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"Mum's goin' to kill me." She stated in horror.

"Kill you?" The Doctor repeated, his voice getting a few octaves higher, "Then what's she going to do to me?" He shuddered at the thought of some of the things Jackie could do. He had a feeling she would have no problem with a little physical harm. He did marry her only daughter without first informing her or inviting her.

Probably wasn't the best idea.

"How could we have not invited her?" Rose asked, obviously picking up on the Doctor's loose, unprotected thoughts.

"Weeellll… I didn't because she's your mother, but you…" The Doctor trailed off at the deadly look Rose was sending his way. If looks could kill, he would have just bypassed the rest of his regenerations and died right there. Maybe seeing Jackie before the honeymoon would be a better idea. The Doctor mused.

Genius, Doctor. Truly. Rose replied, surprising him slightly.

"Powell Estate then?" The Doctor asked, in a small very un-Time Lord-y voice. Only Rose could make him turn from a Time Lord who's saved the universe too many times to count, to the equivalent of a scared girl. Rose gave him a look.

Within five minutes they had landed in Jackie's kitchen.

"Rose!" Jackie yelled from the living room, and continued talking as she walked into the kitchen. "I've got some great news. You remember Stuart? From the market? Well he asked me out. We're going for drinks next Thursday. But I don't know what to wear! Maybe we could go shopping while you're here. Want to make a good impression and all that, y'know. I don't know if I want to go for a sort of relaxed feel or-"

The Doctor rolled his eyes and tried to supress a smile. They had decided (or Rose had) that Rose would do the talking, as to minimise harm to himself. He had wholeheartedly agreed. "Mum." Rose interrupted Jackie's tangent about her date. "I've got some news too."

Jackie stopped and stared. First at Rose, then her eyes flicked over to the Doctor, then back to Rose. "You're not pregnant are you?" She asked.

"What?" Rose asked, stunned.

"Because if you are, I can tell you now, that man is not going to make it back to his box!"

"What?" The Doctor asked, not quite sure how this was avoiding him getting hurt.

"My daughter's pregnant with a little alien baby!" Jackie grabbed the closest thing, which was apparently a bottle opener, which the Doctor still found sufficiently frightening, and pointed it at him. "She could die! Or end up with a baby with three heads!"

"Jackie, Time Lords do not have three heads." The Doctor said, but backed off when she started shaking the bottle opener a bit close to his face for comfort.

That's not helping. Rose's voice told him in his head.

"Mum! I'm not pregnant. Can you just…" Rose asked, indicating that she should put the bottle opener down. "And maybe… Sit, yeah?"

Jackie nodded cautiously and sat down at the kitchen table, Rose following her, and the Doctor decided to leave Rose to it, so he moved himself to the couch and waited. "Mum, you know the Doctor an' me have been… Together… For a while." Rose started and Jackie nodded slowly.

"Oh God! He's not leaving you is he? 'Cause if he is, I tell you-"

"Mum, he's not-" Rose started to say, at the same time an indignant 'no!' came from the Time Lord in question, who was not eavesdropping.

"We um… We got married." Rose finally managed to say. The Doctor winced at the noise that came from Jackie at this revelation.

And before he could even think about getting back to the TARDIS, the Doctor, a nine-hundred year-old Time Lord, the Oncoming Storm, was being pulled up by his ear to face his very angry mother-in-law. "Ow ow ow, Jackie!"

And then she slapped him. Again. Harder than last time, too.

"You married my only daughter and didn't even tell me?" she asked, as the Doctor rubbed his cheek, sure that there would be a bruise pattern of Jackie's hand.

You were sorta asking for it Doctor. Rose chimed in.

Not helping. You didn't exactly remind me, either. Should I tell her that? The Doctor shot back.

Rose decided to jump in to stop Jackie hurting the DOctor anymore than she already had. "Mum, I'm sorry."

Jackie took a deep breath. "Does he make you happy?" she asked quietly.

Rose nodded. "Yeah, he does. More than anything."

"Okay then..." Jackie replied and looked at their hands. "Where're your rings then?"

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