Hello all! Vixxy here with yet another new story. Unlike how I was intending, I am posting this story as I write it. I do hope you will enjoy it. Have fun! And remember, REVIEWS = LOVE!

The young woman stood before the stairwell she knew all too well, staring at the young man whose face was half hidden by a white mask.

"Are you sure?" the male asked.

"It is the least I can do after what I did to you. Please. Raoul will never know. Take her. Raise her as your own, just vow to me that you will not let your view of people meld into her view."

The man could do little but stare at the young woman, then at the small bundle held within her arms against her bosom. Could he truly care for a child? He returned his gaze to the woman's face, and then gave a kind smile, the first he'd shown in his life. "Of course, Christine. Madame Giry and I will raise her." He answered. "What is her name?"

Christine watched as Erik stepped forward to take the child from her. "Amariana de Chagny." She replied. "Please raise her well. I feel she has a talent only this opera house can give her."

"Yet your husband will not let her near the walls if you were to tell him this."

"I was lucky that he is away on business. I can say that I lost the baby. She deserves to have the prosperous career that I could not, Erik."

Erik's eyes darted from the child's sleeping face to Christine's. Madame Giry must have told her his true name. "I preferred Angel of Music from you, Christine."

"Seeing as I can no longer pursue music, I can no longer refer to you as that." Christine answered. "Do take care of her. Promise me no harm will befall her."

Erik nodded in understanding. "I wish you happiness, Christine," he murmured as she turned away from him to start back up the stairs again. He looked down to the sleeping form in his arms and tilted his head, raising a hand to gently stroke his fingers along the baby's cheek. Her hair was ebony and her skin pale but fair, much like her mother.

Christine paused as Erik wished her happiness. "And I pray Amariana can bring you happiness in my stead." She whispered before continuing up the stairs to the surface.

Erik stared at the child, watching the young girl sleep peacefully in his arms. "A child to care for…" he whispered before turning and disappearing into the catacombs of the opera house, the small child in his arms.