"Are you sure you should be out so soon?"

Kaito opened his eyes and gazed out at the salted velvet sky, the wind gently whipping his cape around him as a slow smile ghosted over his lips. "Why, are you worried about me Tantei-kun?"

Shinichi snorted and stepped up beside him, "Well I just don't want you getting yourself caught before I do now do I?" for a second he was quiet and contented himself to stare out at the lights of Tokyo, then he swallowed, "How are you doing by the way?"

Kaito turned to face the detective who was trying to cover up his slight blush by scratching his cheek. For an instant his gloved hand went to his leg and pressed on the scar through his cloths. He quickly hid the movement, but from the way the detective stopped to look at him, he was sure he had seen it. His smile faded a little at the look on the other's face and he sighed, "It still hurts sometimes, but it was worth it to make sure you were safe."

The blush on the detective's face deepened as his eyes suddenly found the gravel on the roof very interesting. "I appreciate that, but is it really a good idea to be out then if you are still healing?"

"Well," the thief turned to fully face his rival, "the doctor said I needed to give it exercise if I wanted it to get my strength back right?"

Shinichi rolled his eyes, "I don't think jumping off of building and running from the police is what she meant." He chose to ignore the slight giggle, but he turned his eyes a little when a red rose suddenly appeared in his field of vision. Gently taking the rose, Shinichi brought it to his face and smelled it as the thief used his now free hand to take the detective's. Bowing slightly Kaito placed his lips on the soft skin of the slightly pale hand.

"Thank you." His voice was drowned out a little by a sudden commotion coming from the direction of the stairs. "I may not have been able to protect you, but you certainly protected me and for that I am eternally grateful." Straightening up again he smiled, "Tell the little she-devil of a doctor of mine that I thank her as well." With that, the door to the roof burst open, Kaitou turned his back on the ledge, saluted the men, and then fell backward into the night.

Nakamori rushed to the ledge where the thief had vanished and started shouted angrily at the retreating hang glider. Whether his men noticed the other detective slipping through the door and down the stairs into the hotel or they just didn't want their boss to suffer an aneurism with more yelling, Shinichi couldn't tell, whatever the case he was glad he made it into the lobby without incident.

Slipping the rose up his sleeve he rejoined Ran and the others.

As he approached, a certain not child caught his attention and raised her eyebrow. He pretended not to notice her as he walked by, but a tiny knowing glint in her eyes made him shudder slightly and unconsciously twitched his fingers closer to the red, velvet petals.

Kaito quickly covered the pain in his leg as he slipped into his bedroom window. Silently he began undressing stopping only once, as per his ritual, to look at the angry, red scar. Tantei-kun had been right about the overexertion, if the swelling was any indication, he was pushing himself too hard.

Carefully slipping on some flannel bottoms Kaito maneuvered himself into bed. For a long time he laid there and thought of nothing but the pain in his leg and the certain brown haired, blue eyed detective who had pulled off the greatest heist in the world. He wondered for a moment if Shinichi understood the meaning and significance of flowers and their color. He sighed and forced himself to stop that train of thought by letting his eyes scan the room in an attempt to relax his mind enough to let him sleep. As his eyes landed on the floor he noticed something sticking out of the pocket of his pants.

He blinked. Had he put that there? Reaching slowly, so as not to disturb his leg, he stretched out from the bed, grabbed the leg of his pants, and pulled them toward him. The closer he brought the garment the surer he got that the piece of paper hadn't been there before, and slipping it out and open in cemented that theory. It was a single piece of paper, folded twice and taped together with a single piece of tape. Kaito couldn't keep the chuckle from escaping his throat.

"Looks like I'm becoming a bad influence."

Carefully slitting the tape and opening the letter the jovial smile fell from his face only to be replaced with a smaller, sadder smile. Even though he had gotten into bed he had very little hope of actually getting to sleep. His mind kept wondering back to that day almost a month ago when he had too… He smacked his forehead to rid his mind of the thoughts before turning his attention back to letter. He read the words again and again as though they were a light staving off the darkness that threatened the corners on his mind.

A sudden idea made its way into his mind.

Forcing his already aching body out of his bed he pulled on a shirt. His leg throbbed painfully as he began to hobble downstairs and toward the front door. It took a lot more effort than normal to get his shoes on but when he did he felt a small sense of pride. Taking the keys out of the bowl on the shoe rack and slipping them into pocket before walking out the door and locking it behind him.

It was nearly 4AM when the bell sounded on Shinichi's door. Closing the book he was reading with a knowing sigh he got up and made sure to fluff the pillows he had set up before making his way to the front hall. Opening the door he had just enough time to brace himself as the boy's leg gave out and he fell into the detective's arms.

"You know I meant for you to give me a phone call or something, not to push yourself until your leg gave out." Kaito just clung to him to busy gasping to be able to talk. Shinichi sighed and concentrated on half dragging, half carrying the thief to the couch. Settling him onto the pillows he then quickly ran into the kitchen to get a bag of ice. Returning to the invalid now occupying his couch, Shinichi carefully situated the ice around said invalid's now completely swollen leg before sitting back on his coffee table.

He watched as Kaito settled himself with a contented moan. Haggard blue eyes then turned to look at him and a soft smile graced his lips, "I know what you meant and you know what you meant, and yet you have all this set up for me anyway." He gave a soft chuckle. "You know me better than I thought Shinichi." He added solemnly.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Kaito shook his head and settled further into the covers.

"If it's okay with you, I just want to rest a while."

Shinichi nodded, "I'll be here if you need me." He waited until the wounded boy's eyes closed and then he waited a few more to make sure he was asleep. Rising slowly from the table he covered Kaito with the blanket he had draped over the arm of the couch. He then slipped into the couch bed he had set up across from Kaito's, but he knew he wouldn't sleep.

Kaito was still wounded in more ways than one, if the bags under the boy's eyes were any indication. So Shinichi would be there when he would inevitable woke up from a nightmare or from the pain and he would comfort the thief that had given up a piece of himself to protect him.

Shinichi let his eyes flutter close. It was no kiss, but it was the least Shinichi could do to show his thanks.

And maybe, just maybe one day they would finally be free from the pain and scars left by the organization.