Summary: A collection of short, unrelated stories about Sam and Gabriel. Sam/Gabriel slash. Mentions of Dean/Castiel.

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Twenty-Six Words for Sam and Gabriel

5. Egg


"I know."


"I know, Sammy..."

"It's beautiful."

"It really is beautiful."

"This is...our girl or boy?"

"The shell's pink and I'm guessing we've got a girl."

Gabriel cradled a large egg to his chest, rubbing it gently as he and Sam looked down at it, both in tears. Gabriel was in a lot of pain and was exhausted, very emotional and very relieved for the three day labour to be over. Sam was just so happy their little egg was there, their daughter who lay inside the shell. They'd picked out lots of different names, but now they had to choose one. Or two. They didn't know if she was having a middle name yet, but now they knew what gender their baby was, they could pick out the perfect name.

"A girl..." Sam whispered, "Bet she's beautiful."

"Me too." Gabriel replied, "Man, this hurts..."

"I can imagine." Sam said softly as he stroked Gabriel's hair gently, "You want to sleep for a while? Do you need anything?"

"I could kill for a bowl of candy right now." Gabriel giggled, which made Sam smile widely.

"I'll go and get you something, huh?" Sam whispered, "You rest yourself, babe. I'm so proud of you, okay? I love you."

"I love you too." Gabriel replied, "Get thinking of a name, Sammy."

Sam kissed him tenderly and left him alone with the egg, which made him feel even more emotional as the colour of the shell changed as their baby moved. It was wonderful to just see that the baby was very much alive, and she was very excited to be so close to being born.

"Hey, you." Gabriel whispered, "I bet your gorgeous, baby girl. It's good to see you moving around."

A soft sound came from inside, like a murmur, which made Gabriel smile even more. His little girl was talking to him and he was so sad that Sam was missing it.

"Sam?" He called, watching as the younger Winchester poked his head around the door, "Come here!"

Sam moved towards the bed and grinned as more sounds came from within the shell of the angel egg, which made him smile even more at the knowledge that his and Gabriel's little girl was speaking to them in her own special way. The two watched as the colour changed again, both smiling as other little sounds emerged from the egg.

"Hey, beautiful..." Sam whispered to the egg, "God, you're so strong! Look at you, you're practically flying around in there."

"Lily May." Gabriel said softly, looking up at Sam who smiled widely at him, "What do you think?"

"That's gorgeous." Sam replied, "What do you think, babe?"

"I think it's perfect." Gabriel said softly.

"Sam!" Gabriel cried frantically, "Sam, she's hatching!"

Sam rushed into the room, towels piled up in his arms which he almost dropped as he tripped over himself on the way into the room. He lay some towels on the bed, all soft and warm and Gabriel quickly picked up the breaking egg and placed it on the towels. Then the two were armed with the others to get their baby and clean her up.

"You ready?" Sam asked, shielding his eyes as bright light came from within the shell.

Gabriel grinned as his baby broke free of her incubator, and he watched as Sam turned back and began to smile. There, laying in a mess of gunk and broken shell, her eyelashes long and beautiful white wings curled around her, lay little Lily May.

"Hello, Lily May." Gabriel said, choked up and tearful, "Welcome to the world, baby. Come to your papa...C'mon..."

He carefully wrapped her up and began to clean her, while Sam moved around, gaping at the wings that Gabriel was tenderly cleaning.

"She'll shed the white feathers and coloured ones will emerge beneath them. I wonder what colour they'll be." The Archangel whispered dreamily, "Lily May, I'm your papa...and this..."

He handed the now crying child over to Sam gently, who shed tears as he gazed at his daughter properly for the first time.

"This is your daddy." Gabriel finished, moving closer to Sam and kissing him deeply, "I love you, Sam."

"Love you, Gabe." Sam replied, "God, she's so beautiful."

The two then sat in silence, just content to stare lovingly at the newest addition to the Winchester family.

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