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Chapter 17: Support


From: Rachel

To: Charles

Subject: Marcia gave lines to Dave!

Charles, is your friend Mark still around, or is he in college already? I forget if he was a senior last year when we did "Our Town" at MTG.

He was so great as the narrator, and at coaching us.

The reason I'm asking is because Dave Karofsky was given lines at rehearsal tonight, after you left.

Marcia was all about "utilizing our potential" when she was giving notes tonight, which you missed when you skipped out early, lucky.

Dave was complaining to me that he didn't want to take over that part at the last minute, until I told him I had an old friend who is awesome as an acting coach.

Remember how Mark helped you and me in that scene we had with -oh goodness what was his name? I can't believe I forget! Mark's boyfriend, what was his name? I'm so sorry. Anyway, the three of us were transformed by his coaching then!

If Mark's still around, can you ask him if he'd be willing to meet with Dave?

Thank you so much!

See you soon.

Hugs and kisses,


Dave felt set up. He had agreed to meet with this old friend of Rachel's because it was only about a week and a half until "Funny Girl" opened, and he had to build up his confidence to walk out in that scene and say his lines, even though it was only two lines, and a grand total of 7 words. Stupid lines. He was having fun being a part of this production until he had to start figuring out how to handle these lines. So he met with Mark. But once Mark casually dropped a comment about his "boyfriend at the time," he realized that Rachel might have been trying to help him get over that Jordan guy turning out to be an idiot rather than trying to help him with his acting. The girl was actually trying to set him up on a date!

Then again, maybe she wasn't thinking that at all. Mark had only talked about acting the entire time they were having burgers at the diner so far, and he had watched the last half of rehearsal tonight, and Charles and he had chatted with Mark afterward all about the show and acting. No other subject had come up all night. Rachel wasn't even at tonight's rehearsal. So maybe she was only thinking about Mark's abilities at acting and coaching others. Well… damn. Wait, what? Why would he think "damn?" Oh, no. He couldn't be feeling disappointed thinking it wasn't a set-up?

Alright, so Mark was one of those guys who knows the right thing to say all the time, and knows how to act all sophisticated and kind of like the ideal man when needed but then can just kick back and be a cool guy and wolf down a burger and a shake with you, and look really good doing it… damn.

"Did Charles say that you're a theatre major?" Dave took the leap to be the first to ask anything personal.

"Not yet, it's only my freshman year, I haven't decided. I might go into psychology, with a theatre minor. But I'm hoping to transfer to University of Miami at Ohio."

"Oh wow, that's one of the schools I'm applying to."

"You're a senior?"

And so the conversation sticking to only acting and tonight's rehearsal and Dave's lines was over. The rest was about, well, everything and nothing.

Dave hardly remembered any of the rest of what they said the moment after they said anything, because his mind was buzzing with how he was going to find a way to ask this guy out. He was a year older, and he'd had boyfriends before or at least one for sure, and he was here to help him out with his acting as a favor… how was he going to do this? And why did the guy have to keep brushing those dark chestnut bangs off his forehead like that? They were so askew to start with, it was like they had a life of their own, trying to get Dave's hands on them or something, and every time Mark ran his fingers through them like that it made it even more sexy… there he goes again, those fingers, that hair, does he even know what it's doing to me? Is he doing it on purpose?

"Let me get this," Dave started, when the waitress dropped off the bill, but Mark grabbed the bill out of his hand. Dave couldn't finish his sentence because of the fingers sliding along his to take the bill from him. Was that intentional? It's a big slip of paper, he could have grabbed it anywhere, he didn't have to touch me to get it.

"Don't be silly. This was fun. You don't need to pay for mine."

Dave tried again as soon as he got his voice back. "Seriously Mark, Rachel asked you to help me with those lines, and this has been a huge help. The least I can do is get this."

"Tell you what," Mark said into his eyes and then quickly looked back at the bill, "If you rock at those lines next week, you can get the next one."

Whoa. Next one. Maybe he just means as friends. I don't know. That look on his face, like he's nervous about what he just said. I don't know. Oh, damn, I wish I knew. All Dave could get out was a little chuckle and "Alright. Fair enough."

In the parking lot behind the strip of shops and restaurants, they remembered that they had found parking spots in opposite directions earlier, so they paused to say goodbye.

"Well thank you for this. It really was a big help."

Mark kept his eyes everywhere but on Dave. "Yeah, not a problem. It was… my pleasure." He managed to get his eyes to dart up for a quick peek at Dave's.

