Kaoru: NOOOO!

Me: okay anyway I got dares for you the first one is from GhostWishper

I like the first chapter ^^! Now the dares:

1. One of the PPGZ have to go to RRBZ haose, and kiss one of them infront
their counterpart

2. Momoko has to prank call Princess

3. Miyako has to tell Dai(Kaoru's brother) that Momoko and her thinks he is

4. Kaoru have to use the attire that Miyako and Momoko gave him by a week. She
has to get out of her house, and if someone ask her out she have to say yes.

Thats all for now! Continue soon, please!

Me: thanks for the support, so now on with the dare Oh Momoko

Momoko: yeah

Me: Go to the RRBZ and kiss one….

Momoko: Ok *yeah I get to kiss Brick*

Me: that isn't Brick

Momoko: Aww.. Fine

At RRBZ house

Ding dong

Butch: Boomer get the door

Boomer: y me

Brick: because we say so

Boomer: fine *opens door* what is…. *gets cut off by Momoko kissing him*

Momoko: Bye *runs off*

Brick: *in the corner turning green with jealousy*

Back at where ever I am (I never thought of that)

Me: *laughing* man you see there faces

Kaoru: and Brick turned green *laughing also*

Miyako: you ok Momoko-chan

Momoko: Yeah

Me: ok so Momoko, for that you get a fun one and get to prank call princess

Momoko: Sweet *picks up phone*

Princess: Hello

Momoko: hey the circus is in town, you should go it be like a family reunion

Princess: Whatt! I'm have my daddy…*Momoko hangs up*

Me: man it would have been worth so much more if I got to see her face when you said that, Miyako your turn

Miyako: *picks up phone* Hey Dai this is Miyako, I'm one of Kaoru's friends, I just wanted to let you know that our friend Momoko thinks you're really cute and hot.

Dai: is that the hero and candy obsessed on

Miyako: y-yeah

Dai: oh, well bye *hangs up*

Me: awkward, Kaoru you to wear that outfit for a week (3 chapters) and agree to go on with anyone who ask you

Kaoru: ugh

Me: the next dare is from babydoll

dare one of them to invite/call the rrbz. make them come over for fun. Please

Me: hey Kaoru go invite them

Kaoru: fine *leaves*

Random guy in the street: will you go out with me

Kaoru: No!

Me: Dare!

Kaoru: ok fine

Random guy in the street: Yes!

At RRBZ house

Boomer: Brick calm down its not my fault she just suddenly attacked me

Brick: YOU! DIE! NOW!

Ding dong

Butch: ugh *opens door* wha…. WOW!

Kaoru: Shut up! First off idiots, she was dared to kiss him and second you guys want to hang out with us

Brick: why wou…..

Butch: we love to

Boomer: But why

Butch she looks hot so were going!

Back at where ever I am

Me: Yeah you brought them, so now their here so you can dare one of the PPGZ or RRBZ, so see you again in the next chapter

Kaoru: Do I get to change yet

Me and Butch: NO!

Brick: why you yell

Butch: I don't know what your talking about

Me: so anyway send more dares and don't forget the truths!