Author Notes: Before anyone asks yes I am a fan of Futurama. Those of you who don't get the reference don't worry about it.


Mizore poked at the contents of the pot with a fork.

"Hmmm, is curry supposed to harden like this? Well at least it didn't explode this time." With a resigned sigh she tried to dump the failed meal into the trash. When the now rock hard curry refused to slide out she gave up and threw the pot out as well.

"Why am I wasting my time? I'm just no good at this." Glancing at the calendar she saw that tomorrow was the cooking practical. The day all the girls in her home ec class would be required to cook a meal to be graded on. Despite her best efforts the fact was she had no talent for cooking. Moka and Kurumu were both good cooks and would no doubt make a feast.

It was understood that after their efforts were graded all the girls would give their meals to which ever boys they liked. She had no doubt Tsukune would be the one enjoying their efforts. (He would also be given Yukari's food but the little witch was almost as helpless cooking as she was.)

Mizore suddenly imagined her darling Tsukune standing before her with mouth watering. "Please feed me Mizore-chan, I am soooooo hungry."

Her face blushed and her tender maiden's heart skipped a beat.

"No! I definitely can't give up, not if it's for him." She pulled out fresh ingredients and began once more.


"Now I want all of you girls to keep one thing in mind." The blonde haired teacher told them with her usual enthusiasm. "Cooking is art! Art is explosive! Explosive means spiciness! All of you do your very best and don't be afraid to push the limits!"

"Is it just me," Yukari said in a low voice. "Or is Aspara-sensei a little too enthusiastic?"

"A lot of our teachers are like that," Moka replied thinking about Nekonome-sensei. "I suppose it's good that they care."

"Yahoo!" Kurumu gave a happy shout. "I am so going to win Tsukune's heart with me special 'Lover's Curry' it's a family recipe." From out of nowhere she produced two huge bottles. One was marked 'Testosterone' and the other one 'Aphrodisiac.'

Both Moka and Yukari sweat dropped.

"Oh would you just give up on that already? Desu." Yukari said. "None of your ridiculous schemes ever work."

"This time for sure!" Kurumu began pouring her special ingredients into the pot along with the usual meat and spices.

"You have no idea what a growing boy needs! My curry will be nutritious and filled with vitamins! Desu!" Yukari produced a box filled with live frogs and lizards as well as locust innards. One of the frogs tried to leap away. "Get back in there! Desu!"

Moka and Kurumu both sweat dropped.


Meanwhile outside one of the window to the classroom a certain red headed vampire was glaring furiously. It was unbelievable! Her beloved older sister was standing there with an apron on cooking over a hot stove like some common servant!

"Geez onee-chan where has your pride as a vampire gone?" She growled.

"I think it's all right," a voice beside her said.

"Huh?" Kokoa looked to her right in startlement to see Mizore standing there calmly peering into the classroom. "Hey! What are you doing here?"

"That's my line." Mizore said laconically. "This is surveillance point three forty; it's one of my favorites."

"As expected of a stalker."

Mizore turned from the window to look at her. "Like you're one to talk, I've heard about you and your obsessive personality. Honestly, being infatuated over your sister, it's sort of pathetic don't you think?"

"What? Why you!" Kokoa took hold of her pet bat and transformed him into a massive sledgehammer. "I'll teach you some manners stalker!" She charged straight at Mizore.

"I hate being in pain." Mizore said and waved her arm.

Kokoa fell at her feet inside a block of ice.


"So what did she do this time?" Moka asked wearily.

Somehow no one was too shocked when Mizore brought Kokoa into the classroom frozen solid.

"Nothing much," Mizore said. "She just tried to attack me when I told her she was being kind of pitiful trying to stalk you."

Moka blinked. "You told her she was pitiful because you caught her stalking?"

"Should I not have?"

Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari all sweat dropped.

"Mizore you are late," Aspara-sensei chided. "You had best hurry and start cooking your curry."

Mizore looked down embarrassed. "I… I'm not sure that I can."

