Summary: A collection of short, unrelated stories about Sam and Gabriel. Sam/Gabriel slash. Mentions of Dean/Castiel.

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Twenty-Six Words for Sam and Gabriel

1. Ache

"Gabe, not tonight..." Sam whispered, "I got a headache."

"Awww...poor baby..." Gabriel replied, kissing Sam's forehead, "Any better?"

"No." Sam sighed, rolling away from Gabriel who pouted and crossed his arms.

Now that the Apocalypse was over, the Winchesters and their angels were hoping to settle into some kind of normality. They were hoping to relax and have a good time. Well...Gabriel and Sam hadn't had sex for five weeks. It was kind of depressing for the Archangel since he was always so hot for Sam at times that it hurt. But also his love for Sam at times grew to be so much that it pained him. But it was a good pain. It made Gabriel's love for the youngest Winchester more real.

"Y'know...I kinda got an ache too, baby..." Gabriel whispered, "A really heavy ache."

"Gabe, if it's in your pants..."

"It's not." Gabriel replied, Sam rolling over to look at him, "It's not."

"Then where?" Sam asked, Gabriel resting his hand over his heart.

Sam sighed and bit his lip, wincing as Gabriel's eyes sparkled with the beginnings of tears, those even visible in the darkness of their room.

"Oh, Gabriel..." He breathed, the Archangel biting his lip before turning away and resting against the pillows.

"I ache for you, Sam." Gabriel admitted, blushing and feeling annoyed at himself for being such a girl as he did, "I ache for the love that you give me...that you've given me since we got together. And..."

Gabriel was vaguely aware of Sam moving closer to him and he sighed, wiping his eyes.

"I...I don't feel like..." He began, trailing off and shaking his head, "Shit, now I'm being selfish."

He felt Sam's huge hand wrap around his wrist and then slide up to envelope his hand, Gabriel looking at Sam who kissed his cheek and rested beside him. He had no idea that Gabriel felt this way, but the Archangel wasn't really the talking type. He was more of the dirty-talking type, but Sam really wished that Gabriel would open up and talk to him more. It might help them a little since things were kind of rocky at the moment with them.

"Gabriel...tell me what you want and what you need," Sam urged, "It's okay to tell me if there's something worrying you, alright?"

The youngest Winchester sighed.

"So what is it you want?" He asked, "And what do you need?"

"You." Gabriel replied, "I always want you...and I always need you."

Sam grimaced and leaned forward, pressing his lips to Gabriel's. The Archangel didn't resist the chick-flick moment and took while he still could, knowing he wouldn't be judged for being a little soppy and lovey-dovey with his partner. They were actually in love anyway, so it didn't matter.

"Love you, Sam..." He whispered, Sam smiling into their next kiss.

"Love you too, Gabriel." Sam replied, breathing deeply as he and Gabriel shared another deep kiss, "You wanna heal this headache for me?"

Gabriel smiled and pressed his lips to Sam's forehead, Sam smiling as he felt the pain leaving quickly before he felt Gabriel kissing his lips again. They rolled over so Gabriel was on top, relaxing against the cotton bed sheets of their bed. Their bed in their bedroom in their house. They lived across the street from Dean and Castiel who had finally come to their senses and told each other how they felt. Sam and Gabriel's house was beautifully decorated and it was lovely and spacious, with plenty of room should they want children.

"Mmm..." Gabriel hummed as Sam rocked his hips upward, "S'hot when you do that..."

"You like that?" Sam asked, earning a nod as they began to move their hips as they kissed.

There was a different kind of ache now, one that, indeed, rested in both men's pants. Gabriel clicked his fingers and they were naked, Gabriel already prepared so that he could easily just slide onto Sam's length, the youngest Winchester gasping at the heat around his shaft.

"Gabe..." He breathed, collapsing back against the pillows, "Fuck..."

"That feel good, Sam?" The Archangel asked, leaning down and kissing Sam's lips, "Does it make you feel fucking hot, Sammy?"

"Oh, yeah..." Sam replied with a chuckle, sitting them up and winding his arms around Gabriel, flipping them over and burying his face in Gabriel's neck.

"Sam..." Gabriel gasped, cradling the hunter's head as he kissed his neck and shoulders, "Sexy bastard..."

Sam smirked a little as he felt Gabriel's body beginning to tremble, kissing his cheek before pulling back to look into his eyes. Those gorgeous golden eyes were suddenly so serious and so full of love it made Sam's heart jolt as he looked at him. He loved Gabriel's eyes. He loved the shade of them, and he loved the gorgeous mixture of colours that made up the Archangel's hair.

"Love you..." Gabriel whispered, Sam leaning down and nuzzling their foreheads, "I love you, Sam..."

"I love you too, Gabriel..." Sam replied, holding Gabriel close and moving a little harder and faster, Gabriel following and keeping their bodies moving in such a wonderful rhythm.

There was a kiss shared, Sam finally burying his face in his neck and thrusting deep and hard, Gabriel moaning loudly as he came over their bodies, Sam following quickly before resting against his lover.

"Fuck..." He whispered, "Gabe..."

"I know..." Gabriel breathed, kissing Sam's head as they linked fingers.

After a quick squeeze of hands, they turned over, Sam resting against the pillows with Gabriel curled up against his body.

"Y'know that ache, Sam?" Gabriel began, Sam humming in response and looking down at him, "It's going away."

Sam smiled and pressed a kiss to his Archangel's forehead, the pair settling down to sleep.


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