The Gift

Chapter 3

When I got home, I went straight up to my room to think about things.

'This must be really hard on her, it's already hard enough on me.' I got up, went on my laptop and searched terminal illnesses, and from what I read, they are mare severe than I thought. She must be in great pain right now.




Later next morning I really didn't feel like getting up, til I heard my mom for the billionth time.

"Get up!"

"Okay, Okay I hear ya!"

I finally got up, and got dressed, and when I got downstairs to go eat I saw Saiyu smiling, and waving at me.

"Good morning."

"Uh..., good morning to you too, Saiyu."

"I wanna walk with you to the bus stop."

"Kay..." It was like yesterday didn't exist. We talked about the usual stuff we talk about all the time. Until I brought it up that is.

"So, Saiyu?"


"Uh, about your uh...illness..." I shouldn't have brought this up but, it couldn't be ignored. She started looking depressed again, and I couldn't stand it.

"One month."


"One month." She repeated.

"What do you mean one month?" Even though I had a clue what she meant, I didn't want to believe it.

"I only have one single month."

Before I could respond, the bus pulled up and we got in.

"There has to be something I can do."

"Don't you understand the meaning of 'Terminal'"?

I was a little shocked that she yelled at me she changed ever since yesterday.

"I'm sorry, I just don't..."

"N-no, it's alright...I don't blame you."

I really don't but, she has been doing horrible in school, I guess she doesn't care anymore.

After school I asked her if she wanted to go get something to eat, I a bit surprised she said yes but, she doesn't seem to happy...maybe this wasn't a good idea.

"I'm sorry, I don't know this menu."

"It's okay, really I recommend the sirloin steak with eggs, and hash browns."

"Okay." She said smiling the smile I haven't seen in so long.

"What would you two like to order?"

"Two sirloin steak and eggs."

"Gotcha, any drinks?"

"I want Iced tea Kals."

"Okay, one iced tea and sprite."

"'Kay, two sirloin steak and eggs, one iced tea, and one sprite."

Then he walked comes the long wait.

"You okay Saiyu?"

"Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom."

She got up and left for the bathroom, it's been 20 minutes since she went now...I wonder if everything is alright, I should call her.

"Um, Saiyu are you alright?"


Her voice sounded a little shaky and a few sniffs followed behind.

"H-hey are you crying!"


"If you didn't want to come then-"

"No, it's alright I will be out in a minute."

I handed her a few napkins to wipe her face when she sat down, then our food finally came...great timing.

"So, uh, has your cat tried the new pet brand food yet?"

Well this was a completely stupid way to start a conversation with anyone at any circumstances.

"No, if he eats anything other than the food he has now, he will throw it up."

I started gagging at the word throw up, I mean I was eating.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"No, it's okay I have a strong stomach."

Some cover-up...

"This steak really is good right, Kals?"

"Yeah, sure not as good as the first time I've had it but, yeah."

So we finally finished our dinner and headed home over to her house.

"...I never felt good eating then walking, I feel sick."

"Oh, I forgot, I can carry you."

"Thanks but, no thanks, Kals I don't feel like being carried if that makes since."

We made it to her house and I said hello to Flare the orange pet, we talked for awhile in her room then I left to go home.

"Home so early?"

"Yeah, today was...odd."

I said goodnight to my mom and brother who was already asleep, then I got a phone call.


",Kals Since I only got one month, I'm not moving!"

"Really? That's awesome!...goodnight."

"...oh, yeah night."

(A/N) I'm getting over the disease which is writers block so this chap. wasn't longer I'm think straight now and I wondering what I should do for this story in the future.