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Alice's Parents dies leaving a new born for the seventeen year old to take care of, she's scared that the social services will take her Sister from her. So she claims her as her own, and runs.

How will Alice support this infant if she's on the run from the social service?"

And will Bella come and save the two before Alice get sucked into the street life.

Read and find out.


Chapter 1

"Alice, you are needed in the principle office" my teacher overly loud voice rang through the class room, who could that be? I just talked to Mom not that long ago, could it be the baby?

She just gave birth last week, she might be sick?

Rushing to gather my things, I ran from the classroom to the office, when I got there; I saw so many people there with sad looks and tears.

Oh No!

"Alice" the front desk woman says with sadness thick in her voice, I felt my heart get heavy as the principle came over to me and grab my hand.

"Alice have a seat" I glared at him and snatched my hand from his.

"No, I'm find standing up…what's going on" I looked at them as no one spoke and it was irritating me to the fullest, something happen and they were being assholes.

"Well?" I yelled as the police officer I didn't know was even in the room stood up, he walked over to me and took his hat off.

"There been an accident involving your Parents" I felt my hands shaking.

"They died as a semi truck hit them in the middle of a intersection while turning, I am so sorry for your loses" he bowed his head as I felt my whole chest just cave, and everything started to get dizzy.

"Alice!" all that ran through my mind before I passed out was…..

Cathy….my one week old sister.


When I finally came back around, I quickly jumped up from the table I was currently laying on and saw my coat; I needed to get out here.

"Alice your awake" I school nurse said as I ignored her and finished putting my coat on, I needed to get to the baby sitter before the news leaked out about our parents.


I felt the tears well but, I quickly wished them away, I needed to be strong and focus for my sister.

"Where do you think your going?" she asked as I pushed pass her as she yelled after me. But I ran as fast my legs could take me, I needed to get to her and save her from being put in the system. I finally got to my car and I took sixty all the way their, when I arrived; I saw a police car already parked out their and my heart dropped.

I was too late.

"No" I choked with tears as I frantically pulled the seat belt from around and got out, running across the street, I burst into the daycare as a older woman with gray hair and blues eyes stopped me.

"Sorry miss but, are you an Mother?" she asked as I quickly opened my mouth not really thinking about my words before they spilled out.

"Yes, I have a week old here and I'm a little hesitant…..I got to the corner but I couldn't do it, can you go and see if she's awake or not?" I asked as the older woman smiled warmly.

"Awe….I remember those scary days of leaving your new born, it's very hard and I really do understand, I'll go and get her for you. What's her name and what's your phone number" after I gave her the information, I sat down nervous as hell.

I really hope I wasn't too late.

Ten minutes, fucking ten minutes until I saw her cut the corner with Cathy in her hands, my whole body relax in a heap as a smile across my face.

"Here she's is, such a gorgeous little girl you have" I smiled and took Cathy from her and pulled her to my chest as tears finally fell from my eyes.

"Thank you" I said to the woman as she smiled and gave me that diaper bag.

"No problem, I suggest you wait on daycare" I quickly left and was so happy that Mom had left the spare car seat in my car after dinner last week. When I got her strapped in and ready to go, I got in and started the car.

"It's just you and me now kid" my voice broke as I drove away, I arrived at the house and quickly grabbed her from the car, we made our way into the house. It still smelled like the apple pie that Mom was cooking for dinner today, I saw Dad's coffee cup still sitting on the counter with cold coffee still in it. They must of have been in a rush to get out of here as I quickly ran upstairs with Cathy and started to gather all the clothes from her dresser and closet. I took her out of the baby seat and laid her down in her bed and finished packing all her things up.

It was five o'clock when I finally finished packing everything for us; I raided the cabinets and refrigerator, after everything was packed and put by the door. I quickly ran back up stairs to get her ready when suddenly I heard the door bell ring.


I quickly put her in her seat as; she fussed and started to cry.

