This is my first Heroes fic, and while I love the idea of where they could have gone with Sylar/Claire, I must sadly admit, I own no rights to them, and cannot control any of the Heroes universes. Wouldn't that be awesome?

They were a fairy tale, drifting in and out of the story of humanity. Sometimes they would remain in a place, and sometimes, she could be persuaded to tell the story of how they'd gotten there. She would gather the children (and yes, the adults would follow) around a campfire, a fireplace, a table, whatever stage presented itself. She would shine, golden as she spoke, and he would stay in the shadows, her darkness.

She would tell about a cheerleader. "What is a cheerleader, you ask?" A shared smirk.

She would tell about a boogeyman, and the men who tried to control him. "Oh, you understand what a boogeyman is?"

She would tell about the men and women they had known, both before and after their travels. A saint (a soft scoff of laughter from the shadows), a time traveling samurai, and so many others.

She would tell about how even the darkest soul could be redeemed through friendship and love. Yes, it's a bit cliché.

A golden goddess who loved even her greatest enemy, and her greatest enemy who could love at all. Okay, maybe more than a bit cliché.

There was war, and there was peace. They would travel, regardless, and he would sometimes fight, and she would always heal. Two sides of a coin. "That's a type of currency, yes, very ancient."

Sometimes, they found others like themselves, who knew what it meant to be different, special.

They became their own legends as they traveled time, as a tree they leaned against one night, turned to dust in a blink of their eyes.

Sometimes, they were a religion, their tales gospel. Prophets spoke names and languages that felt foreign even to the deities' tongues, they were so old.

In the end not the end, but the end of each segment of a journey, they would turn to each other, and take the other's hand. Despite the dust, they had each other.

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