Eli had left, Clare couldn't Believe it. All she could do is sit on the soaking wet poarch of Eli's house. All Clare wanted to do was scream

but she couldn't. She couldn't even cry, smile, or even move. She just sat there soaking wet, her body turning ice cold due to the horride

weather. She felt completely emotionless. As Clare's body started to go numb, she stared blankely into the rain and realized this is the greatest

love she will probably ever know. It was a love that she couldn't soon forget. After all you ever really forget your first love?

*Clares house several hours later:

It had been several hours snice Clare had left to say goodbye to Eli, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards were in the living room. Mr. Edwards was pacing

back and forth till the room wasn't visible. Mrs. Edwards was sitting on the couch biting her nails and calling her daughter till she heard the door

slam shut. "CLARE EDWARDS." her parents screamed as though Clare were deaf and trying to wake up the neighbor hood. "Clare where the

heck have you been young lady, your father and I have been worried sick?" Clare didn't respond she just continued up the stairs while her mom

continued to scream and yell at her. Her mom was appauled that her daughter was completely ignoring her as though she had no clue she was

there. "Clare I am talking to you, do yoiu have any idea what time it is?" Clare finally decided to answer her mother's annoying and raspy voice

and the questions that came along with it. "Sorry I didn't call." that was all Clare could bring herself to say. But she said those words with a

heavy heart and voice. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards noticed a sort of numbness about her. "Clare are you okay?" Her mother asked distan and

broken hearted daughter, with no idea of the pain that she is going through. But Clare didn't answer, she just proceeded to her room.

Clare curled up in her bed wishing desperately that Eli could hold her in his arms and make this horrble pain go away. She didn't sleep, she just

laid there wondering why her, wondering why God hated her so much.

*Week 1 gone by:

Clare hadn't eaten in a week, she only slept an hour a day, but even then when she tried to sleep she always envisioned Eli there. she always

saw her and Eli kissing and hugging. But even those dreams couldn't help her escape the heart break that she was feeling, so she didn't find

any reason to sleep. Clare had officially blocked everything and everyone around her out of her life. She hadn't even gone to school.

*1 Month gone by:

As the days went on Clare had pretty much became a mute to the world. She went day by and night by night hoping she would hear Eli's voice,

and hopping this was a horrible dream, a horrble dream she could soon wake up from. Mrs. Edwards knocked on her daughter's door hopping

she would just say something so that her mom and dad would know she was still alive. "Clare, sweetheart, can you please open the door?"

Clare didn't move or say a word, she just flipped her body away from the door. her mom finally was able to open the door. "Clare, honey, please

talk to me, and maybe... I don't know I can help." Mrs. Edwards sighed and was going to see if she could help bring her daughter back to her

old slef. "I know it can be hard loosing your first love, but that can't stop you from living your life." "Eli would want you to be happy." Clare rolled .
her eyes. "He's not dead mom, just 750 miles away." Mrs. Edwards smiled in relief, happy to hear her daughters beautiful voice again. "I didn't

mean it like that, I just meant he would want you to move on." "He would want you to be happy and live life to the fullest. Her mom started to

up, knowing how unhappy her daughter had become. She wished with all her heart that a hug would make her feel better like when she was

six. But the truth is, she is no longer six years old. She was a beautiful 17 year old with a crushed and broken heart. And nothing she could do

or say coul make her feel any better. "Clare i saw the way he looked at you, he loved you so much that he would die for you." "You definitely lit

up when you were with him." Her mom was crying so hard now to the point where she couldn't speak any more. She had never seen her

daughter so distorted from anything before, it just broke her heart into pieces. And for the first time in months Clare gave her mom a hug and

tears poored from her eyes. "I just miss him so much, I dont know how to be me without him." "It just hurts so much, all I wanna do is to be able

to see his face and to hear his voice." Clare hadn't spoken in months and so to be able to tell her mom about this, and the fact her mom

wanted to listen to her, it just made her feel so much closer to her mom.