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A/N- I'm sorta trying a slightly different style to how I usually write. I thought 'I want to try and write Martha, so how can I have Martha but still make it 10/Rose? I know! Memories of some sort. What memories? A photo album!' Easy, so here we are. I don't usually write Martha, actually I've never done it before, but whatever, I'll try anything once! :) Written for a prompt on the TARDIS! "Maybe he had said the wrong thing and maybe he wouldn't be able to take it back."

Doctor, I found this in the library," Martha said walking into the consol room with what looked like a photo album in her hands. "I wasn't snooping or anything. I just found it." She explained quickly when the Doctor crawled out from under the consol.

He stared at it. That wasn't something Martha was meant to find. It wasn't something anyone was meant to find actually. He had been looking through it just after he lost Rose, and put it in the library. After all, he thought he would be travelling alone, why would he need to hide it?

Martha waited for a reply, but the Doctor just stared, seeming lost in memories, so she tried to get a response from the Time Lord. "Doctor?" She asked quietly.

The Doctors head snapped up so fast that Martha could have sworn she'd gotten whiplash just from watching him. "Yeah, that was a, uh, a Christmas present, from a friend. Last year." The Doctor explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. She was more than just a friend. Martha deserves to know.

The Doctor sighed. Martha did deserve to know, but that didn't mean he had to like telling her. He sat down on the captain's chair and motioned for Martha to do the same. When she was sitting, the Doctor took the album from her hands and opened to the first page.

On the first page was a man that looked nothing like the Doctor that sat next to Martha. He had big ears, short hair and a black leather jacket, and the biggest smile on his face that Martha had ever seen on anyone. He was shaking hands with a blonde haired, brown-eyed girl that came up to about his shoulder, she also had a winning smile on her face, who Martha guessed was Rose, the girl the Doctor was always talking about, but neither seemed to notice the camera. "What's going on here?" Martha asked pointing to the picture, trying not to push the Doctor for answers.

"That was at the Powell Estate. London. 2005. Before I regenerated," The Doctor said, almost to himself, still looking at the picture.


"Rose, I've told you before. I don't do domestic. Dinner with your mother counts as that." The Doctor said in his thick Northern accent. He and Rose were standing near the door; he had been about to leave, when Rose had stopped him.

"Please Doctor? I've been missing for the past year. She thought I was dead. And we can't stay for dinner?"

"I never said anything 'bout you. I just said I'm not." The Doctor replied cheekily.

"I'll let you choose the next planet we go to," Rose tried to bargain, smiling with her tongue sticking out between her teeth.

"It'll take more than that to make me have dinner with your mother." The Doctor replied, almost looking shocked at the very idea of anything so domestic coming from his mouth.

Neither participant noticed Jackie enter the room, then upon seeing them, quickly exit. "The next three?" Rose bartered.

The Doctor eyed her for a moment. "Alright," he said, holding out his hand, then pulled it back quickly, "But I want that in writing!" he said and extended his arm again.

"Deal," Rose replied taking his hand and shaking it. Then there was a flash, and two sets of eyes turned to Jackie, who had re-entered at that moment with a camera in hand.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Jackie Tyler, camera happy. I should have known."

"Such a nice picture too!" Jackie said looking down at the display screen on the camera.

"Mum!" Rose on the other hand, did not sound impressed. "Give me the camera."

"Sorry sweetheart, but I'm keepin' this picture, you two look so happy." Jackie said, holding the camera tightly and retreating away from her daughter.


"No Rose!" And that was the last thing the Doctor heard from either Tyler because as soon as they were both out of the room, he escaped through the front door.


"She ended up getting the camera, but I didn't know she kept the photo," The Doctor said, rubbing his thumb over the Rose in the picture. "Jackie was right though, it was a brilliant picture."

"Yeah it was," Martha agreed as she turned the page. And she wasn't lying, it really was.

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