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Katara pulled her knees up to her chest and turned her face away from her boyfriend. Or was he her fiancé now? Their acts the night before weren't exactly befitting for two people who weren't at least planning on getting married.

The problem that Katara was experiencing? The acts made her feel icky. Oh, it would kill Aang if she said that out loud, of course, since he had adored her for as long as they had known each other. But even though she wouldn't voice it, that was how she felt. Icky.

Like she had had sex with her brother.

Katara openly cringed at that thought, and Aang, perceptive as always, picked up on it. "You alright Katara?" the Avatar called out to her. She turned to face him and nodded her head quickly. "Of course Aang," she said sweetly. She gave him a smile that was too wide and he smiled in return before turning away, convinced. Katara wondered when she had become such a good liar.

When she was still a kid, Katara had convinced herself that she would grow into her feelings for Aang. He was, after all, her best friend. He loved her, worshipped her even. Not to mention he was the Avatar. He had defeated Fire Lord Ozai and restored peace and balance to the world. Any girl would be happy to be in the position Katara was in.

At nineteen years old, Aang had become a man a long time ago. He was well muscled and tall, with airbending tattoos that set him apart. He had inquisitive gray eyes and an easy smile. He was all Katara's, if she wanted him.

For the past seven years Katara had been glued to the Avatar's side. They traveled constantly, making speeches at all the relevant cities in the three remaining nations, establishing orphanages, rebuilding the Southern Air Temple, assisting Zuko in his Fire Lord duties, helping Toph find something productive to do, and so on and so forth. Aang had a lot of things he claimed he needed to do before he could settle down. Duties for the Avatar. "I went missing for a century, Katara. I owe these people my time."

But seven years could stretch a girl pretty thin. She had thought that it would be an adventure, getting to travel constantly with the man she loved, the man she had assumed she'd one day marry.

But then Katara hit sixteen and Aang still felt like her brother.

And then Katara hit eighteen and Aang still felt like her brother.

And then Katara hit twenty and Aang still felt like her brother, except now Aang was eighteen and wanted more than just chaste kisses and hand holding.

And now she was twenty one and he was nineteen and she felt like she had had sex with her brother.

It was springtime at the Western Air Temple, and Katara was in the fountain enjoying the way her element wove in graceful ribbons around her body at her command. She heard Aang call for her and with a sigh Katara let the water splash back into the fountain.

He looked worried and anxious which caused Katara to quicken her footsteps as she approached him. "What's wrong?" she asked quickly, eyes raking over him to make sure he was in one peace.

"There's something I have to do," he said seriously.

She balked, not liking his tone.

"I got a message from Guru Pathik about a week ago. He…wants me to come visit him."

"He wants you to go on a spiritual journey?"


Katara gave him a small smile. "That's great Aang! I know how important spirituality is to you—"

"He wants me to come alone."

The smile slid off Katara's face. Now she understood why he looked so anxious. "Oh."

"I don't know how long it would take—" At the look on Katara's face he immediately started shaking his head. "—but if you're uncomfortable with being alone Katara then I don't have to go—"

"No Aang," Katara interrupted softly. "You should go."

"Really?" Relief began to cross the young man's face.

"Of course. I'll just wait here for you…I guess."

"Well I mean, you'll have Appa."

This surprised her. "But you always take Appa—"

"Guru Pathik advised me not to. He said part of the journey is traveling there on my own."

"That's an odd request."

Aang shrugged. "It's Guru Pathik. I mean, he enjoys onion and banana juice." Katara smiled, which made Aang blush slightly and smile back. "With Appa with you, you don't have to stay here. You can go other places. You could visit Toph, or Zuko!" he exclaimed, suddenly excited for her.

"Zuko?" Katara repeated.

Aang nodded eagerly. "Yeah! He asked about you in the last letter he sent me, so you should definitely go visit him."

Katara flicked her eyes downward, trying not to let a goofy smile stretch across her face. "I'll think about it," she answered simply.

With sudden eagerness the Avatar whirled around the small camp, packing the necessities for his trip. Later that evening Katara pulled a blanket over her naked chest, trying to ignore the soft snores of the equally naked young man lying next to her.

It was still like having sex with her brother.

She dreamed of sad golden eyes staring at her from across a tea shop.

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