Author's Note: This one is a little out of character, but I hope you won't mind? Yet another piece influenced by song, at least initially. Play along here: www. youtube .com /watch?v=-t_hLnhg_YY

Show me your Teeth

Like all deeply-rooted obsessions, this one had a catalyst.

The night Karofsky had kissed him, Kurt had brushed his teeth until his gums bled. He was disgusted with the memory of the roughness of his hands, the feel of his sweaty face pressed against him. But most of all, he was disgusted with himself. Because despite his hatred of Karofsky, part of him had enjoyed it.

Kurt remembered that night, spitting out toothpaste for the third, tenth, twentieth time, staring himself down in the mirror. Leaning against the bathroom cabinet and tentatively fingering his bottom lip. It hurt because when he had shoved Karofsky away, his teeth had ripped into Kurt's mouth, tearing it just enough to bleed when pressed.

It hurt, but it felt good too. Ashamed, he barely had the strength to admit to himself that touching the wound gave him a swell of pleasure.

Now, in the safety of Dalton, there was no danger of anyone's teeth scraping Kurt's mouth. And that had led to self-exploration. When bored or nervous, he had begun to bite at his own fingers or knuckles. Not a lot of pressure, just enough to feel it. Sometimes he did feel pain, but with it came a shiver of pleasure and a shock of adrenaline. There didn't seem to be much harm in it. And if he went a little further when alone in his room, who was to know? It was still cold out so long sleeves had hidden any tell-tale marks on his forearms. The biting had made his masturbation habits more interesting and he didn't think it was particularly unhealthy.

But it wasn't Karofsky's mouth that got him going late at night. It was the shining smile of Blaine Anderson. That boy had an amazing set of teeth. There was probably a law against using memories of your best friend laughing and smiling as spank material, but it added to the thrill of the whole experience. What was the fun of sexual fantasy if it wasn't a little wrong? It's not like that fantasy was in danger of coming true any time soon.


"Have you noticed that you do that a lot?" Blaine asked him. Kurt looked up from the sheet music he was holding. Sharing a late night together in the common room, they were mulling over some song suggestions for a new Warbler performance. Kurt must have gotten distracted because he had begun to chew on his right index finger. And unfortunately, Blaine had noticed.

"I guess it's like a nervous habit," Kurt said, wiping his hand on his school pants and trying to seem nonchalant. "No big deal."

Blaine's mouth twisted up as he regarded Kurt. He pulled Kurt's hand up to his face, examining his fingers. "Hey," Kurt protested, but Blaine was already turning it over, sliding his cuff down. Revealing the faint indentations of previous marks on his wrist.

Blaine's eyes were very hard as they looked into Kurt's. "Is there something you need to tell me?" Kurt couldn't speak. "Are you hurting yourself?" Blaine demanded.

"N-no," Kurt breathed, trying to pull his hand away. "It's not like that. It's really none of your business."

Blaine held on, running his thumb over the history embedded in Kurt's skin. Kurt clutched his free hand in the seat cushion behind his back; he didn't want to show any visible signs of arousal, but even this gentle stroking was getting him going. "Kurt, we promised to be honest with each other. If I don't ask you about this, I'm not a good friend."

Well, great. He had a feeling he was really going to regret this. "I'm not hurting myself. At least, not like you think. I like the feeling of it, that's all. And I don't really want to keep talking to you about it because it's kind of personal."

"You like the feeling of it?" Blaine's eyebrows did a variety of movements before settling into surprise. He considered his own wrist, then bit into it very deliberately. Kurt almost didn't catch himself from gasping. His fingernails dug further into the seat cushions. "Hmm," Blaine continued. "I'd never done that before."

