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She's legal

Eighteen, legal to do damn near anything except for drinking. Looking at her sleep, I can see the changes her body went through in the past months she been with me. Licking my dry lips, I slowly pulled the covers down to her breasts area and saw that her perky nipples were saying good morning to me. Just as was about to greet them with all do respect, she turned over on her stomach and moaned.

"Damn" I whispered, but perked back up when her legs parted. Ummmm…thinking what I'm thinking?

Damn straight!

Making my way down the bed, I softly started to move her legs apart wider, kissing my way between them; she suddenly woke up as I quickly attach myself to her clit before she could turn over. Her head hit the pillow hard as I a loud moan erupted through the room, I spread her legs wider and licked and sucked everything could into my mouth.

"Mmmm Bella" she whimpered squeezing the sheets into her small hands as I inserted my fingers into her tight folds. By the time I started to move them, she was on all fours, back arched and ass in the air… as I fell on my back and pulled her pussy down to my face.

Fuck yes!

Never will I get tired of her sweet taste, she started to jerk away from my mouth until I held her by her hips and started to move my face up and down, making her whimper from very stroke my nose and chin hit her clit.

"You taste fucking delicious" I mumbled into her as she squeezed her breasts into her hands…pulling at her nipples.

Sexist thing I have ever seen

"Bella baby I can't hold it any longer" she started to move against my face, I let my tongue just do it's work as she got louder and louder. My pussy was throbbing out of control at this point, she must have read my mind as she leaned back giving me more of her pussy as she reach inside my pajama's and found my clit.

"Shit Ali" I groaned buckling my hips into her hand as I started to circle her clit and she came undone. Her body didn't stop shaking for some seconds as I just held her by her hips as she face fucked the shit out of me. When the jerks and tremors were done she fell back and I quickly gathered her in my arms.

"Happy Birthday Beautiful" I whispered in her ear, she let out a loud whimper and attack me…


There's no other way to wake up than having your girlfriend face between your legs, Bella was a freak, The things she has done to me since we started to have sex was out of this world. The way her tongue would gently touch my most sensitive spots, or how she would make love to me with her eyes as her fingers thrust boldly in and out of me.

It was just something about Bella that made my body react so quickly

Like now….

We were on our third round when the phone blared throughout the room, we knew who it was but didn't make any moments to answer it. I racked my hands through Bella's hair as she kissed her way back down south.

"Bella can you please answer the damn phone! I know you guys are home! Stop fucking for two minutes and pick up the phone!" Tanya voice ranged through the room, I couldn't help but laugh as Bella pulled back and licked her lips. She grabbed the phone and spoke.

"Fuck off…We'll be by the house around three o'clock" she slammed the phone back down; I trapped her between my legs and smiled down at her. She softly kissed the inside of my thigh and laid her head on my naked stomach.

"So birthday girl, the day is all yours…what you want to do?" I bit my lip and pulled her upwards until my legs were secured around her waist and my arms were around her neck. I softly kissed her jaw line as she groaned.

"Stay right here naked in bed with you" she laughed

"That can be arranged but they would kill me if I hogged you all to my self today…plus I know Cathy is dying to see you" I pouted at her words.

"You got me with Cathy…alright, let's get up" she pinned me down, and smirked.

"I didn't say we had to get up just yet baby girl" she started to descend back down to her favorite spot as I sighed loudly and spread my legs farther apart.

When we arrived to the Cullen's house, I wasn't prepared for the enormous crowd of people inside the house. Tanya and Maria was the first to bombard us; Tanya glared at Bella and spoke.

"Three o'clock my ass" she snorted as I blushed while Bella kissed my forehead and laughed.

"Well just say I got distracted and wasn't paying attention to the clock" I blushed harder, as Maria gave me a knowing look.

"I'm going to find Cathy" Bella whispered in my ear as her lips touched my ear; I closed my eyes and moaned softly. I was still reeling from the non-stop lovemaking we did before coming here. Bella heard my moan and spoke in my ear.

"Just say the word…I'm always ready" she kissed my neck and walked off, Tanya and Maria just looked at me.

"Happy birthday!" they both yelled hugging me, I smiled and pulled away. I was already wanting to call Bella back but I didn't want to seems too clingy. I smiled and spoke.

"So where's the booze?" I said hiking a eyebrow, Tanya snorted as Maria laughed.

"No where…I don't want Bella handcuffing my ass and throwing me in jail" Tanya said semi serious. The party was huge, so many people was here from high school, But I wanted my girls…looking ever where for them, I finally find them upstairs laying down watching some cartoon on TV.

"It's my birthday and the two favorite people I love is up here watching cartoons" I smiled crawling in bed with them. Bella smiled and kissed my lips, I quickly deepen the kiss but she pulled back and smirked.

"We have Shorty between us" I sighed heavily as she laughed and kissed my forehead.

"We will leave soon my Angel and you can have me all you want" I smiled

"I'm going to hold you to that"

"I'm counting on it" she winked and kissed Cathy on the forehead pulling her on her chest as the little girl cuddled up to her.

