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We're saved. Germany and Liechtenstein have managed to find us. The only problem is the chains.

"I have an idea," Liechtenstein says, taking out a bobby-pin from her pocket. "Switzerland taught me how to pick locks with them."

"You might as well try it," Germany tells her. After sticking it into the lock space, she fiddles with it, and the chain pops open. She quickly frees us from the chains, and we both stand up.

"Thanks so much for finding us and rescuing us," I say gratefully.

"Yeah, it's too bad you're not escaping," a voice says coldly behind us. I jump, and Prussia hits his own brother with a black, metal object. Liechtenstein screams, and then Prussia laughs cruelly, and quickly goes to her as his next target. I look for something, and end up grabbing the chain. Taking it, I slam it against his head, knocking him out.

Liechtenstein, with a nervous laugh, says, "Thanks. We're even now?" I nod, and she laughs again.

"We just have one small problem. What are we going to with these two?" Estonia asks.

"Hold on; let me call my brother," Liechtenstein says to us. "I think he may be worried about me."

"Hello?" Switzerland answered.

"Switzerland, it's Liechtenstein. We found the two Baltics, but then Prussia came in and attacked Germany. Luckily Lithuania hit him in the head with the chain, but now both Prussia and Germany are unconscious," she rattled.

"That little – Okay, I'm coming to get you now. I had a party of people near Germany's house just in case anything happened," he tells her.


A few minutes later, Switzerland, America, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Italy and England had arrived. They came down through the window like Germany had, and Switzerland quickly handcuffed Prussia. England and Sweden got Germany out of the cellar and into his own bed.

Poland ran over to me and gave me a hug. "Liet, I was, like, so worried about you!"

We all left the cellar after, and went back to the World Meeting.

Now, a lot of things happened after this, so let me just shorten it for you.

-Prussia was arrested and sentenced to two months in jail.

-Germany quickly recovered from being hit on the head.

-All the countries now had a respect for Liechtenstein and what she had done.

-Latvia was released.

-All the countries apologized to Latvia profusely.

-For the moment, everything was back to normal. But come on, this is Hetalia, so how long can normal last? :)

What happens after all of this is the more important part.


All the countries have left the World Meeting, leaving Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia alone. Since Russia so kindly left without them, they decide to walk home. As they walk, all of them see the sunset, which is a flow of pink, red and orange.

"Latvia, you never actually got to tell us why you ran away in the first place," Estonia remembers.

"Well…. for a moment, if just a moment… I wanted to forget about everything and just…. runaway," Latvia says.

Lithuania and Estonia chew this last statement over, and Latvia asks the next question.

"Lithuania, how did you find out where we were, and why did you try and let me get away, even if it meant that you would be captured?" he asks.

Lithuania grins. "Prussia is a pretty easy person to follow, did you know that? Anyway, I let you go free because we're fellow countries. I can't just turn my back on you."

"We're all Baltics, so we all have to look out for each other," Estonia adds.

"Just like when you went to the rest of the world, even knowing it would give yourself away," Lithuania remarks.

"I had to, I was really worried about you guys," Latvia explained.

"But still, look what happened. They didn't believe you, and you must have known there was that possibility, but yet you still went and told them," Estonia says. "Even while Prussia was there."

"Oh no! You just reminded me! Russia's going to kill me!" Latvia squeaked, trembling.

"Didn't we just say we had each other's backs?" Estonia asks.

"If he tries to get anywhere near you, he'll have to go through us first," Lithuania said.

The trio walked on into the glorious light of the sunset, and knew that they would be able to face anything Russia through at them. Together.

And that, my friends, is the end.

Happy ending, no?

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