Chapter 1 "Love: The first sight."

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The fading light of the day stretched over the earth as a small dark haired girl lounged in the dirt. Several things were odd about this girl, such as the royal countenance she bore which was a stark contrast to the dirty state of her form. Another was the never ending gaze she had turned towards the sky, and oddity itself as the girl was unable to see, the emerald green orbs that could have been replaced with a milky green.

An old man with a long white beard approached the blind young woman, who appeared to notice his presence though her blind eyes remained where they were, staring through the sky. "Toph Bei Fong, I am a messenger of the spirits, I am here to give you a gift."

"What kind of gift?" Toph asked apathetically not really caring how the old man knew her name or what he was doing. She sensed that he had no ill intention towards her and even if he did he wouldn't be able to act upon it as his bones were long past those sorts of youthful exertions.

"I am here to give you sight." The man said smiling at the generous gift the spirits of earth and sky had decided to bestow on the young girl.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna start doing ballet and singing love songs." The young earth-bender remarked rather unceremoniously.

The man unraveled a scroll "Go unto a lake tonight or any body of water, and bat and upon… I think they meant bathe actually… and upon to you, will be bestowed sig. Um… I think it's supposed to be sight. Sorry, the spirits suck at writing."

"So you want me to believe that spirits are gonna give me sight." Toph remarked as though considering it, though sarcasm was prevalent in her voice. "Wonderful, okay Numb-skull, go get lost." Toph said sitting up aggravated by the man.

"B-but, it's a limited time offer! Only good while supplies last! Act now and get a free pencil sharpener!" The man sputtered trying desperately to get Toph to act.

"I don't need a pencil sharpener, I don't even have a pencil, now get out of here before I earth-bend you into next week." The young girl said standing fully, and despite her small height, she struck an imposing figure.

The old man sighed, sorrowed by the girl's refusal "Alright… I suppose you can't miss what you've never had. I wish you the best of luck." The man said leaving the small clearing they had been standing in.


Finally, when night had fallen, Toph and her companions had set up camp. Toph started lounging sitting next to Appa, using the large white sky bison as a pillow of sorts while her sightless eyes looked through everything.

Katara, or Sweet Queen, as Toph called her affectionately approached the lounging girl "Toph… The others and I were talking about it… and… we kind of want you to bathe." Katara said slowly trying to be tactful.

"Why?" Toph asked shortly, not having anything clever to say at this point.

"Well… to be entirely honest, it's been too long. You smell like Appa… only worse." Katara said still trying to be gentle.

"Yeah? Well you smell like a loser, Sugar Queen." Toph remarked lamely, not having an actual remark ready.

"Toph, go bathe, or me and Aang will just water bend you clean, and I doubt you'd want that." Katara threatened not wanting to have an argument.

"Hmph, alright Mom, why not." Toph said angrily standing up and walking to where she sensed a small spring was.

"See? It's not so hard is it?" Katara remarked loudly ensuring that the blind girl would hear her.

When Toph arrived at the spring she angrily mumbled about how unfair this all was, just because she didn't bathe as often as the others didn't mean she was dirty. Certainly not so dirty that she needed to bathe. Slowly removing the clothes from her small form, the old man's words from earlier rang in her ears, she scoffed at the words as she lowered herself into the slightly warm spring.

Sudden, almost unbearable, pain surged through the young earth bender as the water made contact with her skin. Through instinct she attempted to remove herself from whatever horror this was, as the pain started to radiate throughout her entire form, causing excruciating agony regardless of if the body part in question was in the water or not.

Along with the pain, Toph heard the ear splitting scream of someone in terrible pain. Before her world went black, the young earth bender realized that it was her mouth which created the terrible screaming.

"BREATH!" Sokka's voice echoed out in her mind

"Snoozles, is that you?" Toph mumbled starting to come around, feeling something wet and slightly sticky on her face, almost as if she'd been crying sap. It was only after a few seconds of consciousness that she realized it was blood.

"Yeah Toph it's me. What happened?" The young water tribe boy's voice was full of worry.

Toph sat up slowly, her entire body feeling sore and tired, as though she had been doing many strenuous activities before slamming into a brick wall. "I… don't know… I went into the spring to bathe… and then… I felt pain… agonizing pain, then I blacked out." Toph explained.

Aang chimed in, Toph hadn't been paying much attention so she hadn't noticed him until now "So, the water?" he asked walking over and dipping his hand in it. "It's… just water Toph. I don't see how it could have hurt you like you say it did."

Toph opened her eyes, though she knew that it was the same as keeping her eyes closed, it was easier to keep them open then forcing them closed all the time. The instant her eyes opened however, she slammed them shut giving out a small cry.