"Shh Cathy" I said as she quieted down, I rushed down stairs and into Dad's office where he keep all his important things, I knew he had a safe in here but he never let me into it though ;but I did know the password. Putting the password in, the safe popped open and I grabbed everything that was in there and stuffed it in her baby bag. The person started to pound on the door and I heard a familiar voice come through.

"Alice! I know you're in there open the door!" I heard my best friend Angela yelled, at this point I couldn't trust anyone but myself and I had to get Cathy out of here. I slid down the wall and pulled Cathy to me and waited for Angela to get tired and leave so I can start packing the things in the car. While sitting here, I could feel the pain trying to creep inside my chest as the tears started to well.

Renee and Charlie

My Mother and Father was dead…gone forever.

I manage to fall asleep, I woke up and notice that it was already seven and I knew that it was time to go. I quickly heated up a bottle and fed her, her brown eyes shining back at me as I fed her, this was my third time really holding her since she was born. I was so scared that I was going to drop her, so I stayed away.

"I'm so sorry baby girl" I let my tears fall to her blanket as she closed her small hand and reopened it.

"I will protect you from any evil" I whispered, it wasn't me anymore…..I had duties as a woman to care for this child and protect her from anything that was a treat.

I could feel my mothering instincts bursting through and engulfing my body as I watched her finished her bottle. Quickly burping her as she fell back to sleep, I pack everything in the car and finally got in and looked at the house that I was raised in for seventeen years.

"Goodbye Mother, Father" I started the car and press down on the gas, as I flew down the street…

Five months later….

"Alice you need to get your ass out there now and make my damn money!" his booming voice had scared Cathy awake as I watched her face scrunched up as her cry bounced off the walls. I quickly picked her up as she wailed louder.

"Here give her to me and get ready, we don't need his ass coming in here scaring her even more" Evian said taking my crying five months old from my arms.

"Thank you Evian, if it wasn't for you and the other girls I don't know what I would do" I said as she smiled and cooed at the baby in her arms.

"I don't want to think about that, get ready and please don't pissed James off today, I don't want to be up all night nursing you back to health…..last time you scared the shit out me" I walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

"I'm sorry, I won't piss him off but, I can't promise not to come back with bruises" I told her and bend down to kiss Cathy on he forehead as she smiled and reached up to touch my cheek.

"Mommy will be back baby love, be good for Evian will you" she answered me in some type baby language that I couldn't comprehend.

"Be carful Alice" Evian looked at me serious as I smiled at sadly.

"I will" grabbing my long black jacket, I gave them a smile and walked out the room. I saw all the girls was already in lone and ready. I quickly walked up and got in line as James walked out with Victoria hanging off his arm like a parasite.

"You know the rules, now go out there and make my money" he said smiling as Victoria laughed, she was the worse bitch this earth had every seen, this bitch was heartless to the core. I still remember when I came here in desperation. We were running out of money and Cathy was running out of food and clothes, I could steal for so long and I didn't want to risk myself and getting arrested trying to steal diapers from a liquor store.

So I settled for a brothel that was not far from the hotel we were currently living out of since we ran off, my Father only had a couple of hundreds that was in the safe and that was quickly spent on Cathy and her food and clothes. I didn't really care if I didn't eat or had clothes…all that mattered to me was my child being feed and clothed.

When I entered the brothel, it was very clean and professional when you came in but, when I got to the back where all the girls were living…

It was a zoo; without handlers.

Dirt was everywhere, girls everywhere….it was not what I want my Sister to be introduced to but I had to do what I had to. After James and I talked for what seems like hours, he finally cracked and let me work for him, he didn't like that I had a child but, he knew that I would make a fortune for him.

And that day Alice Swan was turned into a well known prostitute named ….Ginger.

I was so scared, but Evian one of the oldest girls here had took me under her wing and taught everything she knew. I was a virgin, so I knew that would bring in a enormous amount of money, James was like a kid in a candy store when bets were being thrown out there for the first one to have me, it was so fucking disgusting how men came here some drunk; some sober and married to fuck on girls that was the same age as their youngest daughters at homes.

