Okay so here is my 4th story. Hope you all like it. There was someone who said I stole their idea. That is not true. I got this story from two things. First off my BFF has a half brother. She barely met him and she thought he was cute. So I thought about forbidden love. But since their half brothers that's kind of wrong if they got (cough-cough) busy =P. so I put step brother. And the second thing that inspired this story is a story I read. It's called The Forbidden Fruit.

So (anonymous) I did not steal your story.

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Oh and this story will go back and forth. Some chapters will be in the past others in the present. Have you guys ever read Holes? It's like that book. Hope you guys don't get confused.


"Clare!" I screamed as I ran down the stair case. My hands were balled into fist as I searched for the little culprit.

"What do you want Eli?" she called from the living room. I walked to the couch and stood in front of the TV blocking the view.

"Hey," she whined "You're in the way."

I reached out and snatched the control from her hand and turned the TV off. Her eyes went wide as her face turned an angry red. "Eli, what the fuck?"

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. She jumped to her feet and tried to steal away the remote but I held it high above our heads.

"Eli." She whined as she jumped up and down her hands stretched out for the control.

"Don't 'Eli" me" I sneered "You little brat told mom and dad about Emma didn't you?"

She stopped and looked up at my face. "Emma?"

"Don't play dumb." I spit out "They told me you snitched."

She placed her hand on her heart and smiled. "I don't snitch, I speak the truth."

I narrowed my eyes. "So do I. So I'm saying the truth when I say you're going to regret it."

She saw the truth behind my words and her eyes widened in terror. She sprinted for her room upstairs and ran as fast as she could. I chased after her right behind her heels. "Eli," she screamed behind her shoulder "Please stop. I'm sorry. But you're not supposed to let girls into your room when mom isn't here."

"Snitch!" I screamed before I tackled her to the floor. She squirmed beneath me but my grip only tightened. "Why did you have to tell on me brat?"

"Because she was a slut." She screamed back at me.

I narrowed my eyes. "Wait until mother finds out you called a girl a slut. You're going to be busted."

She turned pale and gapped her mouth at me. "She wouldn't believe you."

I raised an eyebrow and smirked. "She wouldn't?"

She bit her bottom lip and licked her lips. "What can I do?"

"Tell mom and dad you lied."

She shook her head and my grip got stronger causing her wrist pain. "Ouch!" she yelped. She struggled again but failed to get out of my trap. "Okay, okay." She caved. I smiled evilly and raised an eyebrow.

"But they won't believe me. They'll know you forced me."

I rolled my eyes. "Convince them."

She sighed. "Fine." She said between clenched teeth. I smiled triumphantly and released my grip on her. I jumped to my feet as she sat up on the floor. "But she's still a slut." She murmured as she rubbed her wrist.

My smile vanished and I yanked her to her feet. "Hey." She cried out.

"She is not a slut. You are just jealous that you can't get a boyfriend and she can. You're just a dateless, inexperienced, immature, and undeveloped brat." I spat out. Her eyes turned red and they filled with tears. Her bottom lip trembled as she bit it down.

"And you're an asshole." She cried out as tears spilled behind her glasses. She ran upstairs and slammed her door hard.

Maybe I was too harsh.

2 years ago: Wedding

"Hello best man." Adam hollered as he jumped on my back.

I rolled my eyes as I turned to meet my best friend, Adam. "This isn't exactly a cheerful moment."

He chuckled as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked around. "No one seemed to have gotten the memo."

I looked around the room. He was right. People were laughing and dancing all around. Children were running and playing as their parents danced and waltzed on the dance floor. None of them seemed to be aware that only three months ago, my mother abandoned me and my father for a younger man.

I sighed in defeat. "I know. They act as if this wedding is a good thing."

Adams eyebrows pulled together as he became confused. "Isn't it?"

I shook my head. "My dad is only marrying her because he is trying to get over my mother. He doesn't love her and she sure as hell doesn't love him."

He frowned at the last part. "You don't know that."

"I don't?" I pointed to my head. "Think about it. Her husband cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. My dad is a rebound."

Adam sighed heavily. He was tired of hearing me rant again and again over the same thing. We had this conversation since the day my father told me about Helen.

"She seems nice and it looks as if she really does love your dad"

"She is," I agreed "But she thinks she loves my dad. But they're both heartbroken and pretty much desperate enough to fall in love with anybody."

"Your dad knows what he's doing."

"He thinks he does but he doesn't." I argued. "He loved my mom…" I stopped as a lump formed in my throat.

Adam saw the pain in my eyes from the topic of my mother. He placed his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it soothingly. "Helens daughter is hurt too you know."

I frowned. "Well yeah, her dad got his secretary pregnant, which is so cliché if you ask me."

"Is she cute?" he quirked an eyebrow.

"The secretary?"


I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped my lips. "That is funny."

"Is she ugly?"

I shook my head. "She's a little girl."

"She's two years younger than us." He added

"Have you seen her?"

He shook his head and I rolled my eyes. My eyes scanned the crowded hall. Finally they landed on a pair of blue eyes. "Adam," my head jerked to the girl's direction. Adam looked over at that direction and looked the girl up and down.

"She's…cute." He frowned as he searched for the word.

I sighed and looked at Clare. Her brown straight hair was slicked back in a tight ponytail. She wore a blue dress that reached to her ankles with black flats. Her black thick glasses made her small face look even smaller as her braces gave her an all time pout.

'She's nerdy." I corrected

Adam smacked my shoulder. "No she's just…" he thought for a minute as I held back my laughter. "…underdeveloped."

I burst into a laughing rage. Tears swelled in my eyes as I bent over, clutching my stomach. People turned and gave me weird looks as Adam smiled faintly. "She sure as hell," I choked out "is underdeveloped."

"Eli," he hissed as he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back of the hall as I continued laughing.

"What? She is."

He shook his head at me. "Give her a few years. She won't be undeveloped then."

I raised an eyebrow and pressed my lips together. Does this fool believe that shit? "I highly doubt that."

"Who knows one day Clare Edwards may be the hottest thing out there."

"Oh please." I scoffed. "Like that will ever happen."


Text Message: Dad

It's Clare first day at college today. Make sure she finds all her classes. Don't let her get into trouble. Watch out for her Eli, I mean it. She is after all your little sister.

I rolled my eyes. First off dad, she is not so little. She is all grown up. Second, I highly doubt she'll get into A LOT of trouble on her first day. And third, she is not my sister. Because if she was I will go to hell for all the thoughts I have about her.

I sighed and I grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder.

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