Latvia was nervous. He was most of the time, but never like this. He stared at his bag. Then at his fellow Baltics. Would Russia get mad at them if he left? Latvia hated to see what happened when Russia got angry. Russia took out his anger on Lithuania. As a result, Lithuania was scarred for life.

Latvia felt bad for Estonia and Lithuania. They were treated horribly. Then again, so was he. He could still remember the time Russia had tried to make him taller….

Which reminded him of why he wanted to run away in the first place.

'Can I do this?' he thought. I don't know…..

It wasn't like he could run to another country and take shelter there. Then, Russia would find him. And fast. Latvia had to just live constantly running, never staying in one place. He could never come back to this section of Europe again.

Latvia was still debating. Should he run away? Or stay with the evil Russia? Latvia looked back at his bed, which was carefully made. There was a note inside the pillow case. It explained that he had run away. He couldn't even tear it up, because Russia would see it and punish him.

Latvia took one long look at his comrades. He had made up his mind.

"Good-bye, friends," he whispered softly. Then he opened the window and ran out into the dark night. The moon didn't even shine. It was hidden under a cloud of darkness as well.

Estonia was quickly preparing tea for Russia when Lithuania came in.

"Hey, Estonia," he said. "Have you seen Latvia?" Estonia looked up.

"No, I haven't," he replied. "Do you think Russia has him?"

"No, I didn't hear any noise," Lithuania said slowly.

"What could have happened to him, then?" Estonia asked, concerned. Before Lithuania could answer, their favorite (NOT!) country came in.

"Ah! Hello, Mr. Russia! How are you this morning?" Lithuania asked quickly.

Russia looked at Lithuania. "Hello. I am well," he responded cheerfully. "I didn't wake up to find Belarus staring at me for once." He then looked at the two Baltics. "Where is Latvia?"

"That's a-act-actually w-w-what we were try-trying to figure out," Estonia responded nervously.

"Da? He's not still sleeping?" Russia asked.

"N-n-no, M-Mr. Russia. H-h-his bed w-was m-made," Lithuania stuttered.

"Go search his bed. Now!" Russia barked. Both Lithuania and Estonia jumped, then went to the bedroom that the three of them had shared. Estonia searched around the room in general, while Lithuania searched his bed.

"Find anything yet?" Estonia questioned. When he didn't get a response, he turned around and saw Lithuania staring blankly at a piece of paper.

"Look," he said bleakly.

Dear Eduard and Toris, (the names they sometimes went by)

Don't worry about me. I've run away. I can't take Ivan anymore. He scares me so much. I left last night. It's better this way. I have become a runaway. Eventually everyone will forget about me. Good-bye.

Your Friend,


P.S. I hope Ivan doesn't take out his anger on you.

P.P.S. Tell Peter I said good-bye.

"What are we going to tell Russia?" Lithuania questioned.

"Tell me what?" an angry voice demanded.


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