"Oh don't worry about it," Kurumu said. "We all know you're no good at cooking. Just try not to blow the classroom up."

Mizore turned to her as an arctic blast caused everything to frost over and had all the girls shivering.

"G… geez wh… why are you so thi… thin skinned." Kurumu asked through chattering teeth.

Mizore turned and ran out.

Moka sent her aqua haired friend an unhappy look. "That was mean Kurumu-chan."

"What? I'm just being honest. It's just like when I tell everyone Yukari here is flat as a board."

"Hey! Desu!"



When lunch time rolled around Tsukune found himself in the enviable position of having three girls waiting to have him try their food,

"Yahoo! Here Tsukune please try my special homemade curry! One bite and you will definitely fall in love with me!"

Tsukune eyed the purple colored food a little suspiciously. "Kurumu you didn't put love potion in this did you?"

Looking embarrassed she tried to cover up with a wide smile. "Tsukune why would you even think that?"

"Because everything you make for him has love potion in it you deceitful milk cow! Desu!" A still upset Yukari pushed her way ahead of her big boobed rival. "Here Tsukune please try my curry. It's guaranteed to fill you with energy and vitality. Desu!"

Tsukune looked at the plate the little witch was holding. "Uh, is that a frog's leg?" He asked feeling a little queasy.

"It sure is! Frogs are an excellent source of protein and vitamin D. Desu!"

"Uh, Yukari, you do know I'm Japanese not French right?"

"What does that mean? Desu?"

"Tsukune," Moka spoke up. "Would you like to try my curry?" On the tray she held was a plate filled with steaming white rice and a beautiful golden colored curry. It not only looked but smelled appetizing.

"Oh! It looks wonderful Moka I would love to try some."

"Really? I'm so glad." She said shyly.

The two of them looked into each other's eyes.

"Moka-san," Tsukune said dreamily.

"Tsukune." Moka sighed.





"Okay knock it off!" Kurumu jumped between them breaking their eye contact and bringing them back form their own little world. "Seriously! Do we have to do this every single episode?"

"Uh, excuse me Tsukune?"

They all looked over to see Mizore standing there nervously with a tray covered by a cloth napkin.

"I'm sorry for being late but I went back to my room and made some curry just for you. If, if it's not too much of a bother would you like to try it?" Tsukune smiled at her and she felt the warmth fill her chest like it always did when he looked at her.

"Sure Mizore, I would love to."

"I'm happy to hear that," she placed the tray in front of him and whipped off the cloth covering it. "Please eat up and enjoy! I made sure to use only the freshest meats and spices!"

Tsukune stared at the food Mizore had just put in front of him. It wasn't that the curry looked bad or unappetizing.

It was just that her food was frozen into a block of ice.

"Please don't hold back Tsukune," Mizore said encouraging. "Dig in and help yourself."

"Heh, right." Not wanting to upset her he did his best. Taking a fork he tried to chip away.

"Wow, that's pretty bad even for Mizore." A random girl in the cafeteria said.

Another nodded her agreement. "I mean you would expect her to at least know to thaw out a frozen dinner."

Mizore looked at them and back at Tsukune.

"Oh, I ruined it didn't I?" Mizore said miserably.

"Yeah, pretty much." Kurumu agreed earning her looks from Moka, Yukari, and Tsukune. "What? Are you going to say she actually did well?"

Mizore looked at Tsukune hoping he might somehow disagree.

He smiled uncomfortably and tried to think of a reply. "I know Mizore did her best."

The girl put her head down crushed. She knew Tsukune was much too kind to ever say anything hurtful. Those words were as close as he would ever come to agreeing that she had ruined the meal. There was a sudden deep freeze and everyone but her friends were entombed in a massive block of ice as she ran out.


The block of ice Kokoa was in had been placed over one of the stoves in the home ec room. The ice melted freeing the freshman vampire.

"Achoo!" Kokoa rubbed her nose. She was wet, chilled to the bone, and deeply humiliated. "Stupid stalker," she muttered.

"You're a new student here aren't you?"

