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This is Violet. I haven't really been into story writing, but Dom and me can up with a great idea after we watched the movie 'American Psycho.' Fantastic movie in my opinion. Oh, we also just finished watching and reading 'The Millennium Trilogy,' better known as 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' and that really inspired us to write this.
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She sat there on top of the roof with her legs crossed. Her feet were dangling over the edge and her hands were supporting her body. The fair skin stood out against the dull grey concrete. She looked less intimidating while in this position. However, she could hold a chainsaw and be splattered in blood and still look innocent. Too bad that's something that she would do. A gentle breeze swept her navy blue blazer and light blue grey skirt. Her blue ribbon swayed gently as the breeze caught it and her pale blonde hair was dancing around her. She looked like a princess, only her facial expression begged to differ. Her sapphire blue eyes were relaxed and off with the fairies and a tiny, dangerous smile was playing around her lips.
Her sailor hat, which sat snugly on her head as she looked down at the school grounds of Sakura high, hid her face. It was lunchtime, and the girls that attended the school were outside enjoying themselves, free of trouble. Unlike the princess on the roof.

It was true that Tsumugi was a princess. Her family was one of the wealthiest in Japan; her father was the chairman of the school and owned many stores around her suburb. In the past year, she was a perfect, gentle princess. The type that would never hurt a fly and had a heart of gold. She would often serve tea to her best friends and look after them. Not that she doesn't do that now, it's just that ever since that incident, she's been doing less of it. That incident made her snap. She snapped from the pure hearted princess and turned into a deadly princess. It had twisted her mind. However, just because she was dangerous didn't affect her grades. She still got amazing test results and was still the best at the one thing in her life that she enjoyed. Piano.
Without the piano, she would be a more of a psychopath than now. The piano calmed her down, it almost tamed her. Ever since she fell in love with it on her fourth birthday, when her father had bought her a white grand piano that still sits in her room to this day.

She got lost for a minute in thought at the instrument, and for that one moment, she looked peaceful. Not the psychopathic princess everyone made her out to be.
Her train of thought halted suddenly as the school bell chimed, to signal the second half of lunch. Her blue eyes widened as her trademark sweet but evil smile came across her face.
"Time to play," she thought as she got to her feet. A breeze caught her attire and it blew gently, giving her a classic anime pose.


Mio Akiyama stood with her hands behind her back against a wall. Her bangs hung over her eyes as she watched her fellow school girls play and have fun. She remembered when she used to be like that, and it seemed only yesterday that she was sitting in class with her friends, talking and making jokes and teasing her about wearing a made costume. A tiny smile came across her lips, until that incident happened, everything was fine and dandy.

She was waiting for her friends, Ritsu and Yui, to finish cleaning up the classroom and join her for lunch, and maybe, they would be joined by Mugi.
"Please, Mugi," she whispered as some little footsteps came closer.

"Mio senpai!"
She recognised that voice. She plastered a smile onto her face and looked up to see Azusa Nakano run towards her, the black pigtails flapping like wings as she ran.
"Hello, Azusa," Mio greeted the girl as she stood in front of her senpai. The girl's ruby eyes shone as she looked up.

"I just saw Mugi senpai get off the roof, I think she might be looking for someone," the small girl said through gasps. Mio furrowed her brow. Why the hell was Mugi leaving the roof? That was where she practically lived at school, apart from attending classes.

"You wouldn't happen to know you she's looking for, do you?" Mio asked her junior in a small voice, nervous about the response. Azusa looked down at the ground, scared.
"I-I think she might be going to play," she stammered in a soft voice.

Mio froze. She knew exactly what Azusa meant by that. The taller girl gulped as a worried look came over her face. Mio and Mugi were secretly in a relationship that not even her closest friends knew about, and Mio was the only person who could control Mugi's psychopathic acts. It wasn't that the blonde didn't like Azusa, Ritsu, Yui or her family; it's just that for some unknown reason, she wouldn't obey them.

"I better go find her, then," Mio said, snapping out of her daze. Maybe Mugi was looking for trouble. Knowing what she had become over the past year, she couldn't take any risks. Mio got off the wall and pushed back her hair.

"Hey, can you tell Ritsu and Yui that I've gone to find Mugi?" she asked Azusa, who nodded and smiled.
"Sure thing, senpai." Mio smiled back at the girl, and then hurried off to find her girlfriend.

Mio was one of the few people who could communicate with Mugi and not be hurt or mentally scarred. Because she knew the blonde in advance (and was her girlfriend,) she was always safe. As was Azusa, Jun, Ritsu, Ui, Yui and her family.

Mio hurried into the school grounds and looked around. She knew Mugi always wore a sailor hat (for still unknown reasons,) and she had that perfect European complexion and blonde hair, so she wasn't hard to miss. In fact, with one glance at her, you wouldn't know that the girl was having psychological problems. The tall girl stopped in her tracks and put her hands in her pockets. Knowing Mugi, she could be anywhere in the school.

"I could try and call her," she muttered, then pulled out her phone and punched in Mugi's number. She held the phone to her ear, praying that she would answer.
"Hello, you have reached Tsumugi Kotobuki. I am currently unable to answer my phone, but please do leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you."
"Damn it," Mio muttered as the 'beep' to start recording went off.

"Mugi, it's me. Where are you?" Mio said, before hanging up with a sigh
"Please don't do anything stupid," She though as she walked through the school grounds in search for her blonde.

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