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Airship Grigori: Tales of Captain and Crew

50 Themes

Soul and Maka

(There is no specific time line for these mini-ficlets, they take place all over the story line.)


#01 – Comfort

The two teenagers felt a warm sense of comfort knowing that just a mile away there was someone who would listen and never judge (on those nights when the piano just wouldn't cooperate and the liquor wouldn't stop flowing into her father's mouth).

#02 – Kiss

He kissed her softly on the top of the head, softly whispering in her ear and reminding her of their plans as she sobbed into his chest, cursing her father to hell and back.

#03 – Soft

She wasn't stick thin like many of the girls that Soul was forced to mingle with, instead she had a soft layer of muscle and fat that made for an excellent pillow.

#04 – Pain

"Oh stop being such a crybaby," Maka hissed as she pulled the stitches taut, praying that her minimal medical knowledge would be enough to last him until they reached the next port (where she would immediately find a doctor to join their tiny crew of 4).

#05 – Potatoes

He cackled evilly as the mashed potatoes slid down her face, her face red with anger and embarrassment (she went even redder when his eyes hungrily followed the gravy as it trailed down between her breasts).

#06 – Rain

She lifted her head to the sky and Soul watched as she laughed and danced, her smile infectious as the water fell in droplets through her thick, ash blonde hair.

#07 – Chocolate

She didn't really like chocolate, but a new set of wrenches would always satisfy his pilot/mechanic/lieutenant on Valentine's Day (you know, in a purely platonic way).

#08 – Happiness

Maka brought something new to his life that had never had before, and as the Evans' household got used to the new member of the family, many of the maids would whisper about how they had never seen the young master so happy (that was about the same time that betting pools were set up to see how long it would take for the two teenagers to begin dating).

#09 – Telephone

"You hang up," she hissed.

"No you hang up," he growled back.

"No, you hang up." He could practically feel the flames begin to burn the phone in his han-


"Sorry Wes! … Damn it, stop laughing Maka!"

(More than one sentence, but hey.)

#10 – Ears

Soul had a strange fascination with her ears, how they were able to pick up the smallest whine from the engine and immediately discern the source, how they would become tipped with red whenever she blushed (then he would begin to fantasize about the other things he could do to her ears, and he would have to cover his nose in a desperate attempt to keep from splattering the walls with his blood).

#11 – Name

His parents called him Solomon, his brother called him Butterfingers, and his crew called him Captain Soul "Eater", but only Maka ever called him " her Don*" (only when they were alone, and only when he did something extraordinarily cunning).

*Don is a Victorian slang meaning "A distinguished/expert/clever person; a leader"

#12 – Sensual

He didn't know why, but he found the sight of her sweaty, tired, and covered from head to toe in patches of grease and oil the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life.

#13 – Death

As they stood at the helm, watching the ships behind them prepare for battle, Soul turned towards his crew and looked at each of them, sighing once before taking a step forward. "There's a high chance that we won't make it out of this alive, so I'm making you an offer. You can leave now and live, and none of us will think any less of you," he said, his rough voice echoing through the oddly silent bridge. To his surprise, Maka scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"You ain't getting rid of us that easily," she said with a devious smirk, taking his breath and leaving him glowing.

(Preview from later on in the story)

#14 – Sex

It was a forbidden topic and both pilot and captain avoided it like the plague, but after seven years of friendship, they both secretly hoped that they would be each other's first.

#15 – Touch

He brushed her hair away from her neck and she shivered pleasantly under his touch, alerting him to just how much his touch affected her (and giving him new ammo against her famed "puppy dog eyes" look).

#16 – Weakness

He was her only weakness, but she didn't really mind, because she knew that if she died protecting him, she would die happy.

#17 – Tears

The first time he saw her she was crying her heart out, and in an instant a lifelong protective instinct was instilled into his very blood, screaming that he had to protect this girl at whatever the cost.

#18 – Speed

Soul had never ran so fast in his life, but when he heard Maka's screams as the men tore at the skimpy clothing she had been forced into, he sprinted towards her at full tilt (because she was his, and none of them were allowed to touch the girl he had sworn to protect).

