A book was found in some old ruins. All the scholars who decoded it puzzled over the mystery of the book. A world with two moons illuminating the sky…The many dazzling adventures of a young boy…But whether or not this is a true story…Do you believe the story woven in the book? Maybe it was a fantasy that existed only the boy's heart…Let me tell you this story.
This ancient book tells of,

A magical…

And magnificent…

Fairy tale...


A dark alluring chant echoed throughout the halls of the 'Dark Shrine'. Bizarre looking creatures with animal skulls wearing what looked to be ceremonial attire danced and chanted in front of a large urn with purple flames surrounding it. They had all obviously done this before many years ago. They all looked to be male except one female creature dancing in front of them. Not to far from the humanoid creatures black boots clacked on the stone cold floor. His name was Flagg Gilgister. He wore a military looking uniform and had a broad brown handle bar moustache. Next to him was his large assistant he seemed to be wearing a similar outfit to the creatures dancing.

"You've gathered quite a few of them," Flagg said to his assistant.

"Look at them, their dance of blood. Mixing the blood of witches with that of Humans is the key to breaking the seal. However I do have some problems," the assistant clasped his hands together with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Problems?" Flagg said with even more annoyance in his voice.

"In order to procure good material, you must have adequate-" Also not too far was a man wearing black attire with silver hair, he hid behind a column. He side stepped a little and glanced at the walking individuals.

"I see I'll pay you extra that should solve the problems."

"Yes sir, thank you."

The man behind the column ran to the next one. Flagg and the assistant finally stopped walking and faced towards the dancers

"So when will it happen?"

"Very soon sir, let us enjoy the ceremony, until it is time." They stood still waiting, as the dancers kept at their chants and steps. As the rhythm became faster a mist started appearing above the large urn.

"Flag, sir do you know the legend of the Dark Genie sealed in the urn?"

"Of course, how much money do you think I put into acquiring this urn?" Flagg looked on what a stupid question he thought. "I've been waiting for this for years! And now the legendary power will be mine."

"Six hundred years ago, the Genie of darkness appeared in the East, and with its evil power the world was burnt away. What do you intend to do with such freighting power in your hands?"

"You'll see…" He said with a grin. Finally the purple mist above the urn turned into a flame, the floor rumbled as the power was being brought out. "It's finally time…" Flagg stepped forward without hesitation. The power, the Dark Genie rose from the urn and landed on the floor feet first. Flagg's first impressions were "what the hell?" The Dark Genie was large in more ways than one; he had the look of a dimwit. His mouth opened and let out a roar.

"What this is the Genie? The Dark Genie?"

"Well it's quite different than I had imagined," They both looked up in awe and confusion and even the man hiding from the crowds was perplexed and whispered to himself

"The ancient Dark Genie? This is it?" The man behind the column spoke out loud on accident.

The Dark Genie looked down at the men who summoned him and astonishingly said something

"Hey! Who are you guys?"They both looked at each other paused until Flagg stepped forward and looked up the Dark Genie.

"Welcome back. Genie of darkness I broke the seal and released you. Therefore I am your master."

"Oh is that right? Fine whatever…" Flagg was little surprised, the Genie sounded so nonchalant about this whole thing. Something hit the Genie; he hadn't eaten in over six hundred years. He was eager to eat. The Genie growled and said

"That's right I haven't eaten in six hundred years! Darn I need something to eat now!" The Genie turned his heads to both sides and looked down again to focus on Flagg's assistant. He pointed to him and yelled "Got you!" The assistant was scared out of his mind; he stepped back and widened his eyes

"Huh?" As he flailed to the ground the Dark Genie grabbed hold of him, Flagg just stood their in shock. "WHAA STOP HELP!" The Dark Genie dropped his victim into his mouth and swallowed him whole. Flagg just put his hands back and looked up

"Delicious…" was all he said.


Meanwhile in the western village of Norune a party of their own was going on, a much lighter and happier party built on annual cultural traditions rather than evil conquest. It was night time yet children still ran about, one in particular was named Paige, she ran to her best friend's house, Toan, the two had grown up as child-hood friends. Toan sat at the dinner table, where his mother and he were enjoying their late dinner. In came Paige.

"Hi, how are you today?" Before Toan or Renee could answer the question Paige blurted out "Toan it's already started! Come on lets go." Toan was a young boy no older than fifteen; he was soft spoken, quiet and brave. He wore an orange poncho, and rather large gloves. This was the pride of Norune Village.

"I told you should've hurried up."His mother, Renee scolded him.

"C'mon we're late; I'm a staff member this year so I have to go sorry…" She closed the door and ran off; Toan loving this annual tradition grabbed his bowl and downed it all. He was as eager as the next boy in town to go out and play. Toan grabbed his favorite green hat and ran off with all the others. Out in the village of Norune, village cultured music played, and a dance of their own with all the village's residents danced around a large fire, everyone. There was Macho and Komacho, they're brothers that obsess over fighting and exercising, one was short and somewhat chubby and the other was large and toned, ironically enough the shorter one was the big brother. Claude, the town's lazy fat guy, despite this he is a very nice man. The odd gaffer, was the town's merchant, he wore a large hat that covered his eyes. Pike was a fisher and Paige's father. The old Hag, she did fortunes for the villagers, genuine or not she was a nice old woman. Laura, mother to Gina, a little girl and a good friend to Toan. Alnet, was a great dancer, Carl is Alnet's little brother, a bright young boy, kind of a brat… who was also good friends with Toan. Toan looked on to the ceremonial dance and smiled. Little did the village of Norune know, there was an evil force peering at them in the dark sky in front of the two moons. It was the Dark Genie and Flagg in his hand. Flagg looked down at Norune and jeered at the Western civilization he hated so much.