Kokoa saw a blonde haired and much too cheerful teacher standing there with a plate of food in her hands.

"Hai." Kokoa acknowledged.

The teacher approached her extending the plate like an offering. "Cooking is art. Art is explosive. Explosive means spicy. Since you haven't been in my class yet please try this explosive, spicy, yet artistic curry."

Even though it was a teacher speaking to her Kokoa was in no mood for such foolishness. She instinctively lashed out knocking the plate out of Aspara's hand and spilling its contents all over the floor.

"Shut up! How can you ask a proud vampire to eat such disgusting swill?"

The teacher froze and darkness covered her. "Curry is… disgusting? Swill?" The woman gave Kokoa a menacing look. "I won't forgive you."

Kokoa felt a sudden chill that had nothing to do with being frozen. Being a vampire though she refused to admit anything was wrong. "Whatever, I'm out of here." She left as quickly as she could without appearing to be in a hurry.

Aspara watched her go. No, I won't forgive you.


Kokoa was just walking down the hall when she sensed more than heard someone coming up from behind her. She turned just in time to see Aspara-sensei coming up to her.

"You have offended the goddess of curry! Now suffer my wrath!"

"Hey! What are you…"

Aspara grabbed her about the shoulders. "Receive the kiss of curry!"

Before Kokoa could do anything Aspara had her tongue in her mouth and was swirling it about.

Holy crap! Kokoa thought. I'm being molested!

Though she tried to get away there was no escape. Her mouth was filled with an amazing range of explosive flavors that were running through her whole body. I'm so hot! Geez am I lesbian?

When the kiss ended she cried out. "It's spicy!" She then collapsed.

Standing over her Aspara nodded pleased. "Now that you have received the kiss of curry you will truly appreciate the wonders of curry and all things curry like!"

After a moment Kokoa's skin turned a shiny yellow and she was back on her feet. "I love curry!" She said. "Curry!"

Aspara nodded. "Good, you will help me spread the love of curry throughout this school and eventually the world!"

"Okay, but can I have some curry first? Curry."


Mizore was sitting atop the school roof all alone thinking about her failure. Despite all her efforts she had still made a mess of things.

"All I wanted was to make Tsukune a nice meal and I couldn't do it," she said miserably.

As she sat there she thought back to the time Tsukune and the others had saved her. In particular she recalled how Inner Moka had kicked the hell out of her when she had deliberately refused to thank the girl for saving her.

If you're going to just die then at least try to do something with your life first you little twerp!

Inner Moka was not exactly the gentlest of folk, but she was always there to fight for the people who mattered to her and she never minced words. Mizore knew that what she wanted was simply to make Tsukune happy. That was the only thing that really mattered to her. To make Tsukune smile would fill her with an inexpressible joy.

"I can't give up," she muttered and got to her feet. "I will definitely learn how to make him happy."

"There are many, many ways for a girl to make a boy happy. Which did you have in mind Mizore-chan?"

Startled Mizore looked over her shoulder to see Ruby standing there grinning. A pair of enormous raven wings folding away into her body.

"Ruby? What are you doing up here?"

"Oh I like to come up here some times and think about many, many things. Like what sort of knots to use without cutting off my circulation."


"Nothing," Ruby said with a shake of her head. "I can guess which boy you are referring to. Just what sort of activity were you planning to make him happy with?"

Mizore blushed slightly at the open ended question. "I just wanted to make Tsukune a good meal that he would really enjoy. That's all. But no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get it right."

"Don't despair Mizore," the older witch told her. "Some things are harder than others, but nothing is impossible so long as you keep at it. My older master taught me that. She also showed me that learning to do something is much easier if you have someone there with you."

"Would you teach me Ruby?" Mizore asked hopefully.

"Sure," Ruby said. "Before long we'll have you cooking like a gourmet chef."


Several Hours Later

"It's on fire!" A panicked Ruby shouted.

Three foot high flames were leaping from the cook pot and threatening to ignite the roof of Mizore's dorm room.

"I've got it!" Mizore waved her arms about and called up a miniature snow storm.

