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Prologue: Force unleashed

Five years ago:

The Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine-tailed demon fox) escaped from the confines of its second prison, the body of Uzumaki Kushina. It happened when Kushina was giving birth to her son, the father of whom was the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato. Unknown to everyone but itself, Kyuubi was perfectly happy living inside Kushina and the two got along pretty well despite the circumstances.

Kyuubi was forcefully dragged out of the seal by a mysterious force and was forced to attack the village by that same force, a force it had not experienced since the first time Uchiha Madara summoned it to fight the Shodaime at the Valley of the End. In the end, Minato was forced to use the Shiki Fuujin to seal Kyuubi into Naruto, his new-born son. Kyuubi in its state of bloodlust lunged a claw at baby Naruto hoping to kill him before the seal could take effect.

Using their remaining strength, Minato and Kushina sacrificed their lives to block the claw heading towards their child. After each of them said their final parting words, Minato once again said out loud that he wished the villagers would treat him as a hero… Fat load of good that did him!

Five years later

A five year old Naruto panted as he ran through a maze of alleyways and corridors to escape the wrath of the mob that were hot on his tracks. Running as fast as his undeveloped legs could propel him, Naruto skidded around a corner and into a different alley. Luck was not on his side today as the alley ended in a dead-end; Naruto looked around with wide eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of anything that could save him. As a last ditch effort, Naruto ran as far in as possible and pressed himself into the darkness of the corner in hope that the mob would not spot him.

Alas that was not to be, the mob advanced upon him with kunais drawn and other forms of improvised weaponry in hand. With a cry of anger the mob fell upon young Naruto as they beat, stabbed, kicked and slashed at him as if trying to maim him in every single way. All Naruto could do was cry and whimper quietly to himself as he either waited for the mob to leave or the ANBU to come to his rescue.

'What did I do to deserve this? Why do they come and hurt me? What did I do to them? Why am I called a demon when I clearly am human? Why me…' Naruto thought before a particularly vicious blow to the back of his head caused him to blackout.





Naruto groaned as he picked himself up before a blinding pain in his head caused him to stumble sideways, so he used the wall for support as the pain went away. Finally noticing his bizarre surroundings, Naruto sighed as he thought the villagers had thrown him in here.

"Great now beating me senseless isn't enough, they had to go and through my body into a sewer as well. Just freaking perfect." Naruto grumbled as he looked around for some signs of a way out.

"Come to me boy." A loud voice boomed throughout the sewer causing Naruto to panic and look around frantically as he tried to pinpoint the source of the voice.

"Where are you?" Naruto asked quietly.

"Walk straight and you will find the answers you seek young one."

And walk straight Naruto did, he walked until he came upon the strange sight of a large metal gate held closed by what looked to be a flimsy piece of paper with weird writing on it.

"Come closer boy."

Naruto shrugged as he walked closer to the bars and didn't even flinch back as a large blood red paw slam down right in front of him, using his eyes to trace the claw back into the cage to find a massive nine-tailed fox crouching behind the bars.

"Hahaha! Very interesting reaction kit! Even the mightiest of heroes had at least flinched in my presence, yet you do not do so. Very good!"

"I take it that you are the same Kyuubi no Yoko that attacked my village around five years ago?" Naruto asked with a curious expression.

"Indeed kit, I am the same Kyuubi from five years ago." Kyuubi growled softly in response.

"If you are inside me then the Yondaime was not strong enough to kill you so he did the next best thing… he sealed it into a child. And that child was me, am I right?"

"You are smarter than you let others think kit… yes you are correct in your assumption."

"So that's the reason the villagers call me all those names and why they form mobs to try and kill me regularly." Naruto analysed in a surprisingly calm voice causing the Kyuubi to look upon him confused.

"What do you mean by that kit?"

"You don't know what happens outside the seal?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"No, I only get the occasional fragment or memory. Now tell me what you meant."