#19 – Wind

"Ah, this is the life! The skies are blue, the Grigori is flying beautifully and the wind blowing through my ha-"



"The wind is blowing through your shirt. I can practically see your bo-"


#20 – Freedom

Maka fit into this new life like a hand into a glove, but Soul was still having to get used to the overwhelming freedom and responsibility of being dependent on himself (and her) instead of 20 plus maids.

#21 – Life

They had promised each other a new life, but no one had said anything about a new life partner (though neither of them could really be mad with how it worked out).

#22 – Jealousy

She was insanely jealous of his parents because they always got to hear him play, but never appreciated his music like only she could, and he was insanely jealous of the men on the docks who could stare at the beautiful, headstrong woman, but never have to worry about crossing the line like he had to.

#23 – Hands

His hands rested on her hips, fitting her curves perfectly as the two slow danced (the gramophone in the background playing their favorite song) while their crew laughed and drank around them.

#24 – Taste

Though Soul would claim that Tsubaki's cooking was the best in the air, the bowls of cereal Maka poured for him in the middle of a sleepless night (they always kept each other company during those hours) held a special place in his heart.

#25 – Devotion

"Yep, you'll never find a more devoted pilot than me," she deadpanned with an unamused expression, smacking her captain (her stupid, idiotic, loveable, ridiculouscaptain) upside the head as she dragged his drunk ass into his chambers and plopped him onto his bed. "I hope you get a horrendous hangover tomorrow."

#26 – Forever

The tall, dark haired man promised that he'd love her forever, but she still saved the deepest parts of her heart for him (which turned out to be an excellent decision on her part).

#27 – Blood

They had seen so many battles together that Maka could have sworn that half of her blood was really his (not that she minded) and half of his blood was hers.

#28 – Sickness

He nearly had a heart attack when Kidd emerged from her room with a grim expression ("It's just the flu Soul, Maka will be fine.").

#29 – Melody

It was years of training that allowed him to hear the melody in her voice, but it was the strange attunement that he had to her very soul that let him hear the words in that hidden melody (I trust you, don't leave me, I will die for you, you idiot the waffles are burning).

#30 – Star

They both agreed to shoot the blue-haired weapons expert dead the second they figured out how to untie that damn knot (and found the rest of their clothes).

#31 – Home

When Soul asked her if she ever missed home, she just smiled and patted the ship affectionately.

#32 – Confusion

He must be confused if he thinks that it's his airship, since she piloted it, maintained it, and loved it more than him (he thought that she was delusional, but he'd give her the ship in a heartbeat the second it stopped being fun arguing with her about it).

#33 – Fear

Maka watched in horror as the two women ('Dollymops,*' she thought bitterly) sauntered up to Soul, their coy smirks bringing back memories of bright red hair and nights spent comforting her mama as she cried herself to sleep (but then he'd run them off with a few biting words and a glare that could level New Death Haven and she'd remind herself that he was nothing like her papa).

*Dollymops - prostitutes

#34 – Lightning/Thunder

They watched the storm rage around the port they were docked in, and the crew huddled closer together, reveling in the warmth that their strange family gave off like a beacon.

#35 – Bonds

She sat chained to the wall and sobbed for her captain, wishing desperately that the hard, cold metal under her bare legs (the bastards had stripped her to just a shirt the second she was dragged through the door) was that of her airship, and that the men cat whistling after her had white hair and warm crimson eyes.

#36 – Market

He never liked it when on those trips to the market, the men's eyes would follow her like a dog on a bone (eventually he convinced Maka to stay at the ship whenever he and Kidd had to go out).

#37 – Technology

Soul growled at the panel of instruments and buttons in front of him as Tsubaki navigated the board with ease, cursing technology to the deepest pits of hell while Maka laughed in the background.

#38 – Gift

For her 13th, 14th, and 15th birthdays he just got her a book, but when on her 16th birthday he uncovered her eyes, revealing an airship (their airship) she felt that all of those years had been well worth the wait.

#39 – Smile

It filled her with an obscene amount of pleasure every time he smiled, genuinely smiled, at her, because she knew that he would only ever smile for her.

#40 – Innocence

Maka watched the innocence bleed from his eyes as the man in front of him died, the pistol just barely shaking in his strong, pianist hands (she lost her innocence a week later, killing the man's first lieutenant as he tried to exact his revenge on her captain).

