a/n: words cannot describe how much I love this show. Especially Danny and Kono, as a pairing and separately. This is my tags to try and flesh out their characters (particularly Kono's because the poor girl doesn't have enough meat). Enjoy!

Kono heard the laughter drifting from behind her, shook her head and smiled when Danny bit out something that had Steve firing right back. It amazed her that those two had only just become partners – if she didn't know them, Kono swore she would have thought something completely different.

Drifting towards a room just at the entrance of their new headquarters, Kono mused that she never could have envisioned being part of a newly-minted, elite task force headed by a former Navy Seal. Pushing open the glass door, she stood before the solid oak desk her father had insisted she have. The pride on his face when she had told him of her new assignment made her smile. Grabbing hold of the plastic sheet covering the desk, Kono rested her palms flat on the surface.

'Take off your clothes,' Sang Min told her, licking his lips. Kono stared at him, wanted to bite her lip. Was he being serious?

'Take it off,' the snakehead repeated himself and this time she let herself swallow, told herself that the imaging Danny, Steve and Chin could see was thermal. Her eyes darted around the room, noticed the way all the men were looking at her like she was a piece of meat.

You can do this. Just pretend you're at the beach. Also note to self – shower before attempting any undercover ops.

She unzipped her dress, grateful she had worn practical underwear underneath, told herself that her hands were shaking because of the guns strapped to each man's hip. The fabric pooled at her feet and she watched as Sang Min came closer, told her to turn around. Kono did compliantly, refused to let her gaze flash upwards.

Don't show signs of weakness. Let them underestimate you. It'll work towards your advantage.

Her father had told her that often, even when she had been growing up. It seemed like sound advice. But she couldn't stop herself from shivering when Sang Min traced a finger down her back. Her naked, vulnerable back.

'Hey you alright?' Danny's voice broke into her thoughts. Kono almost slipped forward, jumped out of her skin. Pasting on a smile she turned to face the blonde man.

'Yeah. What's up?' She asked cheerfully. Danny arched an eyebrow at her, folded his arms across his chest. Kono stared at the hand clasped around his forearm, recalled it had been warm and callused at the beach earlier.

'Figured I'd come find out how you were doin',' Danny shrugged, stepping inside. 'Besides Steven's made me realize I need to be grateful for what little time I have left on this Earth.'

This earned him a chuckle from Kono and he felt his face split in response, watching the way her eyes crinkled and lips looked a little more full.

'Don't worry. The McGarrett way isn't local style,' she assured him.

'Guy seems a lil' bit too trigger happy. And reckless. Already know that man's gonna be the death of me,' Danny mumbled under his breath, coming up to stand beside Kono. He felt her bump her shoulder against his.

'He's a good guy. Plus, Chin trusts him. That's good enough for me,' she answered, teasingly. A few beats of silence lapsed between them and Danny fidgeted, glancing at Kono out of the corner of his eye. Kono must have noticed his unease because soon she was mirroring his stance, looking at him evenly.

'You got something you need to say?'

Danny hummed, smoothed a hand over his hair. 'You…about today…you doin' okay kid?'

Kono flexed her fist and for a moment he was afraid she was going to deck him, before she finally sighed.

'If that had been McGarrett going in there, would you be asking the same question?'

'All right there are many things wrong with that statement. First of all, the thought – the mere image – of Super Seal in a tight dress makes me want to pour bleach into my skull. Maybe gouge my eyes out.'

'I don't know. Boss looks like he's got killer legs.'

'What the hell's the matter with you huh?' Danny retorted, scrunching up his face in disgust. 'You can't say shit like that. Now the next thing I do is look at his legs, which is gonna lead to a highly uncomfortable conversation.'

Kono smirked in response. Danny chews his bottom lip before repeating his question.

'Second you're a rookie who got tossed into a seriously fucked up situation. And maybe I'm a little concerned because you're a girl, and you're Chin's little cousin…' He trailed off, wondering whether he should take a step back. Instead Kono's face softens at the edge and the wide smile from before is replaced by something that seems grateful.

'I'm the only female cop in this task force. I'm going to be forced into situations like this. I know what I signed up for,' Kono brushed a hand against his shoulder before walking towards the door. Danny fell into step alongside her, admiring the slant of her shoulders and the way her top made her skin seem more golden.

'I wanted to pull you out, you know?' He admitted and winced when he saw the flash of hurt pass through her eyes. 'I knew something bad was gonna happen and my gut told me…but Chin was right. You could handle yourself. Can handle yourself,' he admended.

Kono tucked her hands into the pockets of her cargo pants, lifted her head when she heard her cousin's voice.

'Thanks,' was all she finally said and Danny nodded, grabbing a beer from the table as Kono settled into a plastic chair across from him.

'We need a name,' she announced and Chin rattled off something long and foreign that had Danny rolling his eyes.

'What about strike force?' Kono suggested.

'God that sounds terrible,' Danny grinned, taking a long pull of his beer and enjoying the indignation on Kono's face.

'We don't need a name yet guys,' Steve cut in, waving his hands. Rolling the bottle neck in his hands, Danny glanced out the window at the clear blue sky.

Don't get a lot of those down in Jersey.

A look at Kono.

Not a lot of those either.