"It's amazing…" Xiao commented the aesthetics of the city called Queens, the beautiful seaside merchant town. Goro smugly lifted his head in the air and said

"Shouldn't we be doing more important things right now, rather than looking at this place?" Toan stood still mouth slightly agape shook his head escaping out of his stupor. He nodded at Goro's question; indeed he was right, they had to find the Moon Orb quickly so they could get the Moon Ship running. It was their only hope at stopping the Dark Genie…But where to begin?

Queens looked like no other town Toan had been in, the straight path that stood before him resembled a giant hall, except this hall had a river running through it, and had paths leading to other parts of the town. As Toan suspected the town was an empty lot, not one building, no person in sight, totally silent with the exception of the cool breeze. Toan could see off in the distance some torches burning, maybe there was someone here?

The burning torches led to an exit out of the town's main area, out to the sea where Toan could see several ships and a lone building. Plus…A person! He stood out observing the ocean waves standing as still as a tree.

Toan ran up to the mystery man in a green vest when the man turned around gasping in surprise. The man looked to be in his early 20s and wore a strange hat probably used to protect from the sunlight, who knew…He gestured his hand to Toan and started to speak to him in a calm manner.

"So there are other humans left other than myself. I'd thought I was the only one left on this whole wide world." This guy survived the Dark Genie? What the hell was the Fairy King thinking? He could have had this Queens guy or the scrawny Norune kid, great judgment fairies…Toan sarcastically thought. "Good to know there's someone, even though you are only a kid." Thanks a lot mystery man…He extended his right arm and Toan did the same, and shook hands.

"I'm Rando, I sell goods here in Queens, and you?" Toan opened his mouth ready to say his name when Xiao out of nowhere screamed

"Master!" to which Goro yelled

"Toan! Get the hell over here, how do you tame this thing?" Rando raised his eyebrow confused as ever

"You must be Toan." Rando put his arm to his side again and instead raised his left hand to his chin. "Say we don't have to stay out here talking, why don't you and your friends go over to my shop."

Toan rubbed his head in embarrassment at his allies making a fool out of him in front of him.

The team and Rando scurried into the small shop, Rando seemed very hospitable letting Toan, Xiao and Goro in his shop, even letting them all sit down and drink coffee, to which Goro was disgusted by. The team of allies started explaining what had happened to the world, the Dark Genie, the Atla and all, Rando just sat taking it all in with no objections or questions.

"So they brought that fat beast back to life?" Rando drank some of his coffee and slammed the mug on the table in anger "Fools! They must be from the East." What a sweeping generalization…Rando spoke in great contempt against the East "They are up to some madness again, those damn Easterners! Blood-sucking scum of the earth!" Toan, Xiao and Goro sat uncomfortably in the small room looking at Rando rage at the East.

"Even back then…" He said mystifyingly, then looked to the table and slammed both of fists on the table again. "Damn!" Toan sipped some of the coffee looking to Xiao and back to Goro seeing him they were as disturbed as he was. Rando lifted his head up and motioned his hand back up doing a complete 180 in emotions. "So what's the Moon Orb like that you're looking for?"

Toan, Xiao and Goro scooted out of their chairs watching Rando's movements to the window; Rando stared intensely at the sea from the window attempting to recall anything about this "Moon Orb".

"I see…Maybe it's lost in the undersea treasury." Rando said mysteriously almost as if he actually knew it was there "It's a Shipwreck at the bottom of the Queens Sea. "Most merchants in Queens use it as a warehouse." Rando turned to the three allies and put on a sad face "But its changed lately. Now there are monsters everywhere. That giant monster that attacked Queens must be the cause." This shipwreck sounded like the Divine Beast Cave, normally only bats and small creatures inhabited it, now stronger and bigger beasts did…"Today, it's so dangerous that we cannot even go to get our merchandise. Do you still want to go down there?" Toan never wanted to put himself in danger, but in this case, there really was no choice, either go down there and die trying or stay up here and die like a coward…Toan nodded smirking and brimming with confidence. Rando put on a smile and punched his palm as a sign of confidence as well.

"All right! I'll help you. Come follow me!" Rando led to team out to the docks where a submarine was visible above the ocean, the ship had a faded green color to it and looked shoddily put together. Toan and the gang marveled at its horridness as Rando started speaking cryptically

"Queens is a town of merchants and traders. Some items we handle are rare and expensive. Such items need special care and handling, the safest place to keep such items is of course under the sea…Its kind of a huge safe at the bottom of the sea. But you're wondering why that ship sank there aren't you?" Toan was still gazing at the ship and in his confusion he just nodded. Rando tuned away from Toan looking towards the sea once again closing his eyes.

"It was about 100 years ago, the Queen reigning over Queens passed away…And that is when the townspeople, who adored their queen, sunk her favorite ship along with her." What a funeral that must have been…"That's the wrecked ship at the bottom of the sea near Queens. When Queens was revived as a merchant town the ship started to serve as an undersea treasury. Rando crossed his arms and with slight annoyance in his voice he started again "Sounds a bit disrespectful. But merchants are practical. They make the best out of any situation." Sounds insane…Toan thought, why not have the treasury on land? What's the deal?

"Here is the ship that'll take you to the ship, I call it the turtle." That did not sound good at all… "It's all yours, it's only made for one person so…" Goro and Xiao were then sucked into Toan's Atlamillia "So you'll have to go alone…" Rando paused looking at the blue stone in astonishment, Toan shrugged; finally someone other than him was surprised at these mystical happenings. "I'll be at my store; you and your friends are welcome to stay there" Nice! "But if you want stuff I'll have to charge you." Lame! Rando then walked off to his shop with not a care in the world. Did he even care that the world was in chaos? Whatever, if the Shipwreck had the Moon Orb it was time to start looking!

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