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"What the hell is going in?" Helen shrieked. Her usually pale face was red with embarrassment and furry at the position she caught us in. I could feel Clare's body shrinking into me, desperately trying to separate herself even further away from her enraged mother. Behind Helen footsteps could be heard running up the stairs. I swallowed nervously and scrambled to cover Clare's nude body with the sheets that were at our feet.

Jake's tall figure appeared at the doorway. His brown eyes widened at the sight and his body began shaking uncontrollably. It looked as if his body was about to give in any minute and he would fall to the floor. "Clare?" He choked out

I dared to steal a glance at Clare and pain shot through my chest as I saw tears pool in her eyes. "Oh Jake." She whispered. Clare lamely attempted to settle her body into a more decent position, but the only result she received was the blanket following over her shoulder and exposing half her breast to the shocked audience. Helen let out a shriek while Jake's eyes widened as he gawked at the exposed piece of flesh. I tossed my leg over Clare's waist and desperately attempted to keep her beautiful body out of view by exposing myself instead.

Helen let out an ear splitting scream and covered her eyes with her palms. Jake looked like he was about to vomit as his skin took a sick looking green and he sprinted out of the room. Helen followed suit and the room was once again empty. I slowly removed myself from Clare and walked over to the door, shutting it close and actually locking it.

"Oh shit." Clare muttered.

I turned to her and smiled sadly. "It'll be okay baby."

"No it won't." She slammed her fist into her face and I flinched.

"Don't do that." I grabbed her hand held it down. "Don't hurt yourself. Ever."

"Why?" she questioned me. Her blood shot eyes staring right into mine. "Who would even care? My mom? My dad? They hate me!"

"But I don't!" I screamed. Clare's sobs stopped and I felt the need to continue. "I would never hate you. I love you. And whatever happens after this, that won't change. I will continue loving you. If you chose Jake over me, I will still love you. If you never speak to me again, it won't change my feeling for you."

She threw her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my lips. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I felt her hand curl around my hair and gently pull. I struggled with her as our tongues battled. Her teeth bit on my lip almost drawing blood. After a while I had to pull away.

"Clare." I breathed.

"Oh Eli. I love you." She rested her forehead against mine. "I always did. Ever since the day I saw you. But you just saw me as a nerdy little girl who was now your sister. But…I knew this would happen. And when you left for collage, I was so hurt that I…got with Jake but it was never serious. And we quickly broke up but…he never fathomed the idea that I broke it off for good. So he was delusional. But we weren't together when we got together."

I smiled. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that." I pulled away from her and grabbed the little box in my pocket.

"Clare, will you do me the honor," I opened the lid and her eyes widened as she clamped her hand over her mouth. "Of marrying your brother."


"And the handsome man met the beautiful girl at the wedding of dear old Helen. Where the sweet Helen introduced the two people and they instantly fell in love."

"And that my children, is how I met your mother."

Their eyes widened. "Wow. So grandma Helen set you two up?"

"That's right." I smirked down at them. From the corner of my eyes I saw Clare roll her eyes.

"Now go out and play." I patted Evans head as he grabbed his sister's hand and they raced outside.

"Liar." Clare joked at me playfully

"What did you expect for me to tell them, 'hey I fell in love with my sister'? They would think its right for them to do it. And I would be very conflicted."

She quirked an eyebrow, "How so?"

"Well I always imagined I would hate my daughter's boyfriend and would want to beat the daylights out of him, but if it's my son how would I hate him?"

She rolled her eyes. "Well you missed some parts."

"Like?" Clare slowly walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, bringing my face closer to hers.

"Where we made mad crazy love to each other and when you almost killed Jake after he called me a dirty slut."

"That is a story for when they are older. Like when they are fifty."

She chuckled before she crashed her lips to mine. "Oh shut up."

Brotherly Love

wow...well not how I imagined it.