"Look at the insects squirm about. Start there."He chuckled and gave the Genie a hand motion. Just as quickly as he commanded The Dark Genie fired a bolt of energy from his finger, and even went so far as to shoot from all of his limbs. The Dark Genie twirled in the sky and let out multiple bolts of purple energy to the village of Norune. He roared to his power. Toan looked around him, before he knew it his entire village was burning in a lake of fire with screams echoing everywhere. He turned his head to see Paige lying under a windmill that was about to collapse on her.
"Toan!" She screamed for his help. Toan ran as fast as his legs would let him. He had little time left so he dived to try and save her. Light appeared all around him, what had happened? Where was he? Was Paige alright? Suddenly it all went black…Toan was lying on an illuminated floor, he didn't know if he was alive or not.

"Hi there," Toan heard in the back of his mind. "Can you hear me?" Toan remained silent and still not knowing what the hell was talking to him. "Wake up!" the voice yelled, finally Toan pushed himself off the ground, he really didn't know what was going on, only the ground was visible all else was black. Then Toan realized that the voice was right in front of him, belonging to a small old man with a strange outfit. He also held a staff about the same height as him there was a blue orb at the top of the staff.

"Ah-hem. I am the Fairy King…" The voice was small and but also had the voice of a joking old man. Toan would have laughed at such a title if it had been a happier time; he remembered that he had witnessed his town was being bombarded by something…hours ago? "I am the entity that unites all the nature's spirits. Listen well young boy something terrible has happened." Toan looked down at the illuminating green floor; he tried saving his tears for later so as not to show them to this weird old 'Fairy King'. "Men blinded by greed have revived the "Dark Genie". This Dark Genie is terribly powerful. Its power is so great that it could destroy the entire world. You saw it…Your own village being destroyed right before your eyes. Not just your village in a flash, many villages and towns were destroyed…In one night half the world was annihilated." Toan looked back up the Fairy King and gasped, now he could remember attempting to save Paige, he closed his eyes in grieve. "It must be the men from the East, which performed the resurrection story." Toan really had no idea what this man was blabbering about, all he could think about was his friends and family being wiped out in a wink of an eye. "Probably thinking to use its black demon power for war, without realizing how frightening it is…It is darkness…Pure darkness itself. Long ago this so-called "Dark Genie" almost destroyed the entire world. Its malevolence is that great. The bad thing is that it has the same type of magical power as us, spirits." A fairy spirit king? Black demon power? Now Toan was angry, didn't this man know what he had been through all he wanted was to be left alone. Toan didn't care about this Dark Genie, he sounded to powerful and great to even come close to beating. Toan just wanted to die.
"Unfortunately we aren't as powerful enough to destroy it…Young man…I see that you have a strong will that could withstand the evil power." Toan was now very angry, now this fairy king was ordering him to basically save the world. "And also a clear, kind heart." Toan was about the give the old man a run for his money but out of the kindness in his heart he stopped himself. "You might be able to fight against the darkness it generates. I decided to stake our fate on you. Let me bless you with power,"

Suddenly the Fairy kind waved his staff, a flow of energy came right at Toan but landed on his glove. Toan looked at his left hand it see a blue gem, just like the one on the staff had been placed on his own hand. "There, surprised? That's called "Atlamillia"; it's a stone with a magical power." Toan still kept his eye on the blue gem now attached to his glove. "Oh, don't look that way, boy. I'll explain now. It might get to bright for your eyes for a moment." the Fairy King gestured his hands up and they both teleported.

Now in front of Toan was nothingness, well there was the bare grass and dirt floor to the area it was Norune Village, He had just seen his village burn to the ground yet everything had disappeared not even debris from the previous night. How peculiar Toan thought. How could all this be possible, the whole idea of a "Dark Genie" was insane and who ever made up the title "Fairy King" should be fed to the wolves. While Toan was thinking about how crazy this all was The Fairy King himself spoke "Do you know where this is? This is no simple empty lot. This was your village. But do not lose heart. As long as you have the stone, you can return it to its original form." What the hell? What was this guy talking about now? Toan looked back at his left hand in confusion. "You see, just before the village was destroyed by that Genie, I saved the buildings and people by sealing them into spheres called "Atla". It seems those Atla were scattered all around by its tremendous magic power. They were probably blown to different places around the world." Toan's eyes widened, there was hope yet for his people, but how was he supposed to save them? "It probably thinks everything is destroyed. You must restore the world before it realizes what happened. Absorb that which I sealed in Atla, using that Atlamillia, and bring them back. Then you will be able to restore the world to its original form. You may even be able to create the world even better than before." Toan looked back at the Atlamillia, could this little stone save the world? "Hmm, you don't understand what I'm saying…Well I'll teach you later once you acquire the Atla." Toan rubbed his green turban; this was sure a hefty responsibility for a boy his age. "So long."

The Fairy King became a gleam of light and went to the sky. Toan looked to the ground, two butterflies…They inspired him, Toan crouched and tried reaching for them, but they flew to the air, illuminating, always illuminating. Toan looked to the sky; he was mystified and felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders…

"Toan can you hear them? You should be able to hear them. Voices of the wind…Voices of the trees, Voices of the animals…And the voices of Earth. They are all calling for your help. Now Toan let your journey begin."