Kurt let out his breath slowly. Maybe this was going to pass and be done with easily. "Yeah, so it's not really a big deal. Just a nervous-"

Blaine was biting Kurt's fingers. Kurt lost the ability to speak. Or breath. He just sat there, wide-eyed, mouth open, and watched Blaine work his way over the middle knuckle of each one. On his ring finger, Blaine bit a little harder, his teeth scraping over the skin in a way that sent bolts of sensations up Kurt's entire arm. And he didn't stop until a tiny sound of pleasure escaped from Kurt.

Petting the afflicted hand now, Blaine watched Kurt's face very carefully. Kurt was breathing now, raggedly, and he knew his face must be turning red. He couldn't bear to look at Blaine. This was possibly the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened, and that was saying a lot.

"Just making sure," Blaine said with a nervous laugh. When Kurt didn't say anything, he moved his face in closer, trying to catch his eye. "I'm guessing that was stupid... are you mad?"

"Blaine, I am mortified to even say this, but you do realize that turns me on, right?" Kurt glared at him, annoyed to even talk about this. "You're the one who said 'I don't want to screw this up', remember that?"

He winced, closing one eye. "Is this screwing it up?"

Kurt sighed. "Not exactly, but if you don't want to be my boyfriend, I'm going to get hurt." He had to stop falling in love with stupid guys, straight or gay.

Blaine looked around the room, pondering. His fingers were still playing with Kurt's. After a silence that seemed to drag on forever, he said, "You're already getting hurt." He dipped his mouth to Kurt's wrist and bit him gently. Blaine was still watching Kurt's face for a reaction, which Kurt provided despite himself. "If this is something you are going to do anyways, I want to be involved in it. Something could go wrong if you are by yourself."

Now he was running his lips very gently over the skin, touching only the arm hairs. "And for the record, Kurt, I never said I didn't want to be your boyfriend."

"Let me repeat," Kurt said weakly, trying to ignore the pounding sledgehammer that had replaced his heart. "This is turning me on. Proceeding from this point is consent to a romantic relationship."

"I see your legal studies class is rubbing off on you." Blaine leaned over the couch, angling to see if the door to the common room was shut. It was, so he bent down and ran his tongue over Kurt's wrist, causing him to lean back against the couch and struggle with his breathing. "So that's good too then. But not as good as the teeth?"

Kurt nodded, watching Blaine pull his lips back and scrape his teeth up and down Kurt's inner arm. A small cry escaped his lips, causing Blaine to grin at him.

"All right, I warned you," Kurt growled. "We're dating now. If anyone asks, we are dating."

With a small laugh, Blaine kissed his palm and bit down on the side of his thumb. "Sure thing."

"And it-" Kurt gasped as Blaine made small bites from his wrist to his elbow. "-it did not happen like this. It was very romantic. Mmm... you... sang to me during study hall. And gave me your class ring. Aah...okay, whoa..."

Blaine pulled back and fumbled around in his pockets until he found a brass pocket watch. "Here," he said. Kurt just stared at the antique in shock as Blaine tucked it into Kurt's inner blazer pocket. "We don't have school rings, but you can show the non-believers that. It's my grandfather's watch."

"You mean you're really serious about this? Because holy shit, I will kill you at this point if you're not."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Shut up and tell me where you want me to bite you."

"Mouth." Blaine crawled up his body. "Wait, don't bite first. I want a real proper kiss." Blaine's mouth was hot and wet against his. He forced Kurt's lips open with the pressure of own, sticking his tongue into his mouth and lapping at Kurt's teeth.

"Ow! You slapped me!" Blaine cried out, rubbing his cheek.

"I said a proper kiss, not a dental exam!" Kurt hissed. He gripped Blaine's face with both hands and pulled him back down, pressing their lips together firmly.

"Sorry," Blaine mumbled, pecking him more gently. "I told you I don't know what I'm doing."

"Now you may bite," Kurt told him. He closed his eyes as he felt teeth grip his lower lip, chewing on it, gently, like it was just a piece of flesh. Kurt clutched Blaine's hair, his back, whatever he could reach. He was faintly aware of his own moaning but couldn't stop it in any way. Blaine bit down hard, causing Kurt to dig his fingers into his hair. Then it was Blaine who cried out in surprise, momentarily breaking the contact between their mouths.