"Better than that. I'm giving you access to all my senses and memories so you can view them for yourself, just don't blame me if you can't sleep at night." Naruto answered in a cold tone. Kyuubi lived went through all five years of his jailor's life in the span of five minutes and to say that the demon was pissed would be saying that Jiraiya is a pervert, HUGE understatement.

'And these are the people that have the gall to call me a demon! No demon in the right mind would ever harm a child, yet this people attempted to kill the kit numerous times. Hell if what I saw was correct, the first assassination attempt was only twenty-four hours after the sealing!' Kyuubi growled to itself.

"Kit, I take it that you don't know who your parents are?" Kyuubi asked after contemplating for a few seconds.

"No, I asked old man Hokage a few times but he just said that they were great ninjas and he would tell me when I am older." Naruto replied.

"Well kit, your mother was Uzumaki Kushina. She was a ninja from Uzushiogakure (Village hidden in the whirling tides) that was sent to Konohagakure (Village hidden in the leaves) to be my second jailor." Kyuubi started off causing Naruto to go wide eyed at the information.

"Yes kit, you aren't the first jinchuriki that held me but that is a story for another time because if I remember correctly time is of the essence since you are still being beaten outside of your mindscape. Now your father was the strongest shinobi in your village, he was Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage of your village."

Naruto gaped at this as his brain ran on overtime as it tried to process this information, 'My father is the Yondaime? He sealed the Kyuubi into his own son, why would he do that? Of course! Everyone said the Yondaime was an honourable man so how could he ask someone to do something he wouldn't do himself!'

"Kit I know this may seem kind of rushed to you but how would you like to have a Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit)?" Kyuubi growled in a tone that said 'hurry up and decide or we are both fucked and not in the good way'.

"What would I be able to do?" Naruto asked instantly.

"To sum it up, you would be able to many things that ordinary ninjas can't do. Basically, levitate objects or people and you can throw them around, ability to sense living things, shoot lightning from your fingers and etc. I will explain more when we aren't in mortal danger!"

"Fine Kyuubi I accept your gift, now get us both out of this mess!"

Outside the mindscape

The mob backed away in fear as Naruto's body seemed to glow with energy, one of the villagers was about to shout something stupid before the energy exploded outwards in a wave. The impact of the wave caused many of the people to die instantly due to having their necks or spinal cords snapped, the remainder died when their bodies slammed into the sides of the alley.

This was the scene Naruto woke up to barely a minute later, panicking slightly since he didn't have an excuse for what happened; he calmed down when he heard Kyuubi's voice.

'Run back to your apartment kit, when the old monkey questions you just tell him that I took over you as precautionary measure since you were about to die.'

'Hai Kyuubi-san.' Naruto thought in his mind before running in the general direction of his apartment block that the Hokage had purchased for him after he was kicked out of the orphanage at four.

'Don't call me –san, it makes me feel older than I am.'

'Hai Kyuubi.'

Once he had reached home, Naruto made sure his door and windows were locked securely before sighing and turning in for the night.

Mindscape once more

"Hey Kyuubi what kind of bloodline allows me to do all those things you told me about." Naruto asked with barely contained excitement.

"Well sit down first kit; this is going to be a rather long explanation." Kyuubi said before waiting until Naruto settled in comfortably. "Now tell me kit, what do you know about chakra?"

"Well the old man once told me that it was what allowed ninjas to perform their jutsus as well as other impossible stuff such as walking on water." Naruto replied almost instantly.

"That's a rather basic explanation there kit, okay let me explain it fully. Chakra is a mixture of the physical energy present in every cell of your body and the spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. Once mixed, it can be channelled through the chakra circulatory system, which is to chakra as the regular circulatory system is to blood, to any of the 361 chakra points (called tenketsu) in the body. Through various methods, the most common of which is hand seals, the chakra can then be manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise, such as walking on water, exhaling fire or creating illusions."

"So what does this have to do with my bloodline Kyuubi?" Naruto had a puzzled look on his face.