There was a long extended hiss as the flames were ultimately doused and the kitchen filled with stream. They both exited the kitchen area coughing and with hair wet and flat from the stream.

"I don't understand it!' Ruby said in dismay. "We didn't use any grease. How do you set rice and regular curry on fire?"

"Well at least it didn't explode this time," Mizore said wearily. Her shoulders were slumped in defeat. "I'm sorry for wasting all your time, it really does seem pointless."

Ruby looked over at the girl sympathetically. She really was trying her absolute best and for whatever reason the results just weren't matching up with her efforts.

Ruby considered for a moment and came to a decision. "Listen Mizore-chan, I wasn't planning on telling you this but there is a secret to making any food absolutely delicious and irresistible to people."

"There is? Then why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"Well it's a bit of a cheat," Ruby admitted. "It's something my master taught me and not something I'm eager to pass on, but I can see how you're struggling. I'll share the secret with you though. If you do what I say I guarantee Tsukune won't be able to resist your cooking."

"All right," Mizore said eagerly. "So what's this secret?"

Though they were alone in Mizore's dorm room Ruby leaned in to whisper in her ear.

Her eyebrows rose in shock. "Really? I never would have thought of that!"

Ruby nodded. "It's guaranteed to work."

"All right, I'll do it then." Mizore said.


"I wonder where Mizore-chan is." Tsukune said as they were gathered together to have lunch.

"She's probably sitting in her room all broken hearted," Yukari said. "Did you have to be so mean to her the other day you top heavy slut? Desu!"

"Hey! I was just being honest! Friends are supposed to be honest with each other, right you pint sized brat?"

"What did you call me you escapee from a dairy farm? Desu!"

"Please! Please can we not fight?" Moka asked. "We're friends and we should try to get along."

"Moka is right," Tsukune said. "Let's all try to get along. After club activities we can go and visit Mizore and see if she's all right."

"Whatever," Kurumu said. "Obviously this episode is all about the snow girl. I'll just have to wait until we get to one focused on me."

"Uh Kurumu," Tsukune asked. "What are you talking about?"

Before she could answer though Kokoa arrived. She was dressed as usual but her skin was yellow as a pencil and in both hands she held plates of curry.

"Onee-chan," she called out as she approached their table. "I've been causing trouble for everyone so I thought I'd let everyone have some curry today. Curry."

Moka rose to her feet and looked at her little sister. "You mean you're not going to threaten to beat me until my Inner self comes out?"

"No, of course not onee-chan. I love my older sister no matter what form she takes. Let's have curry to celebrate. Curry."

"Oh Kokoa I'm so happy! You finally understand!"

Her little sister nodded. "I just hope onee-chan can forgive me. Curry."

"Of course I forgive you Kokoa."

The two half-sisters looked into each other's eyes.


"Onee-chan. Curry."


"Onee-chan. Curry."

"Okay! Okay! Stop! Seriously this is starting to creep me out!" Kurumu exclaimed. "I mean am I the only one noticing her skin looks like a ripe banana, that she's acting weird being all nice all of a sudden, or that every other word she says is 'curry.' It's almost as annoying as 'desu.'"

"Hey! Desu!" Yukari shouted.

Kokoa's head spun around to look at Kurumu over her back. "That's not true. Curry."

Everyone, including Moka was a bit disturbed by that.

"Ah, Moka-san is that normal for vampires?" Tsukune asked.

"No," she answered shaking her head. "Kokoa are you feeling all right? Maybe we should go visit the nurse."

Kokoa's head snapped back around. "I am feeling just fine onee-chan. Now how about we have some yummy curry? Curry."

"Ah, well we all ate curry yesterday so we're not really in the mood for it today." Moka told her.

Kokoa's happy smile vanished. "You don't want to eat this delicious curry? Curry."

"Well not today, maybe another time. Are you sure you're feeling all right Kokoa?"

Kokoa carefully set the plates down. "If you don't want to eat curry then I guess there's no choice. Curry." Kokoa began shuffling towards her sister.

