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If there was a TV show about her life, it would be called "Nobody Appreciates Tina."

Whenever they had some stupid ass scheme, it was always Tina that offered to be a back up dancer, or a duet partner, or a costume designer. But where were they when she organized that Plants vs. Zombies tournament? Or when she needed someone to proofread her essay on"100 reasons to love Mike Chang"? Or when she needed to visit Asian Goodwill to get new punk petticoat material? It was just a fact of life; she was everyone's bitch.

And what was this Blaine is a Vampire nonsense anyways? If it hadn't been Brittany pleading with them, Tina would have lost her shit at having to do this. The 'artwork' was ridiculous too, depicting Blaine morphing into a bat, big goofy teeth taking up half his face. Tina had to wonder how long Brittany had taken to draw these.

But she was a good friend after all, so when she walked into their local pizza joint and saw Kurt waving at her, she took the opportunity to investigate.

Dracula Anderson was also present. And Tina had to admit, Blaine's coat even struck her as a little too gothic. What gay guy would wear a collar popped up like that? It ringed his head just like a... well, a black cape.

"Tina!" Kurt called out. "Come sit in our booth with us."

She smiled. "You sure? Aren't you two on a date?"

They glanced at each other, smiling shyly. "We're always on a date," Kurt said. "Having a boyfriend is draining my social life completely dry, so I'd be glad to see another face for once."

"Oh, sure, blame it on me," Blaine teased, nuzzling his head into Kurt's shoulder. "It's not my fault I can't get enough of you."

Tina sat down across from them in the booth. They chatted about school, upcoming solos, and everything struck her as completely normal. I mean, you'd have to be completely in love with each other to sit on the same side of a booth during dinner. And when Kurt stood to use the restroom, Blaine watched his back as he walked away, sighing into his hand.

There was no way this guy was bad for Kurt, Tina thought. And she was glad that she was the first on this investigation, because now they could stop it right here. She would just flat out bring up the subject and then she could tell everyone else that there was nothing to worry about.

"Hey Blaine, did you know I'm a vampire?" Tina gave him a serious look. "That's why I wear all the dark fashion. I have to keep to my roots."

She had expected him to laugh. Most people would, right? But Blaine didn't. Instead, he glanced around the room before leaning in and whispering, "Seriously, you mean, you and Mike..."

Huh? "Me and Mike what?"

Blaine grinned. "Wow, that's so cool. Us too! But where do you bite him? We've got to stop with the neck once it gets warm out."

Things had just become really fucking freaky.

"I've been experimenting in other places of course, but then when summer hits what if we go swimming right?" A blissful expression crossed his face. "So I'm thinking, inner thigh. Mmmm. Yes, that's got to be it."

"Th-thigh?" she said stupidly.

"Maybe Mike is too muscular for that? Oh, and do you ever wear the teeth?" Blaine prodded his own canines with his index finger. "I was thinking about that. Shaking it up a bit. I don't want him to get bored."

"Teeth?" she repeated. In her mind she saw the crayon drawing, with the huge canines hanging from Blaine's mouth. No way. NO. WAY.

Before she could panic or say anything else dumb, Kurt was back. Tina found her eyes wandering to his fluffy gray scarf. It wasn't just a fashion statement, she realized.

"Sorry," Kurt's hand was covered in a napkin. "I'm so clumsy sometimes; I actually slipped and cut myself on the soap dispenser."

Both Blaine and Tina looked at the napkin and the red stain that was spreading across it.

On Brittany's drawing, there were three statements:




Tina had never, ever imagined that any of those things were going to describe Blaine Anderson. Until now, she had always seen him and Kurt as fairly normal gay guys.

She tried so hard to watch what happened next without passing judgment. She had wanted so badly to believe that Blaine wasn't a vampire.

But now a dark look had come over Blaine's face. He gingerly took Kurt's injured hand with both of his own and brought it to his mouth. And with no concern at all to her presence, Blaine licked the blood off of Kurt's finger. And then he sucked on that finger, causing Kurt and Tina to making similar yelping sounds. For entirely different reasons.

"Blaine, stop that," Kurt fussedr. Blaine continued to suck, his jaw muscles tensing. His fingers were slowly rolling down Kurt's sleeve, and Tina's heart stopped when she saw many bite marks covering the now exposed skin.

"Blaine!" Kurt snapped. "Don't be rude!"

With a whine and a wet popping sound, he removed his mouth from Kurt's flesh. "Ahem. Sorry, couldn't help myself. But at least Tina understands." He flashed his teeth in a grin. "She's into biting too."

Kurt stared at her wide-eyed. "Seriously?"

Escape. That was the only option.

"That's right," Tina said stiffly. "In fact, I'm getting a little hungry right now so I'm going to go see what Mike is up to." She stood from the table, backing slowly away. And prayed that the frozen smile on her face was convincing.

Once she was outside, she ran as fast as her combat boots would let her.

At the table, Kurt still stared at the door, puzzled. "If she was so hungry, why didn't she order pizza?" He looked to his boyfriend and sighed. "Blaine, don't abuse the puppy eyes. Yes, you can resume, but be more discreet."

Blaine grinned again, grinding his teeth up the back of Kurt's hand before taking his fingers back into his mouth.

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