OK, so Dave definitely recognized this from the girls he'd asked out in the past. This was his chance. He took a step just a tiny bit closer, just enough to get Mark's attention to look back up at him, and then as soon as he had his eyes, "Can I thank you with maybe another dinner sometime, or, like… a movie?" That should make it pretty obvious, he figured.

It worked. Mark looked away again, but developed a big smile, and there would probably be a blush visible too if he had any less of a rugged olive-skinned complexion. "Yeah, ok. I'd like that."

Oh, WOW! Dave's brain was flying away with him and he tried to rein himself in. Cool. OK… cool. Good. Just be cool and set a date. "So… I'll call you tomorrow and we can set it up?"

"Yeah." Mark looked up into his eyes again, finally. "Talk to you then, Dave."

Dave smiled, and was about to turn around to walk to his car, when Mark suddenly kissed him on the cheek and then quickly turned to head to his car.

Dave headed for his car and resisted the urge to turn back and watch him walk away, wondering why that one peck on the cheek felt like so much more than all the kissing with Jordan, and more than anything he'd ever done with any girl.

His car was further down than he remembered, since the lot had been so full when they had arrived earlier.

"Hey! Faggot!"

The yell came from too nearby. Dave turned toward the sound, and the ones who'd yelled it were definitely not high school boys. And they definitely were not smaller than Dave.

Karofsky has a habit he can't even remember when it started, of automatically seeing in his head how he would fight someone in any situation if he had to. He felt in the space of one split second that he had let his guard down and left himself vulnerable and Mark with him. Stupid!

His mind clicked through scenarios and countermoves, but the only outcome he could see was that there was no hope.

He looked toward Mark's end of the parking lot, and saw his car pulling out into the traffic. Good.

Puck was leaning against Santana's locker trying to exude as nonchalant and cool a look and attitude as possible while she only met him with a cold, hard stare completely masking the fact that of course he looked mad sexy to her there, and she merely told him, "Move Yourself Off the Locker. I have class."

As he began to do as he was told, but with an I know you want me smirk on his face, he saw Karofsky walk past looking like he had a slight limp maybe, and thought it was odd that he had a bruise on the side of his forehead.

It was morning, before their first classes, and he had seen Karofsky leave lacrosse practice yesterday afternoon unscathed by any stray lacrosse sticks or those occasional random rocks on the edges of the field that were the bane of their existence in the early spring on that stupid practice field.

He finished peeling himself off the locker quite quickly once he saw that limp, and turned to follow Karofsky as he passed. "Dave, yo. Hey. Karofsky! Wait up."

It took a while in the empty gym for Puck to push past all of Dave's denials and brush-offs and find out that Dave was actually trying to get away with not telling anyone what happened and just letting it pass. He actually was planning to just heal on his own and call it a sports injury. It took another long time for Puck to talk him into letting him take him to the hospital just to be on the safe side and get his ankle looked at.

He finally convinced him by bringing up the fact that coach Beiste would personally make his life hell if he missed a week of practice because he didn't get a possible busted ankle looked at.

Dave hadn't told him why the dudes had jumped him, and Puck could tell there was something else going on that was way beyond him, so he sent a quick text to Finn from the waiting room.

Rachel was the first to show up at the hospital instead of math class. "I got your text, Noah. Where is he?"

"What? He's in getting an x-ray. I didn't text you."

"I saw Finn's text, same thing, whatever."

Puck sat back and gave her a look like she's crazy, but shook his head with a light chuckle. For all her brass, this girl had more heart than anyone he knew.

"When was he beat up, Noah? And where was he?"

"I didn't say he was beat up. I only texted Finn that he got in a fight with some dudes and hurt his ankle. He scared THEM off, by the way. That's what he did to his ankle."

"Where, Noah! When?"

"I don't know. I think he only said 'downtown' or something. It was yesterday."

"Well do you at least know if it was before or after dark?"

"I don't know... Yeah I think it was definitely night. Why?"

She was on her phone to Kurt before the end of his sentence.

When Karofsky walked out wearing an ankle brace, he was greeted by four members of his football and lacrosse teams including Finn and Puck. The other guys were two of his usual partners in bullying the halls, and he felt a quick pang of... something... maybe anxiety, regret, fear, guilt, who knows. It was just uncomfortable. He shook that feeling aside and buried it as much as he could and allowed a couple of shoulder punches and all that from the guys. "I'm fine man, I'm fine. None of you had to come out."