"Uh, Kokoa? What are you doing?" Moka began backing up until she backed up against the wall.

"Onee-chan I am going to give you the kiss of curry. Curry."


Without warning Kokoa grabbed her older sister about her cheeks and began to suck face for all she was worth. Moka's eyes bulged and here arms waved about desperately. In her mind she had sudden flashbacks to those times 'playing mommy and daddy' with her eldest sister Akuha in her bedroom. No way! Not again! And this time no one's even promising to buy me candy!

From his seat Tsukune's jaw dropped. "Mo… Mo… Moka!" I think I'm getting turned on!

"What are you two doing?" Kurumu gasped.

A stream of blood was flowing from Yukari's nose. "Unbelievable! Vampire, lesbian, incest loving! It's even better than I imagined! Desu!"

"Yukari!" Kurumu shouted.

"Uh, I mean this is awful. Desu." Whipping out her camera phone Yukari snapped some pics.

As Kokoa's tongue swirled all about her mouth Moka could taste all sorts of explosive flavors. When her younger sister at least released her she cried out. "It's spicy!" And collapsed to the floor.

"Moka-san!" Tsukune cried and ran to her side. "Kokoa what did you do?"

"I just wanted to share my love of curry with my beloved onee-chan. Curry." She began to approach Yukari. "I want to share my love of all things curry with all of you. Curry."

"Wait! Wait a second! This is all wrong! Desu!" Yukari cried as Kokoa grabbed a hold of her. "Nooooooooooooooo! I wanted my first experience with a woman to be with Moka! Desu!"

Kokoa jammed her tongue into the eleven year olds mouth.

"It's spicy! Desu!" The girl collapsed.

Kurumu grabbed Tsukune by the arm and hauled him away. "Tsukune I don't know what's going on here but we need to go."

"What? But Moka…"

Even as he spoke Moka began to stir and get to her feet. Her skin was now the same bright and shiny yellow as Kokoa's. "Tsukune, do you want to get some curry?"


"We've got to run Tsukune! She's one of them now!" Kurumu cried and dragged him away.

"One of what?"

"I have no idea, but I've seen enough zombie movies to know the signs!"

Behind them in the cafeteria Kokoa began kissing other students and the slowly rising chant of, 'Curry. Curry.' Could be heard.


Kurumu and Tsukune were soon holed up in an empty classroom. Outside in the hall way their fellow students shuffled along. Their skins bright yellow, most of them holding plates of fresh curry in their hands, all of them talking about how much they loved curry.

"We're surrounded by curry zombies," Kurumu said. "Don't worry Tsukune, we just need to get to the roof and I can fly both of us out of here."

"What about Moka and Yukari and Kokoa and the others?" Tsukune asked.

"Tsukune, seriously! Have you never seen a zombie movie? Once you get turned into one of them it's all over! Game over man game over!"

"We can't abandon our friends Kurumu." Tsukune said. "There has to be something we can do for them."

Kurumu thought for a moment and a blush crept over her cheeks. "Well, I have an idea."


"Let's have sex."

"Huh?" He just stared at her blankly.

"Ah, well you know, in those monster movies the couples having sex are always safe."

"Actually Kurumu-chan I'm pretty sure that having sex in one of those movies always results in immediate death."

"But at least we'd get to have sex!"


Without warning the window to the room was smashed in. Kokoa stood there with a blank expression and a soulless smile on her lips.

"So this is where the two of you have been hiding. I want to share my love of curry with you. Curry."

"No! Tsukune get out of here I'll hold her off! I love you!" She shoved her Destined One out the class room door and shut it.


"Think well of me my darling!"

"Let me give you the kiss of curry. Curry." Kokoa grabbed the succubus and began frenching her.

No! I wanted to wait until college for this! At the very least I should be drunk!


Seeing it was too late for Kurumu Tsukune had no choice but to flee. The other students, now turned curry zombies, tried to get him to try some of their food but he somehow managed to avoid them as he ran and dodged down the hall.

"Tsukune," Kokoa called after him. "Where are you going? You must be hungry come have some curry with us. Curry."

