rest. When Lady Danica wakes up you may not get the chance to have a full night's sleep, you'll need to be at your full strength to help her recover, and, heaven forbid, you may need to protect her if she's attacked again." he said as he turned to leave "There's a spare bed behind the curtain if you wish to stay in here."

Kazma could only stare after the medic for a moment before smiling, silently thanking him Kazma dragged the other bed over to Danica's and stretched out beside her. He gently ran a finger down her cheek before closing his tired eyes and drifting off to sleep.


A soft whisper teased at his ear "Kazma..." he blinked sleepily, not sure if he was awake or still dreaming. He decided he must be dreaming when Danica leaned over him in the soft sunlight, they were sitting up in the wide fork of a tree filled with tiny white flowers that rained down much like snow, she feathered kisses on his chest and tickled him under the chin. He remembered this day from only a month ago, they'd been on a picnic by the lake, just the two of them. He gently rubbed his fingers up and down the column of her neck "You're so beautiful, my love." he whispered softly, not wanting to ruin the moment by speaking too loudly. Danica shook her head "No I'm not, don't try to make me feel better." she said and rubbed his nose with her's "YOU'RE GORGEOUS, my love. I've never met a man-human or otherwise-as handsomely beautiful as you."

He cocked an eyebrow "You think I'm gorgeous?" he asked teasingly and kissed her throat "My love, I wasn't trying to make you feel better. When I say you're beautiful, I mean it with every word." Danica smiled at him, the sun framing her in a halo of gold, she truly looked like an angel. He slowly pulled her down to lay atop him with a long, slow, drugging kiss. She moaned softly as she tangled her fingers in his fur, he adored her, especially when she got like this, all hot and needy, and just for him. She pulled back, he looked up at her in confusion until she gently ran her fingers through the hair on his head. He closed his eyes to relax and enjoy Danica's attention.

"Kazma..." came the whisper again, he wished it would go away and leave him alone with his wife. "Kazma?" he paused a moment, that was Danica's voice calling his name, but why call him when she was laying on him? He slowly forced his eyes open, the sunlight and the flowers were gone but Danica was still softly stroking him, only now she was sitting propped up by pillows in an infirmary bed. He blinked again as everything came flooding back to him, "Danica?" he sat up and reached out to touch her cheek, but stopped in fear of this being another dream. She took his hand and rubbed it on her cheek, she kissed his palm "It's alright Fritz, I'll be okay." she said, her voice was so rough and weak he barely recognized it, if she hadn't called him by the private nickname she given him he would have swore it hadn't been her talking at all.

Kazma slowly cupped her face with the greatest of care, half afraid she would shatter like glass if he wasn't careful "Danica." he whispered softly and rested his forehead against her's as joyous tears filled his eyes "I thought I'd lost you my love, I've never been so terrified in my life." He kissed the corners of her mouth "I heard you calling me Fritz," she said, her voice sounded worse, if that was even possible "I tried to find you, but something kept dragging me back into the light. I told it I needed you, that you still needed me, then it let me go and I..." she stopped suddenly, breathing hard and she appeared to be in pain. Kazma pressed the heel of his hand to her breast, her heart was aflutter as she gasped deeply for each breath of air "Calm down darling, don't get excited." he said "We're together again, I won't leave you, I promise."

She nodded and leaned back with her eyes closed, he gently kissed her lips just to taste her sweetness and to feel her breath on his cheek to reassure himself that she was only asleep. He waited for Koten, knowing the medic would show up soon, and passed the time simply watching his wife sleep soundlessly. He didn't have to wait long, at seven o'clock sharp Koten strolled into the clinic, he looked from his clipboard to see Kazma staring at Danica "Oh, my king. I didn't realize you were up already." he said as he repeated his checklist from last night "Has there been any change in her condition my king?"

Kazma grinned up at the simian "Yes, a rather positive change. She woke up for a minute, and she spoke to me." The monkey's glasses nearly slipped off his face, Kazma wasn't surprised the news had shocked him, the would-be-killer had slashed Danica's throat. It had been no small miracle they'd missed hitting something vital. Koten shoved his glasses back up the bridge of his nose "I hadn't thought it possible for her to be capable of speech this early in recovery." he said matter-of-factly "But it wouldn't be wise of her to speak until her throat heals a little more, or she risks reopening the wound inside her windpipe."

Kazma only smiled down at Danica, nothing would ever be more beautiful, even like this. He gently stroked her hair, it felt like soft silk as it glided through his fingers "I vow on my life my darling, I shall never let anything like this happen to you again." he whispered against her ear "You'll always be safe by my side, and I will die to protect you. You are my life and this world won't mean a thing without you."

He planted a soft kiss to her forehead and left the room, he needed to speak to Koyky about disappearing.