"I'm coming to that kit, now chakra is not only in our bodies but in the environment around us. Every living thing from humans to animals even trees have their own chakra. Chakra from the environment is known as Nature chakra but we aren't here to talk about that." Kyuubi chuckled at the pout on the young child's face. "There is something else in the environment around us, it surrounds us along with the entire planet and binds us together. This universal phenomenon is known as the Unifying Force or simply as The Force, humans were once able to wield this power but their bodies evolved to be able to use chakra and lost the ability to use the force."

"Wow this force thingy sounds great Kyuubi!" Naruto shouted excitedly.

"Yes it does, doesn't it? Now the bloodline I gave you alters your chakra network so it still allows you to use chakra but also grants you the ability to use the force." Kyuubi began but was cut off by an excited whoop of joy courtesy of our young blonde jinchuriki. "Now I know you are excited but to wield this kind of power requires lots of training sometimes even years!"

At this statement, Naruto seemed to deflate for a total of five seconds before bouncing back onto his feet with a determined glare levelled at Kyuubi.

"I don't care if I have to train for ten years! I will show you and everyone what I am capable of and then finally everyone will respect me and then…" Naruto trailed off as his voice took own a darker tone. "Those who have crossed me before will suffer my wrath!"

Kyuubi felt a pleasant shudder run up its spine at the tone that Naruto used, 'Maybe…just maybe he will be the one for me…only the years will tell.'

"Well kit as a reward for your determination, I will teach you a jutsu that will speed up the process for you to reach your goal." Kyuubi grinned as Naruto looked confused.

"Ano…Kyuubi don't you need fingers to perform the handseals for various jutsus?"

"Right you are kit…however I never said that this was my only form." With that said, a blinding crimson light surrounded Kyuubi before it died down to reveal a beautiful female standing where the giant fox was only a few seconds ago. The woman was definitely the most beautiful person Naruto had ever seen, with flowing blood-red hair that fell to her perfect firm butt and a generous bust that while bigger than average wasn't too much as well. She had a body that every women in the world would kill for, curves in all the right places and long slender toned legs. The only things that signified who she was were the nine blood-red tails that seemed to emerge from her ass, the pair of white tipped fox ears on her head and her slitted crimson pupils.

Needless to say Naruto had a massive blush on his face due to the fact that the demoness in front of him was completely naked, it definitely didn't help that she had smirked at him sexily.

"Does Naru-chan like what he sees?" Kyuubi cooed as she pressed her assets together to give him a better view, all Naruto could do was nod. Kyuubi snapped her fingers and she was instantly clothed in a black kimono with a picture of herself in her demon form on the back. "Good, now the jutsu I'm about to teach you is dangerous for normal shinobi but you on the other hand are the perfect candidate to draw out its full potential."

"Hai Kyuubi-sensei, so what's the jutsu?"

"The jutsu is called Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Shadow clone technique) and is labelled a kinjutsu in your village's forbidden scroll due to the high cost of chakra it takes to create even one. Kage bushins are solid clones of their creator but dispel in one hit, now this is the aspect of shadow clones that will help. The clones remember everything they did and upon destruction these memories are passed back to the creator. And can you imagine how many clones you can create with your huge chakra reserves?"

"That means if whatever the clones learn in its lifespan I will get retain it after it disperses, so it shortens the duration by at least half for every clone I set to the same task…" Naruto mused to himself as the Kyuubi looked dumbfounded at the analytical skills of the five year old child in front of her. "Alright Kyuubi-sensei, I understand the advantages of this technique now so can you teach it to me?"

"Before I do that kit, there is a downside to this technique and that is the memory feedback. If you dispel too many clones at one time, the memory backlash will knock you out cold and could result in damage to your brain. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?" Kyuubi asked seriously and Naruto nodded his head eagerly. "Form this handseal with your hands and channel your chakra into through it before shouting out the name of the technique."

Naruto immediately formed the crossed-shaped handseal and channelled as much of his chakra as possible at his current age before shouting out the name of the technique.