"Yahoo! Tsukune it's all right, I'll feed you as much curry as you want."

Damn it! They got Kurumu!

Desperate for some refuge he ducked into the newspaper club room. There sitting behind the teacher's desk was Gin, sitting a cappuccino and reading a newspaper. He looked as normal as ever and frowned at Tsukune's sudden entrance.

"What are you doing here Tsukune? Club hasn't started yet. Is Moka with you by any chance?"

"Gin-sempai we have to get out of here something terrible has happened!"

"What? Is the swim club recruiting again?"

"No! Much, much worse. Kurumu is going around kissing everyone and turning them into mindless curry zombies."

Gin stared at him. "Are you being serious?"

Tsukune nodded.

"You mean I can actually make out with Kokoa? Hot damn! I have a serious thing for tsundere chicks in leggings."

Tsukune shook his head in disbelief. "Gin I think you're missing the point here."

"No, I think I got it. I have a chance to make out with Kokoa."

"Yes, but then you turn into a mindless curry zombie."

"Right, but before that I get to make out with her."

Tsukune wondered if some people were worth saving.

Kokoa arrived and burst through the door. "Who wants my special kiss of curry? Curry."

"Right here baby!" Gin exclaimed.

As Kokoa and Gin eagerly made out Tsukune bolted past and out the door. Seeing the stairs he hoped to head down to the ground floor. Unfortunately a mass of curry zombies were slowly climbing up the stairs. With no other alternative he headed for the roof.


Reaching the roof he slammed shut the door. He was momentarily safe but what real good did that do him? The academy was four stories high and there was no other way for him to safely get down and escape. He was trapped.

"Tsukune? Somehow I just knew you'd end up here. Let's have some delicious curry together."

"Moka-san?" He turned to see the yellow skinned Moka smiling at him. In her hands was a plate of curry.





"Tsukune. Curry." She shoved a spoonful of curry into his mouth.

"Ah! It's spicy!"


"Perfect," Mizore sighed happily tasting her creation. Thanks to Ruby-san's help she had finally come up with a delicious meal. I just hope Tsukune likes it.

Eager to have him try it she set out with her food in a sealed metal container on her back.

As soon as she approached the school grounds she knew something was off. Too many students were just sitting around eating rather than attending class. And was it her imagination or did all of them look… yellow?

"Curry," one of them moaned and began to stagger towards her with arms outstretched.

"Curry! Curry! Give us curry!" They began to moan and shuffle towards her.

"No," she cried. "This is for Tsukune."

With a wave of her arm she flash froze the bunch of them and hurried past into the main building.


"Give us curry!"

"We want delicious curry!"

Since when is my cooking this popular? Mizore wondered as she froze more and more students into blocks of ice. "I'm sorry, but my curry is especially for Aono Tsukune."

All the students and even the teachers were not attending their usual classes. Instead everyone was wither roaming eh halls or seated somewhere devouring platefuls of curry. Since the regular classes weren't in session Mizore was left with no choice but to search for Tsukune.

"Tsukune where are you?" She called out going from room to room.

She opened one door to find Ruby standing there. "Ruby? Are you all right?"

The yellow skinned witch smiled at her. "Certainly I am fine. Many, many things happened. Then we ate curry together in this curry world."

"Right… I'm going to go find Tsukune." She carefully shut the door and continued her search. Even for me things here seem sort of weird.


Plates of curry flew at her as a mob of curry obsessed curry zombies slowly and remorselessly chased after her, forcing her up the stairs.

"Tsukune!" She shouted. "Where are you?"

She burst out onto the roof. There at last she saw him. Sitting with his back turned to her. She had spied on him so many times she knew with a single glance who it was. "Tsukune! Thank goodness!"

"Here have some curry Moka. Curry."

"Tsukune, try this yummy curry. Curry."

A bright yellow Tsukune and equally colorful Moka were seated on a bench feeding each other curry.

"Tsukune," Mizore said weakly. "You too?" Looking about the roof she saw Kurumu, Yukari, and Kokoa all stuffing their faces. "All you guys? What's going on here?"

