Plot: Sam and Dean finally hit the supernatural jackpot, a town full of vampires and werewolves running around. And their plan is to finally free Mystic Falls of all them. But on the first night of hunting they catch the baby vampire of the town, Caroline Forbes. And seeing a chance to get rid of all the bad vampires and wolves in town, she makes a deal with the brothers. She promises to help them find all the wolves and other vampires, they let her walk free. But can they really trust Caroline, and can Caroline trust them to not hurt her friends if she tells the truth?

A/N: I guess I kinda just wanted to try to write something kinda different, instead of it just being Vampire Diaries like how I usually always right, I thought I might as well add in there Sam and Dean too ;) I hope you guys like it! xoxo, Avril

P.S. I know there isn't much Sam in the chapter, but the next chapter will have more Sam in it ;)

Chapter One: Meeting Vampire Barbie

"So…this is Mystic Falls, huh?" Dean asked Sam as they were sitting inside the Mystic Grill and Sam was busy eating "Sammy, the food's not going anywhere."

"Sorry." Sam said finally "I was just hungry."

"This town doesn't seem like it'd have vampire and werewolf problems." Dean said looking around at all the people in there.

"Well, then you should have read the history about this place, it's had vampire problems since 1864." Sam said

"The wolves too, or just vampires?" Dean asked

"Apparently the wolves have been here too, but they've never really been the problem. Either that, or the are really good at making their attacks look like vampire attacks." Sam shrugged

"They must have been because I don't think they'd wake up one morning and say 'Hey, it's 2011, I feel like causing some real trouble this year'" Dean said

"We don't need the sarcasm Dean, we just need to kill them, and leave town." Sam sighed

"I really never planned on staying in a town where I kill practically half their population because their all the undead or dogs." Dean said "So, hunting tonight?"

"The sooner we leave this town, the better. It kinda gives me the creeps." Sam said and went back to eating

"I'll see you tomorrow Elena" Caroline smiled and got up from the table, leaving Elena and Stefan there alone now as she walked out of the Mystic Grill. She appreciated the fact that Stefan kept trying to keep her around Elena and Bonnie, she really needed them more than ever, she missed being just plain, normal Caroline. The one who didn't have fangs every time someone got a cut.

She was walking towards her car when she suddenly smelled an all too familiar smell. Blood. She looked down on the ground and saw a river of blood coming from somewhere behind the Mystic Grill. She took a deep breath and held it in, not wanting to have to smell the blood as she followed it closer and closer to see if the person who was hurt was alright. Probably not since there was literally a river of blood, but it was still worth seeing if they were still alive or dead. Caroline followed the trail to the deepest darkest part of the ally where there on the ground she saw a guy laying there, and that was where the blood was coming from. He had blood all along his neck and Caroline knew he must have been attacked. She quickly knelt down next to him, not caring if she got blood on her or not and checked for a pulse and tried to listen for a heart beat, he was still alive.

"Hey, wake up!" Caroline said panicked and tried to get him to open up his eyes, if he could stay awake, maybe she could get him to the hospital somehow.

He slowly opened his eyes and faced her, little did Caroline know that he was faking it, she was falling right into Dean and Sam's trap, even though Dean thought she was acting a little off for a vampire, he could still tell that she was a vampire.

"Come on, I'm getting you to a hospital." Caroline sighed and stood up and easily picked Dean up and put his arm around her shoulder, she was defiantly a vampire.

Caroline was slowly making he way out of the ally when all the sudden, Sam came out of nowhere and knocked Caroline back against a wall with a giant blade at her neck and Dean quickly snapping out of his neck with his blade out too, ready to attack her.

"What the hell!" Caroline hissed and tried to knock Sam back, but he had her pinned with the blade at her throat "You're not dying?" She asked Dean confused

"Not tonight bloodsucker." Dean said

"Bloodsucker?" Caroline asked playing dumb "I have NO idea what' you're talking about, you're both insane." Caroline said

"Then how did you find us?" Sam asked curiously

"There was a fucking river of blood down to the parking lot!" Caroline hissed and Sam looked back at Dean

"So maybe I went a little overboard, I wanted to make sure she found us!" Dean said

"Every vampire within ten miles could find you with all that blood!" Caroline hissed and instantly wished she could take it back

"So you are a vampire?" Sam asked "I'm kinda confused right now."

