Really? Who Needs Spin The Bottle...

'Are you done yet?' Puck asked in irritation as he draped himself over the edge of the pool. Because really, he wanted to be enjoying this pool with his boyfriend, not floating around while said boyfriend read.

Really, who did that?

'What?' Kurt suddenly blurted, staring at the book with something akin to furious horror. He suddenly growled at the 550+ page tome in his hands before he flung it at the pool. Luckily Puck was in its trajectory so he managed to catch it before it ended up in the pool.

'Stupid Jace and Clary and it's so wrong, but it shouldn't work at all but it friggin does, even if Alec is with Magnus and stupid cliff-hanger...'

Ah, that's what had Kurt all rant-y.

Kurt had stood and began to pace.

Puck watched in silent amusement for a moment before he snagged the other boy and pulled him into what he hoped was a calming kiss.

Kurt glared weakly at Puck, who tossed the book to safety.

'You can't just kiss away... that!' he blurted, with a weak glare at the offending book.

Puck raised an eyebrow, 'that sounds like a challenge,' he grinned. He did like those.

'Well it wasn't,' Kurt stated, pulling away from Puck.

Puck hauled himself out of the pool, and wrapped himself around Kurt, 'what's wrong?' something was bothering Kurt, and it had nothing to do with the book.

'Nothing,' Kurt replied, a little too quickly.

Puck cupped Kurt's face gently, making the slighter boy look him in the eye, 'I know something is wrong. I can't fix it if you don't tell me.'

Kurt blushed and tried to look away from Puck, but the bigger boy wouldn't let him, so he mumbled something against his chest.

'I didn't quite catch that, Kitten,' Puck smirked.

'I'm scared okay, we're hardly ever alone and when we are, we grope and kiss and stuff and it's nice but I want to do more with you, but I've never done anything, and you've done all kinds of stuff, and I'm terrified that if I don't put out soon, you're going to leave, and I can't lose you,' Kurt admitted, trying to keep his tears at bay and his shame hidden away.

'Look at me, please,' Puck pleaded, trying gently to get Kurt to look at him again.

'I'm not going anywhere, no matter how long it takes. It's you and me against this crazy messed up world, alright. I got your back, just like you got mine and nothing is going to change that. Especially the fact that we don't have sex. I want this to work because we work together, not because we have great sex, because that would just be a bonus. I'm completely and irrevocably in love with you Kurt, I can wait forever for you.'

Kurt had tears glistening in his eyes, and Puck wasn't sure if they were the good kind or the bad kind. He gently brushed them away with his thumb, and then Kurt attacked.

'I love you,' he whispered, before he tried to devour Puck's lips.

Puck held Kurt tightly, relishing the feeling of the other solid body against his.

Apparently they were the good kind.


A week later found Puck, Kurt and everyone else in Rachel's basement again.

Some of the Dalton boys had gotten a keg. Puck was mildly impressed that they had it in them.

Kurt still had his Breezer in hand as he danced and sang with Brittany and Mercedes, as Puck lounged on the couch, still working on his first beer.

Someone who wasn't Rachel had suggested spin the bottle again.

Mercedes and Brittany abandoned a still dancing Kurt, who rolled his eyes, for the game.

Kurt didn't seem to care; he was in his own world.

'You boys aren't going to join us?' Santana asked, trying to leer at Puck, only succeeding in giving him a crazed look that, quite honestly, frightened him a little.

'Nah,' Puck drank in the sight of Kurt, who was slowly unbuttoning his shirt, 'I got all my entertainment right here,' using his bottle to point to a now drink free Kurt, his bottle having somehow vanished.

Kurt gave Puck a sultry look that was all pouty lips and hooded eyes, Puck almost came in his pants right then. He straddled Puck and settled himself in his lap.

No, Puck and Kurt didn't need Spin the Bottle. Not when they had a couch like the one they were on.

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