"Holy smokes." Blaine took a deep breath. "This is not how I imagined it would be with you."

Kurt didn't think it was possible to blush any harder. "You imagined doing things with me?"

Blaine laughed, his pretty teeth mocking Kurt with their closeness. "Dude, I'm sorry. I know there's gotta be a law against using your best friend as spank material, but every once in awhile-"

He didn't need to hear the rest; Kurt yanked Blaine's hair until they were kissing once again, and this time he let Blaine do whatever he wanted, biting, licking, sucking on his lips, his tongue, down to his throat. Goosebumps had worked their way up and down Kurt's legs and arms. He tried to run his hands under Blaine's blazer and encountered too many layers of fabric. They were wearing entirely too much clothing.

"Hey," he said. Blaine was biting his way up to his earlobe; if he got there before Kurt finished his sentence, all logical thought would be lost. "Blaine! Take your clothes off!"

Chuckling in his ear. "You know, you're demanding, Kurt Hummel." He bit down on Kurt's earlobe until a cry of pleasure escaped him, then slowly lifted himself off the couch.

"Wait, I didn't mean leave!" Kurt whined as Blaine walked to the door. "I'll be nicer!"

Blaine stared at him pointedly, then made a show of locking the door before returning to the couch. "I'm just being safe."

"Oh, good. Thoughtful." And then Kurt lost his ability to talk once more. He was completely caught in Blaine's gaze, so serious under the hood of those eyebrows, as they never left Kurt's face while he unknotted his tie. And then shrugged his blazer off, flipping it to the couch next to them before it fell to the floor. And then slowly, with much relish, unbuttoned each button of his collared shirt.

"Is this heaven?" Kurt whispered, surprised at his own throbbing reaction to the first visible wisp of chest hair.

"It's really not." Blaine's sheepish grin didn't do much to curb Kurt's growing desire. "I like, never work out so there's not much to look at here." With an apologetic expression, he undid the last button and let the shirt hang open. Kurt reached out and ran a hand down his fluffy stomach hair. Right down to the hem of his pants.

"You're kind of beautiful." He barely had time to register the flicker of warmth in Blaine's eyes before he was being tipped backward onto the couch, a mouth once more working its way across his face.

"That's all you get for now," Blaine murmured, yanking harder than necessary at Kurt's tie. His eyes were fixated on Kurt's mouth as he began to undo the buttons. "Your turn."

"I don't work out much either," Kurt warned, sounding whinier than he wanted to.

"It's okay. I love your personality, no matter what you look like." Blaine groaned, pressing his face into Kurt's chest. "Oh no. I wasn't planning on saying that word yet. Crap. Forget that happened."

"Don't worry, I remember how much you loved Jeremiah so I won't take it too seriously." Kurt was proud of his sassy comeback for about fifteen seconds before Blaine's teeth were digging into the side of his neck. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. White hot pain and pleasure mixed together. His eyes shut instinctively, he had no way of knowing exactly where the next bite would happen, or how deep it would be.

Blaine's wrist suddenly appeared against his mouth. "Gag yourself, they can hear you all the way back at McKinley," Blaine said, his teeth still snagged in the skin of Kurt's collarbone. Kurt bit down hard on his wrist, enjoying the moan from Blaine that caused him to pause briefly in his assault on Kurt's throat.

At some point, Blaine managed to roll him over and transfer the upper half of Kurt's clothes to the coffee table. That was good because in between electric shocks surging down his legs and over his crotch Kurt had been worrying about that pocket watch. And getting expelled, but it was starting to seem worth the risk.

"Oh dear," Blaine said with mock concern, "I've left a few marks." He ran his fingers tenderly over Kurt's neck and chest.