"Yes, she's a vampire Sammy, just chop her head off already!" Dean said

"Can we not chop my head off?" Caroline asked

"You're a vampire!" Dean said to her

"And you're insane, but you don't see me trying to chop your head off!" Caroline hissed

"You would if you could!" Dean said

"ENOUGH!" Sam said and lowered the blade and Caroline rubbed her neck now where the blade was pressed up before

"What are you doing?" Dean asked

"Letting her go." Sam said

"…Not that I want to get killed…but why?" Caroline asked completely confused

"I'd like the answer to that one too" Dean said and was glaring at Sam now

"She had plenty of chances to kill you! And she ended up trying to save you because she thought you were dying." Sam said

"…And that instantly wipes out the fact of that she's a vampire?" Dean asked

"Well…no" Sam said "But I don't think-"

"Here we go." Dean sighed

"Wow, you two have issues." Caroline said

"Why are you even still standing here?" Dean asked

"Who are you two?" Caroline asked "I've never seen you in town before"

"You tell us who you are first" Dean said

"I asked-"

"We're the Winchester brothers" Sam said stopping another argument "I'm Sam, and he's Dean. We're hunters."

"…Like vampire hunters?" Caroline asked "Because I usually get threatened with wooden stakes and stuff by vampire hunters, not giant blades that almost look like machetes."

"Everyone knows a stake though the heart doesn't work." Dean scoffed "Not unless you happen to be Dracula"

"Well then Mr. Know It All, what kills a vampire?" Caroline asked

"I'll tell you after you tell us who you are." Dean said

"Caroline Forbes. I'm the sheriff's daughter and Miss Mystic Falls." Caroline smiled

"Great, so the vampire is not only the sheriff's daughter, but the prom queen too." Dean said sarcastically

"I'm not the prom queen!" Caroline said offended

"Whatever. Same thing." Dean shrugged "Anyway, any self respecting hunter knows that the only way to kill a vampire is to chop their head off and burn their bodies just to be sure."

"That's one way." Caroline shrugged "Wooden stake works too."

"…Why are you telling us that there is basically more than one way to kill you, for good?" Dean asked confused

"I don't know…I guess I can tell that you guys won't hurt me…anymore that is at least" Caroline said and glared at the blades the brothers still had in their hands "What I kinda wanna know now is how you keep those things hidden so well."

"Long story" Sam sighed

"Well…aside from almost killing me, you guys seem really cool for vampire hunters…or whatever it is you really are." Caroline said with a small smile and with that she started to walk away from the brothers. As she did, her mind started to go back to work again and she though of all the vampires that come in and out of town that cause nothing but trouble, especially Katherine… "Hey!" Caroline said and turned around to face them again as she walked back up to them "You wouldn't happen to know how to get rid of a say…500 year old vampire, would you?" Caroline asked

"Piece of cake" Dean said with a smirk and Sam nodded in agreement.

"…Okay, I'll make a deal with you guys. I'll tell you were all the bad vampires and werewolves are in this town, if-"

"If, what?" Dean asked

"If you promise not to try to kill me again would be nice." Caroline smiled

"…Deal" Sam said and looked over at Dean who was staring at Caroline now and Caroline looked at Dean strangely

"What?" Caroline asked Dean harshly

"I finally figured out why you look so familiar, she looks like Amanda, doesn't she? From Truman High?" Dean asked Sam

"…A little I guess" Sam shrugged

"Whatever" Caroline sighed and rolled her eyes, "I'll meet you guys here tomorrow at lunchtime"

"Wait," Sam said "You're a vampire"

"…And?" Caroline asked confused

"Isn't it a bit suicidal to come out here and meet us during the day?" Dean asked

"Oh, right, that, well…I have a trick up my sleeve…you'll see" Caroline smiled and turned and walked away again

"You think we should trust her?" Sam asked Dean once she was out of sight

"Not entirely, but hey, if she points out a few real wolves and vampires, she's okay with me." Dean shrugged "I'm kinda curious about the whole sunlight thing too. I swear, if she sparkles, there is something seriously wrong with the supernatural world around here then."

"I doubt she sparkles Dean" Sam said with a smirk "Maybe she just…shimmers."

"Ha ha, very funny" Dean said and rolled his eyes at Sam "Come on, lets get out of here before more vampires find us." Dean sighed and him and Sam walked out of the ally, if only they knew that Stefan Salvatore was listening to them the entire time.