The Scarab And The Husky: Proximity

From the moment she arrived in her office that morning, Hana seemed to lose focus on her work and stare at the flowers on her desk. Lilies and roses, white ones. There had been on tag stating who it was from, except for a white card that said "For the most beautiful Flower of them all...Happy Valetine's Day."

Hana had a feeling she knew who it could have been, as she had found a green heart-shaped box filled with mint chocolates alongside. Only a few people knew that she enjoyed mint chocolate, the first being her baby brother Kiba, the second being her boyfriend. Her focus was divided between her lover and the paperwork that needed to be done, and the more she thought of him, the more she couldn't work.

There was a knock on the door that pulled her from day dream. In the opening stood a tall man, his black trench coat almost sweeping the floor. "What can I do for you, officer?" She asked, the badge on his coat striking her attention. He took several steps into the room, finally taking a seat in the chair before her desk. His eyes were hidden behind black sunglass, but Hana knew that they were locked with her own.

"Just happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I should stop by to check up on the city's best vet. How is such a wonderful woman like you doing today?" Even though his mouth was covered by a dark green turtleneck, his smile could be heard on his voice. A slight pink had found its way to her cheeks, so Hana looked down at the health reports of various animals with her care.

The man sitting before her was Shino Aburame, the only person to match Karin's hacking skill within KCPD. He was a valubable person to the team, having been christened 'The Man of a Million Faces' for his near perfect undercover missions. He was also renowned for his ability to 'bug' suspects and criminals. Hacker, wire-tapper, tracker, and undercover cop, he was definitely one of Konoha's best officers….

Shino also happened to be her baby brother's best friend since they were ten and (much to Kiba's protest and displeasure) her boyfriend she had mentioned earlier. They had been together for three years now, and because it was Shino who initiated their relationship, it had Hana's goal to find a distraction for her little brother. Luckily it enough, it came from Kumo in the shape of fiery dark-skinned red head.

The two had hit it off after the first date (their first argument over who should pay the bill had dinner). And while Kiba worked at Konoha's museum in the archeology department, the couple had shared many cases in which Kiba's skills came in hand for solving the mystery at hand. Karui had jokingly called him *'Bones' once and he had nicknamed her "Ekundu" or Red. Both the names seemed to stick, as everyone called them the Red Bones duo whenever they were seen together.

"So how did Kiba's plan to wow Karui go?" Hana finally asked, her blush finally faded away. It had been her who gave Kiba the idea to shower his girl with a variety of flowers for Valentine's day. Hana knew that he would take all the credit, but it was fine as Shino had accompanied him to get her the flowers that lay on her desk. Shino chuckled at the thought, causing the brunette to raise an eye brow.

"That bone-head has the worse luck sometimes. She got called in for the day to run the station." There goes the other brow, as her eyes widened. Shino seemed to read her mind at her unsaid question because he then said, "Hinata apparently fainted this morning because of Naruto, and seeing as how Sasuke took the day off to spend it with Sakura, the four of them are at the hospital as we speak."

"Do we know why she passed out exactly?"

"Kiba said something about a marriage proposal on the phone."

"Are you serious?" "When am I ever not serious?"

Hana smiled at his reply now finally standing up to stretch, "Only when you're with me. Why is that that exactly?" Shino got up and walked behind the desk, wrapping his arms around her waist. When they had been younger she had always been taller than him, but now he stood a little bit above her. Hana's arms covered his own so that way her hands covered Shino's.

"Consider it a moment of weakness," He whispered in her ear, a smile on his voice, "It's a little quirk that happens cause of you, though I'm not alone. Kiba's tamer around Karui, Naruto thinks a little more before he speaks due to Hinata; Sasuke is more open with his emotions because of Sakura, while Neji isn't as uptight thanks to Tenten; Lee tones it down for Karin, while Chouji became more confident around Ino."

"It's the little things you men do that drive us crazy, but alsp causes us to love you more. I'm pretty sure it's a mutual feeling, correct?" Hana says as kisses him on the cheek. It wasn't so often that he showed this much affection nor said this much, so she decided to stay close to him. Shino merely nods sliding his head against her shoulder.

"I'm going to have to leave you again…" His voice was so soft that she didn't even think he said anything, that it was merely a thought. Her office, which was filled with pictures of her helping pets, reuniting them with their owners, of the awards she had won, suddenly felt smaller and emptier.

Having talked to Sakura, Hinata, and Ino it was feeling that they all shared when their boys went away to work. Because the risks were always very high of them not coming back, trying to go about their own jobs and focusing was very hard for each woman individually. But they each had things they had to do: Sakura as a nurse, Hinata teaching, Hana herself helping sick animals, and Ino brighting someone's afternoon with her flowers.

Though maybe having jobs so far away from the police world was a blessing, since after-all they say ignorance is bliss. Because maybe it was harder to be beside the ones you love and have the tragedy occur: Karin was a mess after Lee got shot, having Temari never leaving Shikamaru leave her side, and Kiba ask Karui to guard the museum until the craze died down.

And that's why on Febuary 14th, this day of love and caring—of loneliness and sorrow—all Hana wanted was to keep him here with her. But she knew she couldn't, as it was his duty to help weed out crime and keep her safe the best he might, even if that meant being separated from her.

*A reference to my favorite show 'Bones'

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