"That's why turtlenecks were invented," Kurt's gaze fell onto Blaine's own exposed throat. Maybe it was time to switch roles. He pinched Blaine's cheek and dragged his face down until he could sink his teeth into the neck, right below the Adan's apple. The response was immediate; Blaine groaned and threw his hips forward. Kurt felt the crotch of Blaine's pants against his thigh. He was not displeased with the state of his arousal.

With his other hand in the small of Blaine's back, he began to nibble and bite, randomly. Licking at the marks. Suddenly inspired, he kissed and sucked at the side of Blaine's neck, longer and longer until his body was shivering against his lips.

"F-fuck," Blaine gasped. His hands were petting Kurt's hair and face, then one began to work its way down his chest. "Kurt, I. I want to touch you."

He murmured what he hoped sounded like acceptance, mouth still wrapped around part of Blaine's flesh. Over the fabric of Kurt's pants, Blaine's hand began to move in slow, deliberate strokes. Kurt groaned against his skin. This wasn't going to end well, but it was likely to end fast. He tipped Blaine's head down so he could reach his ear.

"If you keep doing that, I might- I mean, I'm definitely going to- you know," Kurt whispered shakily. Blaine's hand continued its rhythm.

"Mmhmm," Blaine purred. "Are you going to make a mess for me?"

Kurt's breath hitched in his throat and he lost control of the movement of his hips, which had lifted up against Blaine's hips. He could still feel Blaine against his thigh and realized his hips were moving too. Kurt whined a little, his hands pressing into Blaine's back again. He tried to think practically, about how embarrassing it was going to be to try to clean off or sneak home without anyone seeing the state of his pants, but all rationality was lost because Blaine was touching him and it felt awesome.

"You first," Kurt said. "I'm not going through this alone."

Blaine's hips moved a little faster against his leg. "Oh baby, I'd never abandon you in a moment of need," Blaine cooed. Kurt decided very quickly that he liked sex talk Blaine. A lot. He didn't know if he could match this level of dirty talking, but he decided he must be doing something right if they had gotten this far.

"Blaine," he whispered in his ear, "I want you to come for me." Kurt tried not to show surprise as he was slammed into the couch by the other boy's enthusiasm. "That's it. Good boy."

"Kurt," Blaine said. Just once. In a small, vulnerable voice that shot through Kurt's heart and filled it with a longing he didn't understand.

Kurt bit his ear. Hard. Blaine groaned, grinded into Kurt with renewed aggression, then sank down, shuddering. Kurt barely had a moment to enjoy him like this, however, before Blaine was returning the favor, stroking him again, kissing and biting Kurt's mouth with reckless energy. He didn't have to work at it long before Kurt was done too, crying out against Blaine's mouth. He felt their teeth click together as they gasped into each other's face.

At first, they said nothing. He ran his fingers through Blaine's hair and pondered the embossed ceiling tiles. Part of his brain was trying to remember where the nearest bathroom was and how early the dry cleaning place opened on Fridays, but for the most part, he was content to think of nothing at all.

"So... we're dating now, right?" Blaine finally said.

Kurt kissed the top of his head, then began to extract himself from their entangled body parts. "That was the deal."

"Ok, cool. So we can do this again tomorrow night."

"Not tomorrow night," Kurt lamented. "It's family dinner. You have to be formally introduced as my boyfriend." He clapped Blaine's shoulder and began scavenging in his bag for his emergency moist towelettes.

"So how did you two start dating?" Carole asked as she set the turkey down on the dinner table.

"It was very romantic," Blaine answered. "I sang to him during study hall."

"Then he gave me his pocket watch," Kurt said. Across the table, Finn made eye contact, nodding to Kurt's exposed wrist. Kurt pulled his sleeve over the hickeys as subtly as possible.

"Aren't you boys feeling a little warm?" Burt asked. "You can take those scarves off if you like."

"Thanks, Mr. Hummel, but I think we're fine." Blaine flashed a wide smile, teeth exposed. "Kurt and I love scarves. Well, Kurt loves scarves. I love Kurt."