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He was all smiles as he waited, standing back behind the lovely Mrs. Parker, listening as she gave her little speech to her group. 'Ah, what a darling little thing.'

When she turned, he was right there, pretending to 'accidentally' run into her. "Sarah," he greeted.

"Mr. Boyd," she said in return, her face flushing. Within two seconds time he could already feel the power he had over the do-gooder.

"It's good to see you again," he said, all charm, not making a move to get out of her space. Her eyes went from the sidewalk, up his suited body, meeting his eyes. "Really good," he added, a twinkle in his eye.

Off to the side came rolling her husband, in perfect time to watch the display. He could feel the waves rolling off that man. Boyd was really enjoying this town, he had to admit. Never ending fun it provided for one such as himself.

He continued to flirt, never moving out of her way, touching her just so, enough to get the sheriff really boiling.

"Would you like to come join me, I was just on my way..."

"I'm working," she butted in, just then remembering what she was doing.

He nodded. "I know, I know but," he said, taking the cue to step out of the way then, only to rush over to her side, walking with her when she began to move, her tourist group falling in step with them after a beat, "uh, that moment we just had right now, that, that spark... that's, that's nothing to be ashamed of."

She blushed, her hands reaching at her cardigan blouse, pulling it in an attempt to cover herself up a little more. She looked away, folding her arms under her now slightly more covered up breasts. "There was no moment," she retorted. A glance at him, then away. "There was no spark."

He moved his head in a half circle and let out a sigh. "Don't let your husband's issues make you feel bad about a little sexual tension," he told her. His tone didn't come off as amused as he was but a few looks flipped out here and there. Finished, one arm came out to her, brushing at her back.

Her heart beat sped up once again. "That's ridiculous!"

Another step, then he stopped, partially coming to stand in her way. He faced her with a hanging open mouth that read 'I cannot believe you are playing dumb' type a thing.

"Now if you'll excuse me I have a tour to give."

He smiled. 'Time to play.' He focused completely on her. "Of course," he responded. She made a little face, knowing she could only see, hear him too. Almost... like an echo. His face started coming closer to her. "Just... tell the truth, Sarah. That's what they want. Just tell it."

She looked at him, almost confused. Kind of wanting.

Lucas knew he could get a whole lot of good stuff out of her right here and now, but he did have plans, and so did she. "It will set you free," he finished.

A sad looking, almost mocking smile and he stepped back, his hand dropping away. Lucas nodded at a few of those behind him then turned the attention back on her.

"Oh, my, God," he heard her whisper, the redness spreading, her emotions on hyperdrive bouncing off of him. Her hands toyed with her necklace. She made sure not to look at him again. "Come along everyone," she said to the group, gesturing for them to follow as she walked away.

Those poor bastards were in for one hell of a day, he knew that much. He'd have loved to go along but there was other things needing to be tended to.

Besides, he already knew everything she was going to be spilling the beans about. More than she ever could, too.