This whole story popped in my head I have no idea where I am going with this but this is in my best friend Kalsiddon's view hope u don't mind Kals.

The Gift

Chapter 1

"Why should I have too learn how to type on a typewriter?"

"Well you kept complaining about having nothing to do so..."

I leaned back in the chair knowing I can never talk myself out of learning how to type on this thing.

"I'd rather use my laptop, Saiyu."

"No, you will learn and that is that, now follow my example as I type this down."

She started typing like a pro on it, she doesn't even know I'm not paying attention. I know I kept complaining about having nothing to do, but I didn't mean for this to happen. She finally finished so I better listen.

"Now read it." she says.

I rolled my eyes at her and begun to read...

Hello, my name is Saiyuri Kamori, I am a girl age 15. I have Pure pink hair and big brown eyes. I am very smart as I like to call myself and I know many things and how to do them well, I love cookies.

"Now, type something similar to that and let me read it."

"Okay.." I started to type very lazy on the difficult keys and finally finished.

Hi, my name is Kalsiddon Frost, I am a boy age 16. My life sucks.

She was giving me this unsure look as if I had done something wrong which I didn't.

"What, you told me to type and I did it with no mistakes."

"There is always room for improvement I guess..." She said as I was getting up stretching.

"It's late I need to go home."

"Okay, see you tomorrow Kals."

I turned to leave the house and decided to walk home instead of riding the bike I brought on the way here.

"Hope she doesn't mind if I leave this here tonight, but it's so warm and peaceful tonight to rush home."

I lived in this small town all my life, growing up with Saiyu. Even though I act like I hate it, I don't, I don't ever wanna leave, but Saiyu is moving out soon. I got home around 9:00PM which is right on time in my house.

"Oh, welcome home get started on dishes now okay?"

"Of course mom." I completely forgot today was my day to do dishes.

It's only my little brother, my mom, and I living in this house, I kinda never knew my dad, so everything is alright. "I'm done with the dishes I'm going to bed now." I would usually tell no one in particular this every time I finish something I was told to do. I decided I would practice on the computer what I would type on that stupid type writer tomorrow, and maybe Saiyu oughta be proud of me.

Hi, my name is Kalsiddon Frost, I am a boy age 16, I have light green hair as everyone told me, I have darkish lightish blue eyes. I do average in school and I have a dream to become a DJ. I love marshmallows.

I don't know why, but Saiyu told me when you are describing yourself, always add your favorite food at the end...Saiyu, I had forgotten she is moving out the next week, should I give her a gift or, prevent her from going? I am too tired to think right now so I am going to bed goodnight!