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Snake clicked the mouse again and another picture came onto the screen. A beautiful diamond glittered from the light of the camera's flash, its light dancing in the screen image. Snake growled at the headline of the news article attached to the picture.

Emperor Diamond Destroyed!

The Emperor Diamond, long thought to poses the power to turn anyone who touches it immortal, has met with a terrible fate today. After nearly fifty years without so much as a mention of the whereabouts of the elusive gem, it suddenly reappeared three days ago in the Hokkaido National Art Museum, though how it got there is still a mystery. Shocked at their good fortune, members of the museum staff, without the consent of local official who were doing an investigation into the diamond's sudden appearance, decided to hold a party with the Emperor Diamond as the main attraction. Plans for the party were put on hold however when yesterday a note announcing the theft of the diamond arrived from the notorious phantom thief Kaitou Kid. After much debate the police decided to let the party continue on schedule.

The heist took place at 12:00AM of May 3rd (today). This reporter was there and at first it progressed as any Kid heist. Just as the gem was being revealed the curator noticed a note attached to front of the gem from Kid proclaiming that he already had the precious gem and that, by the time anybody read this, he was already miles away. This, of course, caused a bit of an uproar (mostly from the head of the Kaitou Kid task force, Ginzo Nakamori) as the officers put in charge of protecting the diamond demanded to see the note and that an expert be called at once to check the authenticity on the gem currently in the museum's possession.

Suddenly, from somewhere behind me, came the sounds of gunfire. Many of the guests fled out of the exits, but this reporter ran toward the sound of the gun shots to try and figure out what was going on. Rounding the corner and dashing into the Empyreal Room of the museum I was met with a disturbing sight. In the room were only two people; famous high school detective Kudo Shinichi and family friend of Nakamori, Kuroba Kaito. This by itself would not have been disturbing if not for Kuroba-kun lying on the floor clutching his chest. Kuroba-kun's head was lying in Kudo-kun's lap as the detective was trying to examine the former's wound. Beside both boys were the destroyed pieces of the Emperor Diamond.

According to the testimony from both boys they had anticipated Kid's escape path and had gone to the Empyreal Room to head him off when they had run into a robber taking advantage of the heist. Seeing both boys the robber became spooked and fired a shot that hit Kuroba-kun in the chest, after which he fled. Kudo-kun, thinking of putting pressure on the wound right away, had gather his fallen companion in his lap and had been prepared to put pressure on the wound to stop any bleeding when the shards of the now shattered emerald fell out of Kuroba-kun's shirt. Apparently Kaitou Kid had slipped the gem into Kuroba-kun's breast pocket earlier that day to make police think that he had already left the scene so they would go on a wild goose chase so that he could retrieve it later under the pretense of accidentally bumping into the high schooler. If the thief hadn't used Kuroba-kun as a vassal for his heist, then this reporter would not be writing about the destruction of the gem only, but of murder as well.

So comes the demise of one of Japan's oldest and mysterious treasures. As we speak, the police, in conjecture with the Japanese government, are searching for the, as of yet, unidentified shooter that not only accosted two high school students, but is responsible for the destruction of such a significant piece of Japanese history.

Snake growled again as he reached the end of the article. God damn that god forsaken Kid! If it hadn't been for that bastard thief then he would have gotten rid of both those kids and gone after the gem instead of blowing it to smithereens. Shaking his head in disgust he moved onto the next page.

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Because of that Kid his only hope of rebuilding the organization was now just useless shards of glass.

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If only he could get rid of that blasted menace once and for all. If he could just find a way to finally break the neck of that irritating dove that seemed to constantly slip through his fingers.

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Not that Snake hadn't tried many times before. Ever since the thief had betrayed then and set about trying to destroy Pandora, Snake had been put in charge of not only finding the gem, but killing Kid as well. At first there were many failed attempts to kill the thief as he always seemed one step ahead of the organization. Then came the day, eight years ago, when Snake had finally clipped the white bird's wings. Snake had immediately been promoted within the ranks of the organization and was made head of the Pandora expedition.


Now Kid was back again, and he brought help. Little by little he and that high school brat Kudo Shinichi, who Gin had failed to kill, began digging their claws into the organization as ripping it apart from the inside. Before any of the organization members knew what was happening the entire ring had been brought down around them.

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Snake growled again. If he had his way he would not only kill Kid, but Kudo as well. However, since the fall of the organization the security around the detective had increased considerably to protect him and others from any loose organization members that hadn't been arrested. Snake didn't want to risk getting caught just to finish off a detective who, if hurt, would probably have the entire state on Japan on his back. No. For now he would just go after the thief. No one would think twice about a missing criminal.


Snake, who had been going through all the information he had gather on Kid up till this point, stopped when he noticed the television in the background, which was on, playing footage from the latest Kid heist. Snake blinked at the screen. Why was Kid still around? Surely he would have disappeared after Pandora was destroyed. So why was he there on screen holding a pair of black pearl earrings? Snake reached over and turned up the volume.

Kid was currently dancing around Nakamori's head, dangling the earrings in front of the inspector's face and laughing happily. Snake had to force himself not to grind his teeth. Suddenly a hand reached out and snatched one of Kids prizes away. The thief turned around to see Kudo's deadpanned face looking at him as though he were a bad child who needed to have his toys taken away, Kid's smile grew larger.

They began to talk to each other and though Snake couldn't hear what they were saying to each other (the footage was obviously taken on a camera phone as the picture quality was poor as well) he could tell by their facial expressions that the detective was obviously scolding the thief while holding the earring out of the latter's reach and the thief in turn was chuckling and trying to retrieve his lost prize. Suddenly Kid stopped reaching for the earring and put his hands behind his back. His grin turned malicious as he began talking with the detective again with a face that could only be described as one who is trying to feign innocence.

Kudo's eyes grew weary of the thief. Out of nowhere Kid suddenly leaned forward and placed a kiss on the detective's cheek. The detective, and many others, was stunned into inaction just long enough for Kid to grab his trophy and disappear into a cloud of smoke.

Whatever happened next, Snake paid no attention to. A smirk was beginning to form on his lips. Perhaps he could get his wish after all. He just needed to make a few calls. Grabbing the telephone Snake quickly dialed a number he had used many times before.

" 'ello?" a gruff, sleep filled voice answered

"It's me."

"Snake? What the hell man do you have any idea what time it is?" the man on the other end snapped angrily

"I've got a job for you."

The man on the other end was quiet for a while, but when he spoke again it was with a more a awake and excited tone, "What do you need."

Snake smiled menacingly, "What do you know about Kudo Shinichi?"