"Kage Bushing no Jutsu!"

Numerous poofs of smoke filled the entire sewer as Kyuubi looked on impressed as several hundred chibi Narutos cheered at the successful attempt of their new jutsu. Taking what Kyuubi had told him to heart, Naruto slowly dismissed the clones ten at a time every twenty seconds.

"Kyuubi-sensei are you going to teach me how to use the force thingy you told me about?" Naruto looked at her hopefully but Kyuubi shook her head.

"All in due time Naruto, and now it's time for you to get some rest since you have classes tomorrow. Don't forget the excuse I told you to use when the old monkey questions you about the incident." She said causing Naruto nod in understanding as he slowly faded out from the mindscape, Kyuubi sighed as she looked around before coming to a sudden realisation.

"SON OF A BITCH! I can't believe I forgot to ask the kit to change the mindscape!"

Naruto's dream

Naruto blinked as he looked around confused, after leaving the mindscape he didn't expect to appear in some strange forest that resembled Konoha's forest. Since standing still didn't serve him any purpose, Naruto took a slow step forward as he prepared for any nasty surprises. After five minutes of this careful approach, he deduced that if there was any threat in the forest, it would have appeared already.

"Hello? Is anyone else here?" Naruto called out to the seemingly empty forest and not really expecting an answer, so imagine his surprise when a voice replied from deeper within the forest.

"Come to us youngling, we have much to discuss with the only force sensitive person on this force forsaken ball of dirt."

"Who are you? Where are you?" Naruto shouted back at the voice. 'Déjà vu…'

"All you questions will be answered when you find us youngling just follow the sound of my voice…okay that sounded really cheesy but just trust me alright." The voice seemed to emanate from a particular point in the forest so Naruto decided to take a risk as he walked in that direction. The trees and plants seemed to get denser the further in he walked in that direction, Naruto broke into a sprint as he was getting annoyed by all the foliage.

"Shit!" He screamed as he tripped over a thick root and was sent tumbling down the slope of a hill, Naruto curled up to prevent unnecessary injuries as he continued his roll/tumble down the hill.

"Ooowww…" Naruto groaned after he finally came to a stop at the bottom of the hill, he opened his eyes to find two cloaked figures sitting around a campfire observing him. "What are you looking at?"

"I see you finally made it youngling though you did use a peculiar way to find your way into our lovely encampment…" The second figure chuckled as Naruto huffed as he stood up and dusted himself off.

"Who the hell are you two and why am I here?"

"Isn't it common courtesy to give one's own name before demanding it from others?" The first figure asked causing Naruto to pause as he thought about it.

"I guess so… my name is Uzu-wait- Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto and I'm the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko!"

"Well then, I guess you can call me Darth Revan." The first figure chuckled at Naruto's confused look as he threw back his cloak to reveal a black and red helmet.

"And my name is Galen Marek." The second figure said as he threw back his cloak to reveal a close-shaved head and battle hardened features on his face but somehow retaining a kind smile.

"Why am I here and why do you guys have such weird names?"

"You see young Naruto; we aren't from your planet. No, we are not aliens. Let's just say that a long time ago, the galaxy used to be a bigger place alright?" Revan sighed when he saw that he had lost Naruto. "It's not important alright! What is important is that you are the first force sensitive person in a long time and Galen and I were once the most powerful force users in the galaxy. So we decided to pass on our legacies to you youngling as well as teach you how to fully master your powers."

"Sweet I got three totally awesome people teaching me! I can't wait to begin my training now!" Naruto cheered excitedly as he bounced around the campsite.

"The first thing about controlling your force power is…" Revan paused for dramatic tension as Naruto looked on with an excited expression. "…meditating!"

Revan and Galen couldn't help but burst out laughing at Naruto since his face had went from excited to eating dirt at the mention of meditation. Naruto jumped back to his feet as he glared at the laughing pair.

"I hate you…"

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