The door to the roof opened and a mass of shuffling barely conscious curry zombies flowed out onto the roof surrounding her.

"Mwahahahaha!" A diabolical laugh filled the air. "Cooking is art! Art is explosive! Explosive means spiciness!" A blonde woman appeared above her standing on the academy water tower.


There was a massive puff of smoke and Aspara landed behind her dressed much as a genie might be… except for a large plate of curry as a hat.

A bat wearing a cloth turban appeared and helpfully filled in the necessary details before flying off again. "Aspara-sensei's true identity is that of a water spirit from Indian mythology, an Aspara. Curry!"

"Mwahahahaha! Yes! For too long I have been forced to watch helpless people endure the blandness of fake curry. Now I will see that everyone gets to enjoy the flavor and spiciness of real genuine curry! In this world fake curry is rampant. It's so tragic! I can see from you pale skin that you are the only one left in this school who is yet to taste my delicious curry. Now you too will taste the wonder which is true curry goodness."

All around her the crowd of curry zombies began to press in from all sides. She looked about and saw no avenue of escape.

She felt someone grab onto her legs and toppled over. She was startled to see it was Tsukune.

"Curry!" he cried through rasping lips. "Give me curry! Curry!"

"Tsukune, even your lips are inflamed. Do you really like curry that much?"

"Curry! Give me more, more curry! Curry!" He pleaded.

She smiled up at him lovingly. "All right Tsukune, please eat my curry until you're full."

Sliding the container off her back she quickly prepared a serving of her special curry just for him.

Aspara looked on with a sense of dread. "What… what is that suspicious curry?"

"This is a curry only a yuka-onna could make. Shaved ice curry!" She held the plate out in a DRAMATIC POSE.

"Ooooooooooohhh," all the curry zombies said. All of them were frozen in place, helpless spectators.

"No, Tsukune," Aspara gasped shrinking back from it as a vampire might from a five gallon super soaker. "You mustn't eat that dreadful curry!"

Mizore held the food out to her darling Tsukune with both hands and an inviting grin. "Please eat it Tsukune, my curry."

Impatiently Tsukune grabbed the plate from her and began shoveling the food into his mouth as quickly as he could.

"No! What heresy!" Aspara wailed.

Tsukune halted. He stared down at the plate in his hands. "Delicious," he said sounding like his old self again.

"What?" Aspara said clearly disbelieving. "There is no way that curry could be delicious. Impossible!"

"This curry with a cold sauce revives the taste buds that were numbed by spiciness." Tsukune said happily. "And the best part is he shaved ice. Not only does it melt nicely on the tongue and give a pleasant aftertaste, but it also isn't thick, and gently fades off."

He took a deep breath.

"It's fabulous!" He shouted for all the world to hear.

Mizore was blushing and smiling happily. "It's ice from a single crystal. Even snow maidens can only create that if they are free of all negative thoughts. Plus it also contains a special secret ingredient. I did my very best for you Tsukune."

"Thank you Mizore-chan. This is the first time I've had such a delicious curry."

"I'm so happy Tsukune." Mizore shed tears of pure joy.

"Aaaaah!" Aspara screamed in outrage. "I refuse to accept that false curry. Aono-kun remove that bad taste with some legitimate curry."

From her hands two plates of curry flew.

"Get behind me Tsukune!" Mizore managed to knock the plates aside.

"Fall more and more in love with my genuine curry." Aspara cried and sent a dozen plates flying.

Gritting her teeth Mizore managed to freeze all of them in midair causing them to crash well short of their intended targets.

"Mwahahahaha! Try this then!" In Aspara's hands a gigantic plate appeared and was sent flying.

Despite her best effort Mizore could not freeze the entire plate. "Tsukune look out!"

"Oof!" The plate crashed into him and sent him flying backwards directly into an unsuspecting Moka.

And as often seemed to happen on an almost weekly basis he pulled off her Rosario without even intending to.


