The story of this poem, my second Silmarillion-based work, is complicated.

It started as a historical account, actually, a poem about the making of the Three Elven Rings, but the repetitive motif didn't work with that, so it was turned into a poem about how circumstance play with people. However into the third verse I lost track of that theme, and so it turned into a lament. I kept thinking… Celebrimbor didn't make the One Ring, and we never learned the names of the ones who made the other rings, who were actually used for evil. But still, how must it feel to know to what ends your most beloved creations can be used?

If I remember my Silmarillion correctly, Celebrimbor was only mentioned by name, not depicted as a character, thus I don't think there are any historical bloopers in this. Then again, the last time I read the Silmarillion was Too Long Ago.

Last two notes: one is to say that of course, everything belongs to J.R.R the Great. The other is to say I'm actually not pleased with how this poem turned out, but I'll take my chances with you people anyway. Hopefully you'll like it.

Do not say my name aloud!

(Celebrimbor! Celebrimbor!)

Speak not of the art I found

May it be cursed forevermore!

Speak not of my pride turned shame

The pain it brought and yet will bring

Do not speak my tainted name

Nor of my craft – the Elven-rings

Celebrimbor! Celebrimbor!

The dead and hurting shout and blame

The wind spreads words, know and abhor

My craft – my pride – my tale – my name!

I sought beauty to create

And knowledge – all turned sour, and worse

To be like Feanor the great –

But I forgot the Noldor's curse

Forget my folly and my pride!

Let it be lost to gather dust

In volumes counting those who died

In vanity and power-lust

Not this I wished! Not this I sought!

Not this is what I labored for!

But history and dark care not

Celebrimbor! Celebrimbor!

And do not cry for me! No tears

Can wipe away the blood I spilt

Nor cause the dark to disappear

But time can ease the maker's guilt

Maybe in many season's time

And everything they have in store

Can all fearlessly chant this rhyme

And say the name Celebrimbor