I know this probably isn't going to ever happen but I was sort of struck with the teasers for the next episode. And the Noah/Lauren story line, as awesome as I think it is, went a little different. Who didn't love those briefs Mark was wearing? =D Damn guitar!

Spin the Bottle Is Not for Everyone

Kurt watched, holding his breath, as Rachael kissed Blaine. And then Blaine was kissing Rachael. And they were KISSING.

'Okay!' he tried to be the overly cheerful drunk, 'I think we've seen enough!'

But Rachael and Blaine didn't move and they were practically in Kurt's lap and he couldn't decide if he should vomit or cry. He tried to scramble away but drunken wobbly Rachael lost her balance and fell into drunk and wobbly Blaine and the pair fell on Kurt.

They didn't seem to want to part.

Kurt closed his eyes and shoved the pair away.

Not again! Not again! Not again! He chanted to himself as he scrambled away.

Everyone was silent as they watched the pair and Kurt couldn't stop the tears as he watched his Blaine kiss someone who wasn't him.

'I thought he was gay?' Finn whispered to Sam, who glared at Finn, as Quinn smacked him.

Suddenly someone was hoisting Kurt to his feet and several someone's were yelling at Blaine and Rachael and Kurt was being led away.

All Kurt could hear was a strange whooshing sound.

Strong arms came around him and he let whoever it was comfort him as he finally just sobbed into the strong chest.

Eventually Kurt pulled himself away from the comfort he didn't want to leave to find himself with Puck and the chick from the wrestling team?

'What?' he asked, clearly not having any idea what was going on.

Puck chuckled as Lauren, that's what her name was, glared at him.

'Don't be a jerk,' she stated and Puck sobered.

'When did I enter the Twilight Zone, because I think I would have noticed the sign,' Kurt stated, clearly not liking not knowing what was going on.

'Blaine's a jerk,' Puck announced.

Suddenly Kurt seemed to realize just who he'd cried on, 'why the hell were you singing to me?' he asked, glaring at Puck, who blushed, causing Lauren to laugh.

'Because my mum used to sing to me to help me calm down,' he replied, as sheepishly as Puck could be.

'I take it you and that Blaine kid are dating?' Lauren asked.

'Were dating,' Kurt corrected her.

'Were dating?' Puck echoed, causing Kurt to glare and Lauren to sigh in relief.

'Thank the stars for small miracles, because you are all this jerk talks about!' she stated.

Kurt stared at Lauren like she'd lost her marbles before turning a questioning gaze to Puck who looked like he wanted to be swallowed by a sand worm or a graboid, or maybe just the floor, it would work too.

'What is she talking about?' Kurt asked, still looking at Puck with an unreadable expression.

'For a while Puckerman wanted into my pants, so we became friendly and then one night we had sex and while it was amazing,' Puck puffed up at that, 'we discovered that we were much better friends,' she explained. 'And now all he can talk about is you. He saw you somewhere and something about you caused him to actually stop and look at you and he just started to natter on about you all the time.'

Puck stared at Lauren in horror as she stood and excused herself.

With a finger pointing at the door Kurt could only ask, 'did she just say "natter"?'

Puck nodded, hiding his face in his hands.

Kurt pulled Puck's hands from his face, 'thank you for saving me out there, Noah,' he offered with a small smile.

Puck pulled the countertenor into his arms, 'anytime, Princess.'

'Look, I know that Blaine doesn't even know you've broken up with him,' Puck started only to stop as something crashed and yelling started.

'He might now,' Kurt stated dryly.

'But if you ever want to hang out or go to the movies or just talk, you can call me, okay?' Puck offered.

Kurt studied the jock for a moment, and he realized that this wasn't the same boy who had tormented him for so long, he smiled softly.

'I think I'd like that, Noah,' he gave the taller teen a soft smile, before kissing the corner of his mouth.