Mike and Artie came into the waiting room at that point and Mike demanded, "What happened, where is he?"

Behind them were Quinn, Mercedes and Tina.

It was something about the way Karofsky was looking at the other people instead of them, and maybe the fact that they were so outnumbered, but the two bullies started to fade back, letting themselves be crowded out further from Dave.

Mercedes and Tina were both talking at once, admonishing him for getting into a fight and asking him what happened without giving him the chance to respond, and lecturing him some more about not fighting, and saving it for the lacrosse field.

This was all a bit too much for the two jocks, who left and came back with a cup of coffee and handed it to Karofsky. He took it and mumbled a thanks, then they chucked him on the shoulder saying they'd head back to class and asking if he's ready to come with them. He told them he had to wait for the nurse with his insurance paperwork, but to go on ahead, he was fine.

The jocks felt weird here for some reason, like it should be them driving him back to school instead of Puck, and what were all these choir geeks doing here tagging along with Finn and Puck and Mike like they can't do anything without hanging off of their athlete friends or something. But they noticed Dave looked like he'd rather talk to all of them right now, which just kind of freaked them out so they left.

As he saw them steaming through the revolving doors, and was sorting through his head for answers to all the questions suddenly springing forth from all the New Directions members at once, he strangely felt... more like one of them than one of those jocks. It felt kind of... right.

He brought his head down into his hands and sat down in one of the chairs. Rachel followed right next to him and put her hand on his knee. "Tell me, Dave. Were you with Mark when this happened?"

Dave's head shot up to look at her in shock and in the next second realized of course she knew that he was going to the diner with Mark last night. But it was the implication that she was guessing something else that got him. His eyes darted along the tile patterns on the floor and wall trying to think of a way out of this subject. When he couldn't think of any, he felt as trapped as he had last night when he saw he had no way to overpower or get away from those guys, and his head went back into his hands trying to stop the dumb tears from forming.

Blaine asked Rachel, "Who's Mark?" Everyone but Dave looked over to see that Kurt and Blaine had just walked up to them.

"He's a friend of Charles I set him up with. I MEAN," she quickly caught herself and tried to backtrack, "he's an old friend who's a really good acting coach, and he was helping David last night with his role in Funny Girl."

Finn said to Karofsky, "You're doing community theatre?" and Quinn punched him to shut up.

Blaine asked, "Is Mark OK?"

Dave sat up now, like he was resigned to tackling the subject finally. "He was already driving off when they came out of nowhere. It's good, because he didn't deserve this."

Kurt stepped up to Dave and got down to his level to put his hands on his shoulders so that he'd have his attention. "Dave. YOU did not deserve this."

Dave leaned back in the chair with his arms crossed and shook his head in a way that meant you're wrong, I'm right.

"Dave," was all Kurt said. It was all he could think of. Dave's eyes went to Blaine who merely nodded to him and looked at the floor before looking back up and right into his eyes, and that is what caused him to break down. As he quickly looked up to see that the two jocks were gone and it was only New Directions in the waiting room, he tried to mask the tear from one of his eyes by pretending like he was just reaching for his aching head, but Kurt wouldn't allow that and he pulled him in for a hug.

He couldn't believe this. Kurt shouldn't even forgive him for what he did to him for years, let alone stick up for him now. "I did nothing but hurt you for two years. I threw you in the dumpster. I shoved you, I... was always so angry at you... I..." His sobs stopped him from speaking further.

Kurt sat in the chair next to him, but kept a hand on his shoulder. "Dave. What they did was so much worse."

Karofsky only shook his head in his hands. Then he practically whispered, "They didn't do anything."

Blaine spoke up, "They shouldn't have even been there. They shouldn't have even approached you, let alone fight you."

Able to notice that this really wasn't the big deal to Karofsky, that he was used to getting into fights, and that part was not what was bothering him, Kurt continued. "As much as you did hurt me, you're coming to terms with why you acted that way and you've been trying to make up for it. You're the last person I'd want to see victimized by some homophobic violent bastards."

Now some of the others who hadn't realized that part of this began to catch on. Tina and Mercedes looked at each other wide-eyed, and then went over and both hugged Dave together. Quinn followed suit, and the guys all put hands on him. He pulled his head out of his hands and hugged the girls back.

"I threw Slushies at all of you. I was such an a$$#^)* to you."

"That doesn't mean you deserve to have something like this happen," Mercedes said, adding, "Those guys had no business touching you, and you should go to the police."

