True Crime

It is in the streets of LA that all the bad criminals, serial killers, drug dealers, and smugglers go to get rich, live the life of the Heavens like Angels. But the fact is I have never seen an Angel here in this city when sirens are heard so much it sounds like police cars are conversing with each other as they drive by in a high speed chase and follow a runaway car. I am with the special forces that keep this chaos that seems to plague the city down, but my methods are not ones that can be found in the Cop training books. My methods involve me sticking my neck out for a risk and getting in the heat of battle and coming on top to reign supreme. I for get the last time I ever actually used those rusty hand cuffs that would not even hold a kid before breaking. I usually beat the criminal senseless and there would be no point in getting the hand cuffs when in fact it would be best to call the coroner. Then with that I put on my bullet proof vest, my leather jacket, protective arm gear and my twin pistols and set off to go stop some bad guys.

(In a warehouse)

The boss is screaming at the workers to keep going work double time because they are behind schedule, get those drugs loaded up the ship is gonna leave in 3 hours and there ship men is to be delivered to South America. "All right you maggots you want your pay then get those bags lifted up in to the truck so they can depart!" Then out of nowhere the doors from the outside were slammed open and a man was thrown in side and rolling on the ground unconscious from the impact. "What the Hell?" said the boss. Then from the doors I came out and flashed my badge proclaiming in a cocky voice "Everyone is under arrest if u surrender now I will not embarrass you by not beating you like a pi├▒ata!" I said. "HAHAHA one dumb cop and all of us take him out NOW!" then the workers stopped what they were doing and began to walk towards me cracking their knuckles. I slowly put the badge back in my pocket and go in a fighting stance. "All right Lets do this!" I said then two men began to run towards me I tripped one of the guys and punched the other. Then I let out a fury of punches and kicks after I broke his guard I was able to stun him. With that I jumped up and kicked him in the face sending him flying through the wall and defeating him. The remaining 3 men saw this and were in shock one picked up a pole, another grabbed a chain, and the other picked put a cone. The one with the pole attacked me first he swung around wildly and accidentally hit the one that picked up a cone in the back. "wow talk about friendly fire XD" I said laughing. "grr you will pay for this!" again he swung around and I blocked the attacked and managed to strike him a few times when he missed, I punched the pole from his hand jumped spinning saying "Money Pulse!" and punched him in the face knocking him out. "Yeah" I said the one guy with a chain saw that I had successfully defeated the whole gang with one my bare hands and decided to turn around and try to run, but he did not see that the pole left by one of the others was left on the floor next to him and as he tried to run he stepped on the pole and fell onto a barrel head first knocking him unconscious. "Well that was no fun!" I said while putting hand-cuffs on the 5 people. "You have the right to remain stupid XD" Then the radio began to ring, it was the chief "how did it go?" "well the boss got away but I have here 5 henchmen that I believe would love to become our best friend" I said. "Good bring them in" said the chief. "Ight I will be over there shortly" I said putting my shades on and starting up the car, and loading the car with the five men that were hand cuffed. "Well if I was nice I would have put the seat belt on you but since I am a complete jerk I'll just say hold on tight HAHAHA!" I said flooring it as the car speeded off leaving a cloud of smoke and the 5 men in the back seat screaming for their lives.