My first time was actually not what I expected, I was walking and he stopped me. He asked and I told…..we were at his hotel room in seconds, I was so scared and he notice and was gentle and sweet about it. After the act, he drove me back to the corner I was at and paid me but I wanted to thank him for not being so harsh and he just smiled at me and spoke.

"I'm glad that I made your first time special and not regretful" his voice was so sweet and he drove off, he became my regular and before I could blink…I had five regulars and was making more money than all the girl could put together. James was thrilled and started to treat me better than the other girls, there were jealousy and envy but, I never let it get to me…..all that was on my mind was my baby that I always looked forward to greeting whenever I came home.

She was my only reason for living.

Months went by and James started to get a little touchy feely and Victoria didn't like that at all, I didn't want James but he was so damn determine and I couldn't fight any longer. I heard all the horrible stories of rapes from the girls that was here. Never did I thought that I would ever find myself in that position and now that I witness the act performed on me, it tore my already heart into half. James never apologize and I know he would never will, I stop going out to the front when we were allowed freedom throughout the brothel, I just stayed in my room with Cathy or we would go out to the park. Everyday, I watched her grow and get bigger and bigger…..I was so happy that she was healthy and happy.

That was all I wanted for her.

"Alice, there a car coming!" I heard Jessica voice break through my thoughts as a black car came cutting the corner as it stop a little down the street from where we were.

"Jessica you go, I don't really feel like it" I told her, pulling a cigarette from my jacket and lighting it up.

"You sure, you needed the money more than I do?" I smiled at her as Lauren scoffed.

"Please, that girl has money up the ass….she needs to give it a rest so the rest of us can make some money" she said glaring at me as I rolled my eyes at her and blow my smoke in her face.

"Don't hate Lauren, it will put wrinkle on your face and you really won't make any money then… man wants to fuck a wrinkle bitch" I said as Jessica fell over laughing, but it all stopped as a tall man got out of the black car and walked over to us. He was handsome but, he face was scared up and tattoos everywhere on his neck and arms.

"What's your name beautiful?" he stared at me as I heard Lauren scoff again as I flicked the bud in the street and smirked.

"Ginger, yours" he smiled and stuck his hand out.

"Hank, will you be a doll and share a night with me" I nodded and we made it back to the car, when I got there I saw that there was two guys in the back and one in driver seat.

"Um….Is it just going to be you or…" I let my sentence hang as I felt a hand pull me inside the car; I sat between the two guys in the back as the guy got in the front and turned around smiling at me.

"Don't worry beautiful, we won't hurt you…much" they all laughed as I felt fear well inside me as I tried to grab the door handle, I felt a hand cover my mouth as I screamed.

"Shhhh, there's no need to scream…if we're not fucking you. Jerry pull in that alley right there" the car stopped as they all got out and dragged me to the alley, they pushed me to the ground as I scrambled to get up.

"Look Please! Don't do this!" I plea as they laughed, the guy Hank bent down and touched my face.

"But this is what you do isn't it?" he asked as I nodded, it was what I did…..I couldn't do anything but let them do whatever they wanted to me, over and over they all made me sucked them and they all had turns, finally they must of hand enough and stopped. I laid there on the dirty hard concrete ground of an alley as they all got dressed.

"You are one tight ass hooker, I thought your pussy would be beating out the frame with all the guys you fuck but, yours is so tight and warm" one the guys said as I just curled up as they started to walked away and I yelled.

"Wait! You didn't get me my money!" I struggled to get up as they laughed and walked back over to me, I thought that the guy Hank was reaching in his pocket to grab his wallet but suddenly I felt a hand smack me across my face.

"I don't' owe you shit whore" I felt a kick to my ribs and then everything just started to blur as multiple fist came crashing down on me, my screams were echoing through the alley as I felt something sharp pierced my side and I screamed in utter pain.


"HEY!" as everything went black….

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