Dave just nodded.

Blaine sat next to Kurt, holding his hand, and Dave looked to both of them as Kurt told him, "Dave, you're a good guy. You had trouble in the past and you're getting beyond it. We want to support you. We all do."

The fact that Dave couldn't stop tears from falling at this point got him another hug from Kurt. And Dave's life was irreversibly changed. It was the first time he felt that he might have true courage inside himself waiting to come out.

Santana and Brittany wouldn't hear about Dave until the next day, since they had skipped school together.

After Puck had followed Karofsky down the hall, Santana had turned around to walk off to class, and there was Brittany.

"Did you send me a moon the other night?" Brittany's question was so strange that all Santana could do was cup her hands around the girl's face and ask back, "Why are you so adorable?"

While Brittany was pondering that question and coming up with valid answers to it, (good genes, it's the way I tilt my head when I say things, etc.) Santana took her hand and pulled her out to her car. Once they were making out in the car, Santana figured why not just start the car and go on over to Brittany's house?

And that is how they ended up back in bed together after their long recent hiatus, with Brittany getting all philosophical about it again afterward rather than just enjoying some more cuddles.

"You know how you say that this isn't cheating, because the plumbing's different?" Brittany asked, sitting on the opposite side of the bed, pulling on her shirt.

Santana finished adjusting hers too, replying, "mm hmm."

"Well… I don't know. It feels like cheating. I mean, like… especially today. Today definitely felt like cheating. Maybe the plumbing's different, but the feelings aren't. Mine, anyway. But it definitely feels like something today… like, the way you're looking at me and stuff…"

Santana took a huge breath, and then turned to face Brittany. She looked into her eyes, and then faltered… and looked back down at nothing. But then she got up and walked over to lean down in front of Britt at the side of the bed, so she was face-to-face. She took a moment to build up her courage and steady her voice, and said, "It's different today because today I know I love you, Britt. So it probably was cheating today. I'm sorry."

"Oh my god, we totally just cheated on Artie, then, because… I guess I love you more than Artie. Or I don't know. It's different. It's like, I love him for who he is and how he is and how he makes me feel, but I love you for no reason at all."


"I have no reasons. It's like I don't need to figure out why. You're my whole world. It's just all the love there is, and that's all."

"Oh, my god, Brittany… come here." And they cheated again. But Brittany is as good with people as she is with random math, so she eventually worked things out with Artie who was not heartbroken as he came to realize that this was another high school relationship with someone he truly admires and loves in a way but not in that until-the-end-of-time kind of feeling of love along the lines of what Santana and Brittany were feeling about each other. He'd be fine. And so would they.

When Kurt and Blaine got back to Dalton from the hospital, it was only half way through the school day. It would be right about the middle of the biology class they had together, and they decided walking in now would just be weird. So they enjoyed a little time together basking in the Spring sunshine in the empty gardens before heading back in to their next class.

Blaine chose a tree and plopped down in front of it, leaned against it, and gestured for Kurt to join him. Kurt gave him a you've got to be kidding me look.

"On my lap, silly."

Still looking at him with mock-distrust, Kurt relented and carefully settled into his lap. "Are you sure I'm not too heavy?"

"You're fine. It's comfy." Blaine breathed in the scent of Kurt's hair and settled his face into his neck. "I'd never let anything happen to you, Kurt."

He knew he meant that in terms of keeping him safely on his lap away from the ground and all, but it made Kurt lose his breath for a second.

"You're thinking about Dave, aren't you?" Blaine asked, holding him tighter.

"He was the only one who could protect me from him when I was back at McKinley, you know?"

Blaine considered this for a minute, nuzzling his nose against Kurt's neck and cheek a bit. "How is that?"

"The guys all said they'd protect me in the halls, watch out for him, form a perimeter around me at all times, it was so ridiculous. But in the end, the only thing that could ever prevent him from harming me anymore was him, coming to terms with himself."

"Those guys who picked a fight with him… is that what you're thinking? That there will always be someone else out there?"

"No, I wasn't. Now I am, thanks! And Blaine, they didn't just pick a fight with him. You know what he told me before we left?" Blaine ran his cheek along Kurt's jaw as a way of asking "what?" Kurt continued, "He said they yelled out 'Faggot' and he had to show them he was a stronger and a dirtier fighter than they were in order to get them to leave, otherwise they would have actually beat him. Just for being gay. He said he really didn't want to fight people anymore, but I say it's lucky he had that background in this particular case. I was actually thinking good. Sick the old Karofsky on their asses and let them feel some pain. I hoped that he hurt them all before they ran off. But I wish I didn't think that way."

