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The sight of them together brings an intense wave of nausea. Every time they kiss she longs to pull out every strand of her hair in a desperate cry for his attention.

"Here I am!" she wants to cry. "Here I am! Why can't you see me?"

Yet, she stands there frigid as an icicle, sipping her caffeine with the elegance of Princess Diana. She makes a face, signaling to the Lyon that it's time to disperse. With her troops behind her, the militant leader takes command, tossing a longing glance in his direction as he pulls away from the secret competition. He doesn't notice, but every time he leaves, she counts the number of steps he takes. It takes three for him to fade away, it takes three for him to walk away, oblivious to her burning affection.

She examines every word for clues to his dying affection for Claire Lyons. Was it something in the way he said I love you? Maybe today would be the day they'd call it quits for good. Alas, the two remain a strong unit, determined to fight their troubles and work their way to the bliss of a happy relationship. She silently stews at their joy. Every single laugh causes her legs to quiver. Her knees shake at the thought of their lips brushing against each other. When she envisions their skin touching, she excuses herself.

To her, they were never meant to be. Although she granted her permission, she never accepted their bond, which lately seemed bound together by super glue. In her mind, it was her he wanted. He didn't want the Lyon, he couldn't possibly want the Lyon. Didn't he realize every breath she took was one for him? Didn't he realize it was her who was the better choice? And though she acted calm and serene about the idea of losing him, inside she boiled with rage. She was desperate to express her feelings.

Still, she stood there, sipping her caffeine with the elegance of Princess Diana.