#41 – Completion

They were like a overly complex puzzle, some pieces fitting in multiple places and some having no place at all, but in the end they complete each other, because she is such an excellent puzzle solver and he can't leave anything half done (well, anything that involved his pilot).

#42 – Clouds

She cursed him to hell and back for being so stupid as to fly through a cloud the entire time she worked on getting all of the water out the engine's pipes (she was never letting him fly again).

#43 – Sky

Many captains would tell you that their favorite color was the bright, clear blue of a cloudless sky, but Soul had always liked the deep, mossy green color of her eyes much more.

#44 – Heaven

"This must be what heaven feels like," Maka sighed, the wind blowing through her ashy blonde hair and her hand resting affectionately on the rail of her airship as Soul rested his chin on her head.

#45 – Hell

They would go to hell and back for each other, skipping and laughing the entire way, smirking in the Devil's face as they flew by.

#46 – Sun

"See, this is exactly why you always, ALWAYS, have to replace the MPV core in the engine cap once a month," Maka growled out as the sun beat down on their backs, the Grigori having crashed in the middle of the desert due to the engine blowing out.

#47 – Moon

She watched the moon crawl up into the midnight black sky, and from the deck of her ship, she felt as though she could just reach out and touch it.

#48 – Waves

When they saw the ocean for the first time, the other crew members had laughed at their awe-struck faces, and had cheered them both on as they ran headfirst into the waves, splashing each other and just generally acting like they were five.

#49 – Hair

He remembered how on the day after they had taken off in their brand new ship, she had nearly cut off all of her ashy blonde hair in favor of a shorter, shaggy cut (thank God he had talked her out of that).

#50 – Supernova (Here goes the one-sentence rule out the window)

She was the thing that he reached for when in the middle of the night the stars whispered and taunted him with sleep. He would reach for her and just barely fall short, if only he just a little closer, or if his fingers were just a little longer (god forbid), or maybe-

"Soul?" Her sweet voice invaded his system and he turned towards her instantly, red eyes searching for any threat. But there was none, just Maka, more beautiful than any woman had the right to be in a pair of wool socks and one of his old nightshirts. It was unbuttoned at the top, showing off the cleavage she hadn't had when they were teens and Soul noticed with hungry red eyes that her hair was left down, loose and wavy.

"What is it Maka?" he asked in a desperate attempt to keep himself for going mad. Maka blushed a deep red and played with the hem of the shirt.

"I-I had a nightmare," she muttered, not looking him in the eyes. Soul held back a laugh. She was so stupid and headstrong, it made him happy to know that she would show him this side of her. He began to get out of the bed, prepared to comfort the small woman as was ritual (a bowl of cereal in the galley and then watching the stars pass by from the small balcony outside of the bridge), but Maka took a step closer and coughed. Soul lazily raised an eyebrow.

"A-actually," Maka started, her green eyes meeting his. "Can I… um… sleep in here with you?" Soul's eyes widened slightly and both young adults just stared at each other. Soul smiled slightly and Maka instantly perked up.

"Yeah, why not?" He motioned with his head for the 19 year old pilot to join him and she all but flew into the bed, burying her face in his shirt. He looked at her with wide eyes as she trembled slightly. "Wow, that bad?" he asked quietly, wrapping one arm around her shoulders to gently rub her back as she nodded.

"Everyone was dead, and there was blood everywhere-" Maka rambled, her moss green eyes wide and filled with tears she refused to let fall. Soul shushed her and pulled her into another hug.

"It's alright Maka, no one's dead, we're all fine. I'm not going to let anything happen to my crew, that just wouldn't be cool. Now you just stop worrying your pretty little head off, okay? I need my pilot to be in a good mentality, wouldn't want us to crash or anything." Maka giggled quietly and Soul beamed with pride at this small accomplishment. He lay back down in his bed, dragging Maka along with him, and the two rearranged themselves so that they were more comfortable. As Maka fell asleep with her palms flattened against his chest, Soul smiled into her hair.

Maybe she wasn't so far away after all.


Pure fluff written just to be fluffy. Blair doesn't show up in this for some reason.


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