"It's alright. You can be mad for awhile. There's nothing wrong with feeling that. You'll get over it, and then you'll probably come up with some stunning way to change everyone's hearts in some amazing way. That's the way you are."

"Where did you come from? Seriously. Blaine, I don't know what I'd do without you."

"You'd be on the grass right now without me…"

"No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't be anywhere near grass right now!"

Laughing, Blaine pulled him in even tighter and kissed him hugely on the cheek. "Well I'm always going to do my best to be here for you. And really Kurt, I will never let anything happen to you."

"Or my pants?" Now it was Kurt laughing.

"Hey! I'll never make you sit in the grass. I know it would bug you all day even if you confirmed yourself in a mirror that nothing at all had stained your impeccable clothing."

"How does it not bother you? You're sitting right in the grass, and with my extra weight on you and everything."

"It'll be fine. I swear, nothing can stain or even show up on this stupid polyester fabric."

"Ugh. Stupid polyester is right. I can't wait to get out of these things."

Three things flashed through Blaine's mind in rapid succession. 1. Does he mean every day after school, or some day soon he won't need to wear them anymore because he'll leave Dalton? 2. I can't wait to get him out of those things. 3. I should not have thought that. Dammit Blaine, be a damn gentleman.

Kurt leaned back slightly, so Blaine moved his feet back picking up his knees, until Kurt was leaning back against him like a lounge chair. Their arms were intertwined around Kurt's waist, Blaine's fingers caressing and Kurt letting out a big sigh. That was enough to set Blaine's lips free all along that silky neck and rough jawline and up to nip at sensitive earlobes. In this position, Kurt was trapped with no way to move away from the surprise attack, not that his thoughts were on anything other than staying happily trapped right here. He did try to turn and join in with a counter-attack, but Blaine held him fast, forcing him to stay still, unable to do anything but take the attentions of his lips and tongue and gently scraping teeth. Finally it was way too much for Kurt and he ripped himself free and straddled Blaine, not caring that his knees were in the grass now. He had to have those lips. He had to penetrate that mouth. He had to feel Blaine's tongue on his and mess that damn perfect hair up until it was thoroughly raked-through and redesigned by Kurt's lusty and talented fingers.

His hair always looked a lot better whenever Kurt gave him his lovey-make-overs in these kinds of situations. But usually he didn't have to walk right back into school afterward, and he worried about what people might think he was up to. Well… they would think he was up to exactly what he was up to. Taking full advantage of sweet innocent Kurt. He should stop this. He should get Kurt's poor knees up off the grass. He's gonna hate himself when he feels the grassy moisture from the ground on those knees any second now. Oh man, but his hands in my hair, and his lips, and I just have to drink him in a little bit more, and he's letting my hand roam up his back under his shirt oh my… g… "Kurt…" oh… I shouldn't be doing this, but his skin is so soft, and his muscles… just… I have to… feel… a little more…

Kurt tried to say Blaine's name but he could only whimper as he sought to kiss him deeper than he'd ever even thought about before. There was something about this moment, the way Blaine had gasped his name, and the way Blaine's face looked when he couldn't even open his eyes or stop moving his lips with Kurt's or stop feeling Kurt's back, and oh Gaga, he was caressing down toward his belt, oh don't stop…

His hands balled up in Blaine's hair, Kurt let out a moan as Blaine's hips rose upwards as though of their own accord, and then Blaine suddenly seemed to take himself under control and turned it into a repositioning so that he was helping Kurt up off the grass, and back onto his lap again, holding Kurt's hips in a much more steadying fashion than anything else, bringing their kisses down to a more sane pace and then reaching up to hold his cheek and brush his thumb along one of Kurt's beautiful eyebrows with one last slow and tender kiss.

With a huge shuttering sigh, he whispered into Kurt's ear, making him shiver from the brush of his breath, "I guess we should get in to class soon…"

Even though they still had at least 20 minutes, Kurt only said, "OK…" and smoothed Blaine's jacket out along his chest and then tried to fix his hair for him, to the best results he could manage between dapper and obviously-just-ravished.

He may have stopped himself just in time, and it may be killing him to hold back as long as it takes, but as Blaine gazed up at his boyfriend's adorable attempts to smooth out his happily messed up hair, all he could think was that he was the luckiest guy in the world to have such a problem as this.

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