Massive amounts of youkai energy consumed Moka transforming her into her true self.

Albeit a more colorful version than usual.

"Moka-san you are beautiful even when you are yellow." An admiring Tsukune said.

The proud beauty flicked her long still silver hair. "That is because the other Moka and I are one body and soul. Curry." She gasped and slapped a hand over her mouth. To think this could manipulate a vampire like me this much… what an incredible power."

Seeing a new opponent Aspara rushed at her with a plate of food in her hands. "I'll stain your heart with the color of curry!"

Moka stood her ground and nonchalantly knocked the plate out of her hands.

"Eek! What a frightening will! Fine then, deal with my super massive helping of curry." In both her hands another huge plate appeared.

This time though before she could launch it Moka appeared directly behind her. "Know your place! Curry!"


With a single kick she sent Aspara flying into the water tower.

"Uhhhhh, I know my place now."

Once again a helpful bat in a turban appeared. "This episode's battle took fifty eight seconds. Curry."


With the battle over but nearly all he students still curry zombies Tsukune approached Mizore with an idea. "Mizore, can I give everyone some of your curry? I'm sure they'd enjoy it and I think it might bring everyone back to their senses."

She nodded happily. "Sure Tsukune. The people who eat it will be happy. That's not a bad feeling." That she was able to please him and do something for him was all she needed. It had been a wonderful day.

As Tsukune walked off to help the others Inner Moka came up to her. "It seems you finally did your best at something."

Grinning Mizore clasped her bandaged and scraped hands. "Even a snow maiden has some pride you know."

Chuckling he vampire nodded her head.


Above them the ominous sound came from the water tower.

"Uh oh," Mizore said.

A second later the water tower collapsed sending a flood of spicy curry to wash Mizore and the others away and deluge the entire academy.


A little later in a still soaking cafeteria the entire student body and faculty was sitting down to share Mizore's special shaved ice curry. Though they all remained yellow their minds and normal personalities had all been restored.

"Pretty crazy day today huh? Desu?"

"Eh, still not as bad as last week." Kurumu declared.

Everyone at the table nodded.

"We all really owe you our thanks Mizore-chan," Tsukune told her. "You not only saved all of us but the entire academy too."

Mizore blushed and felt warmth course through her at Tsukune's simple and honest praise. Hearing him say that made everything worthwhile.

Kurumu huffed a bit. As usually seemed to happen she had been outshined, and this time it hadn't even been by Moka. "Well I have to admit you really did save us Mizore. And I confess your curry is marvelous. I've never tasted anything so incredible. I can't believe after all your failures cooking you actually came up with something so amazing. How did you manage it?"

Mizore shrugged. "Well Ruby-san helped me by telling me about a secret ingredient that could make anything delicious."

Moka smiled. "It's love isn't it? Ruby told you that if you made something with love in your heart it would always turn out well."

Mizore looked at her and blinked. "Love? Don't be silly Moka; love is an emotion how could it be an ingredient? Really that's pretty stupid."

Moka sweat dropped and laughed hollowly at Mizore's unexpected and brutal put down. "Ah, okay, if it wasn't love what was the secret ingredient?"

Mizore rumaged through one of the pockets of her white long sleeved jacket and pulled out a small plastic bottle that was about a third filled with a clear liquid. "LSD."

Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, and Yukari spat out what was in their mouths.

Across the cafeteria Saizou suddenly jumped to his feet. "I can fly!" He ran to the nearest window and leapt through it.

Gin was jumping about jerking and twisting. "Get them off! Get them off!"

"Wow… the colors… the colors… Desu."

Moka stared at Tsukune. "Tsukune! When did you turn into a giant blood packet?"

She leapt over and chomped onto his neck as he shouted in pain. After a minute though he was talking about how beautiful the orange sky was while staring at the ceiling.

All through the cafeteria people were freaking out and shouting.

Mizore sat there and watched. Huh, I wonder if I used a little too much. She then noticed some of the chairs walk past her as they argued over an algebra problem. Did the chairs always do that?

Shrugging she went back to eating her curry.