"I'm going back downstairs," I whispered when I saw Cathy eyes closed, Bella nodded and rubbed the little girl's hair. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I was hit the nasty ass breath of Mike Newton.

"Happy birthday Alice!" he hugged me; I quickly pushed him off me and glared.

"Who the hell invited you here?" I said rudely, he looked hurt but smiled.

"Nobody, I heard the rave about Alice birthday bash and I couldn't miss it" I rolled my eyes.

"So you still seeing that old cop lady?" I was seconds from punching him when I felt her presence behind me, I damn near moaned as I felt her hand on my back. She glared at Mike who was glaring back.

"I don't remember sending a invitation to you" he rolled his eyes.

"It's not your birthday so it doesn't concern you, plus Alice wants me here" I was about to say something but Bella beat me to it.

"Young man, why don't you leave now before someone gets hurt. Alice doesn't like you and quite frankly I don't either" Mike blushed embarrassed but spoke anyway.

"All she needs is a decent fu-

He couldn't finish his sentence as Bella grabbed him by his throat and dragged him out the door. When she came back, I couldn't help but laughed.

"What's so funny Angel?" I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lips.

"You but I love you so much" she smiled.

"Come with me for a moment….its time for me to give you my gift" I squealed in excitement as everybody started to form around us. I saw that Esme had tears in her eyes, I was starting to get confused.

"Alice I want you to go with Tanya and Maria" I was about to object but was pulled away from her and out the door.

"Do you guys know what the hell she is planning?" I asked

"Hell yeah but we not telling you" I pouted the whole way back to Bella's and I house, they forced me up stairs and what I saw made me gasp.

A wedding dress

"Read the card girl" I opened the card with shaky hands.

Today marks a milestone, you have become a woman…a beautiful smart woman, my days with you are full with so much love and joy that it sometimes hurts. (But in a good way lol) I asked for your hand in marriage, to hold and protect you forever. To love you forever, and I can't wait anymore.

So put the wedding dress on and meet at the alter.

I'll be the one in white ;) Love you with my all. Bella

"Damn that girl and her words" Maria said wiping her eyes as I looked at them and back at the card.

"I…Is she for real?" Tanya smiled teary.

"Yes she is….So get your ass clean up and dressed so we can do your make up" after three hours of sweat blood and tears, we finally finished and I gasped when I looked in the mirror.

"That couldn't be me" I whispered, I was beautiful. Tanya and Maria came behind me and hugged me.

"You are Beautiful Alice…you have always been" we all started to cry as Tanya hissed.

"Don't you mess up that damn make up! Now come on let's go before Bella starts losing her mind" we all made our way downstairs and I gasped when I saw the slick white limo waiting outside.

"That girl is too much for me" Maria grumbled as I smirked smug.

"Jealous?" she rolled her eyes but didn't answer as we all got in making sure not to ruin our dresses, after about thirty to forty minutes we pull up to a huge ass mansion. We made our way inside and were rushed into the "Bride room" where we met up with Esme and the other mother's.

"Awe look at you!" they all cooed and gushed over me, I blushed at the attention but all that went to shit when I saw Cathy wobbling towards me as I bend down to pick her up. See was so beautiful.

"I can't believe this" I said as Esme smiled.

"Believe it, took Bella almost two months to set this all up" I shook my head in disbelief, everybody gotten in place, and I saw Rosalie standing there debating on something.


"Hey" she said looking anywhere but at me, I sighed

"I love her. There's no one in this world that will make me give her up, and I would not hesitate to fight for her either…I would kill and be killed for her. She is my life now and we are about to be bound for life. You can be bitter all you want but tonight…I would be with Bella…I would be hearing her moans and cries tonight, she's mine and always will be" I turned around to walk out not before hearing her voice.

"You're a lucky woman Alice Sawn" I smiled nodded but spoke.

"That's Alice Cullen to you" I said as she gave me a small smirk and left getting in position. When the music started to play I felt tears suddenly as I quickly thought about my parents, wishing they were here to see me get married…to have my father walked me down the isle. I felt a pat on my shoulder and saw Carlisle standing there looking all nervous.

"Awe Carlisle you didn't have to" I felt more tears as he grabbed my hand.

"Of course I had to…Walking my daughter down the isle is a Dad's dream and nightmare" we both laughed, he wiped my eyes and kissed my cheek.

"You look stunning Baby girl" I blushed and smiled

"You look Handsome Daddy" I swear I saw tears well in his eyes but the music switch and it was our turn.

"You ready?" he asked I smiled

"Born ready"

When the doors open I almost fell out, it was beyond beautiful…it was magical. So many flowers, so many people, my eyes caught on to the two seats that held a white rose in them with my parent's names.

Cue the tears once again

Then my eyes saw Bella.

Oh my god

I swear I felt my clit tingle and my panties got soaked, seeing her in all white. Her suit was sexy as hell. She had her hair pulled back in a curly ponytail with a big smile on her face. When we reach her she didn't even wait until Carlisle could give her my hand she took it from him.

Standing here face to face with her as the pastor spoke, I knew I was going to enjoy my life with my new wife…..

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