"Toph are you okay?" Katara asked finally sounding incredibly worried.

"I don't know! I don't know!" She panicked opening her eyes slightly before shrieking in fear yet again.

"What's happening!" Aang asked Toph's tone scaring him a little.

Toph sighed in relief with her eyes shut tight "It goes away when I shut my eyes. It's like… I don't know how to describe it."

"So… it comes back when you open your eyes?" Sokka asked curiously.

"Well yeah Snoozles." Toph sighed slowly "I pretty much just said that." She was putting up a brave front even though she was terrified. She felt Sokka grip her face lightly.

"Toph… Open your eyes. Just trust me." He said quickly blocking off her protests.

She slowly opened her eyes and information flooded her brain.

"Toph… Your eyes aren't pale anymore. Do you… see?" Sokka asked realizing how ridiculous what he said sounded.

"See? Like… I don't know." Toph said witnessing the movement of what she assumed was Sokka's face in a somewhat dazed fashion. It was so odd 'seeing' as he put it. She wasn't sure she liked it.

"Okay um… do you see… are you noticing my face move?" Sokka asked using highly exaggerated movements to notify her of what his face was and movement. Toph found it oddly funny despite the fear that was still running through her veins.

"I think…" Toph said her eyes moving a bit, it was weird for her to notice everything moved, it startled her and her eyes snapped shut on their own accord once again.

"Toph, calm down okay, it's normal. What happened?" Sokka asked.

"Everything moved!" Toph said with a panicked tone as she clung to Sokka.

"Toph, can you still sense with your feet?" Katara suggested feeling bad for the young girl.

"Y-yes." Toph replied.

"Did anything really move?" The water bender questioned.

Toph was quiet for a second "No."

"You were just seeing something new okay? It happens when you..."

"I got it." Toph said a bit more roughly than she usually would have, despite her fear the young girl was starting to realize that this could be seen as a sign of weakness, something that couldn't exist for her. She shoved herself away from the object of her affection as she took a shaky step forward.

"Will you be alright?" Sokka asked genuinely worried at the sight of Toph's awkward stride.

"I'll be fine snoozles!" She shouted at him as she continued her slow walk.

"Maybe it'll help if you close your eyes?" He offered sheepishly.

"Shut… SHUT UP! I knew that." Toph said her sense of balance returning to her as she walked back towards their camp occasionally opening her eyes to witness the 'sight' as everyone was calling it.

The sensation was odd and foreign to the young girl, but she felt herself 'looking around' more and more as she approached the camp.

XXX XXXX Several Hours Later XXX XXXX

"Sokka… Sokka… SNOOZLES!" Toph whispered loudly shaking the young boy trying not to awaken the others.

"WHAT IS Imp! Tmph?" Sokka shouted but was quickly muffled by the strong petit hand that clamped itself over his mouth.

"Sokka… Can… can you talk for a bit?" Toph asked feeling vulnerable.

"Sure Toph. What time is it?" Sokka asked yawning.

"Sometime during the night. I don't know how to tell time." Toph said "I only know it's night because of the sounds and how cold it is." She explained.

"Oh well I'll show you a trick to tell time. You see that up there?" Sokka asked gesturing up at the moon.

"The little pebbles?" Toph asked likening the stars to her past experiences.

"No, the big boulder. That's the moon." Sokka said a little wistfully.

"The moon?" Toph sounded as though in awe, she looked down and then back up "It's nice."

"Yeah… she really is." Sokka said sounding sad "The moon is about… halfway through the sky… I could actually explain this better in the morning since the sun is easier to track… The big yellow ball in the sky during the day. Don't look at it though, it'll blind ya." Sokka laughed a bit at this information but quickly stopped at the glare Toph sent him.

He coughed quietly "You wanted something?"

"Yeah… what's… all this?" Toph asked gesturing towards her eyes "Everything I see… looks so…." She paused at a loss for words.

"Beautiful? It really is. Try to enjoy sight Toph, there's a lot you can do with it. Find something you like, and just look at it. The feeling, is called 'beauty'." Sokka explained "Though it may be a bit different for you considering your condition… not that you have a condition!" Sokka said trying to apologize turning towards Toph only for her to quickly turn away.

"Thanks… Snoozles. I'm going to sleep now. Good night. Thanks for showing me something beautiful." Toph said liking the word. She hadn't learned any visually descriptive words considering it a waste of her time.

"Really? What was it? The moon?" Sokka asked glancing up wondering if she had worked her magic yet again.

"No…" Toph said erecting an earth tent swiftly before whispering to herself "It was you."


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